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Would love to read a current book from her to see how her life has changed in the ast 8 to 10 years but I enjoyed reading this even though it was a bit old I love Days and I love the character of Sami I hope good things continue to come Alison s way when her soap opera career ends and we get new opportunities to see her in television and movies I think she s an excellent actress and from her book she seems like a down to earth erson Let me start by stating that although I don t read a lot of them any I do love Biographies I am also a fan of Ali Sweeney not for her Days of our Lives work but for The Biggest Loser and for her advocacy of healthy eating over extreme starvation dieting However this book was disappointing I admit I got it free through Pixel of Ink if you have a Kindle and you haven t already you must check it out wwwpixelofinkcom and I didn t check the release date first This was ublished in 2003 so it was uite a few years before her TBL work began But as I enjoy Biographies I decided to give it a go The first half of the book was a rehash of her favorite Sami scenes from DOOL I don t watch the show although I do remember when her character was introduced as I used to watch it in school holidays This was disappointing If I had wanted to read about Sami I would have urchased a DOOL bookShe did spend several chapters discussing her food and weight battles although they felt like they had been heavily edited There just wasn t enough emotion in it As someone who had battled weight her entire life these chapters felt contrivedMy biggest issue with the book was that it felt fake Ali was 26 when she wrote this but it read like a 70 year old school teacher It was very roper There was no heart in it No real emotion No humour No spunk She spent most of the book thanking her fans and saying how blessed she is Which I m sure she is but say it like a 26 year old not like her Grandma I did stick with it and normally I wouldn t bother finishing a book I d rate a 2 Her life is interesting Her story telling abilities need work Not the best written celebrity bio I have ever read and Sweeny s freuent and annoying use of rhetorical uestions made me want to scream Don t you want to know how I memorized all those lines I bet you re wondering how Sami got away with that one aren t you This distraction aside her book is a fun and light read that only took me about three or four sittings over a few days to complete This book was ublished in 2005 so both Sami and Sweeny have done a lot since the book was written but as the actress focuses on her debut and first 10 years on Days she is covering the 90 s which was a time of great storytelling on Days I remember eating lunch between classes at IU and watching the show with friends especially to see if Sami was finally going. You think your life is nuts Since I was sixteen I've spent time on Death Row tried to sell my baby sister on the black market been stranded at the altar repeatedly lied about my son's aternity and fought viciously with just about everybody in town Well okay it wasn't really me it was my character Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives But like Sami I've had my share of struggles I've been told I was fat watched fellow actresses starve themselves been cruelly rejected and wondered if I would ever date Hey the first time I kissed a boy was in front of a TV camera There was even a time when I hated myself Sound familiar This is my story It's an account of my years on daytime's most opular soap and of my life off screen the major ups and downs the craziness.

To get her hooks into hunky Austin I also appreciate that Sweeny uses her fame and celebrity to address women s issues and her own body issues very candidly and at great length Most of the second half of the book is dedicated to this and how she eventually was able to find acceptance and self love and she offers suggestions on how we can do the same As a fan and viewer of Days of our Lives for over 35 years I would absolutely recommend this book to other fans Sweeny includes lenty of behind the scene stories about herself and her co stars With Alison leaving Days I decided to get her bio from the library After reading about the schedule for the soap I can completely understand why she is uitting to be with her kids Talk about a hectic schedule I m surprised she even had ti Right now I am reading All the Days of My Life So Far It s an autobiography written by the actress Alison Sweeney who was on Days of Our Lives and the host of The Biggest Loser I used to be a huge Days of Our Lives fan Her character Sami Brady was one of my favorites I m not watching the show any mainly because I don t have cable right nowhowever I couldn t stomach Sami any after she became involved with her rapist I have been enjoying this book so far She gives some behind the scenes information about the show She also talks about her struggles with weight loss and what finally worked for her She is a really Orange 5 (オレンジ, positiveerson which is a good thing but kind of annoying at times She doesn t have a bad thing to say about anyone which seems kind of unrealistic to me She wrote this book 11 years ago so it would be nice to read an updated account of her life now I just love Alison Sweeney and this book gave me a look into her life and I so enjoyed it If you are a fan of Days than you will love itI m not that erson but I love Alison from The Biggest Loser so I enjoy this book as well I don t like so much arts about Days simply because I didn t look them so much I The Scot picked up this book because I am a huge Days of Our Lives fan and Alison Sweeney s character is my fave on the show The book started out interesting when she was describing how she got theart on DOOL and I enjoyed reading about all the old storylines that I d forgotten about I found Alison s advice about weight management to be realistic something that anyone can do whether you re a Hollywood starlet or a busy woman on the go It s all about moderation and consistency Alison Sweeney s All The Days Of My Life so Far spotlights her first decade on the show Days of Our Lives since then she has been on the show for another decadeAs a fan of the show and Alison s character Sami Brady I was riveted to the Spring Snow pages learning what it was like for her to inhabit this character who apparently is uite different from Alison herself While Sami is a troub. Of Hollywood balancing work andlay looking for love concerns about weight The Greatest Victory peerressure and finally learning to accept myself for who I am I'll tell you fun stories about myself and my co starsrecollections of my most memorable scenesand everything you've always wanted to know about Sami I think you'll find a lot in these Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, pages that will remind you of all the days of your lifeanderhaps inspire you to follow your own dreams in the days to come Alison Sweeney was born in Los Angeles one of three children of a concert violinist mother and a business investor father Her acting career began when she was four years old Throughout her childhood Alison appeared in numerous television commercials as well television series including Friends Simon Simon We.

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Lemaker that doesn t mind breaking the rules to get what she wants Alison seems to be a well balanced Fates Monolith (MacLomain, person with strong values and aositive attitude about life and how to accomplish what she wantsShe acknowledges her good fortune in earning the role at age sixteen and continuing in it she also credits the other actors on the show for helping her out along the way as well as the loving family where she grew up with values that would sustain herI also enjoyed how she talked about achieving a healthy lifestyle which to her worked out much better than endless trendy diets that only work for awhile She has demonstrated her ability to create a life that is healthy and happy and when she describes what works for her she does so in a very mature way At the Wolfs Table pointing out that not everyone can follow the sameath Finding one s own journey is the best way to goLearning about the behind the scenes moments at the show as well as some of the storylines that made her character memorable was a definite benefit to reading this book Admittedly I am a soap opera addictand have watched DOOL on and off since 1966 VCRs and DVRs have made regular viewing A Family Scandal possibleSince writing this book Sweeney has gone on to achieve success on other shows The Biggest Loser and has written additional books For me this book earned five stars I hope to be watching Sweeney achieve her dreams for many years to come I started watching Days of Our Lives with my mom when I was in 5th grade At first it was just catching the show when I was home sick or on vacation from school But by the time I hit the summer before 8th grade I was religiously watching every day along with the awesomely horrible Passions that came on right after I taped both of these shows on my VCR every single day all the way up until I was a senior in high school So that being said when I walkedast this book in the library I knew I had to read it After watching Sami Brady s shenanigans for years how could I not want background info on the actress who Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, plays her I am also now a huge fan of The Biggest Loser which Alison Sweeney hosts but unfortunately this book wasublished before she got that gig I would have loved to hear her thoughts on itAlthough I haven t watched Days in years all of the story lines came back to me while reading this I vividly remember Kate ruining Sami and Austin s wedding well one of them by revealing that Lucas was the father of Will and not Austin and I think I was only 12 when that episode aired Needless to say I loved this book for the nostalgic trip back in time Alison seems like such a sweetheart on Biggest Loser and that shines through in this book It wasn t the most well written book I ve ever read and she repeats herself a LOT But it was a blast being transported back to Salem and for that I have to give it 4 stars. Bster St Elsewhere and Tales from the Darkside She had starring roles in the films The Price of Life and The End of Innocence Alison joined the cast of Days of Our Lives as Sami Brady in 1993 In her years on the series her character has evolved from a troubled teenager to a scheming villainess In 2002 Alison won a fan voted Emmy as America's Favorite Villain She has also won the fan voted Soap Opera Digest Award four times and in 2001 was elected by the same ublication as one of the Most Beautiful Women in Daytime Television Soap Opera Weekly named Alison 1999's Breakout Performer of the year and in Australia she was voted Best Bad Girl in 2000 and 2001 by readers of Inside Soaps magazine Alison lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with her husband Dav.

Alison Ann Sweeney is an American dramatic actress author novelist and reality show host Sweeney is best known for her portrayal of Samantha 'Sami' Brady on NBC's long running 'Days of our Lives' In this role she has earned a Daytime Emmy Award In 2007 she became the host of 'The Biggest Loser'