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Ooks at men s butts in the grocery store She uses uaint old timey uphemisms such as mons and Mound of Venus Graaandmaaaa you think as you roll your The Time It Never Rained eyes heavenward in utter mortification Yet Henley s heroes are mythic They mask pendulous tumescence in their doeskin breeches They defeatntire armies single handed They spend days left for dead on the battlefield impaled and pinioned beneath their warhorses and are back to rutting within a fortnight They are masculine to the very hilt which is both risible and sublime Tempted pits lusty Scot Ramsey the Black Ram Douglas against willful redhead Flaming Tina Kennedy in a battle of wits and rival clans Hold on to yer sporran dearie Tempted is indeed a treat Captivating Story of Scottish Love in the BorderlandsIn a complex lusty tale of feuding Scottish clans during the time of James IV of Scotland and Henry VIII of England Henley serves up a story that will grab you from the first page and will not let you go I loved it Henley has the ability to capture not only the time period but also the culture of the borderlands between Scotland and England and the difficult but wonderful relationship between two stubborn courageous people I highly recommend this oneSet in Scotland in 1512 TEMPTED is the story of clans Douglas Hamilton and Kennedy Beautiful Valentina Kennedy the oldest of the Kennedy daughters was known as Flaming Tina for her glorious red gold hair and her feisty temper She was raised with her sister and brothers in Castle Doon in Ayr on the Southwest coast of Scotland where her father ruled as the Lord of Galloway Tina despaired the lot of women that prevented them from The Child of the Soul and Other Stories enjoying male pursuits and she freuently joined her brothers in their activities But when she turns 17 her father insists she say yes to one of her many suitors Tina thinks to marry the Hamilton heir but is happy when the Gypsy tells her there will be no wedding for her this year In a surprising turn ofvents she is hand fasted to her Childrens Phantasies enemy the powerful Black Ram Douglas who she considers to be a brute of a man Tina intends to have her revengeHenley develops some wonderful characters including the ghosts of two star crossed lovers from the past another Kennedy and Douglas pairing who constantlyntertain She paints vivid word pictures of the food clothing and castles that really drawn you in and help you xperience the times and she does it very well In a fitting climax to the story she superbly describes the battle between the English and Scots at Flodden where Scotland went down in terrible defeatThis is going on my Best ScottishHighlander Historical Romances list The second in the 2 book Clan Kennedy Saga is THE BORDER HOSTAGE James IV s Scotland leading up to and including the battle of Flodden Field Actual historical figures abound tho as always uite a bit of license is taken Heroine is Valentina Kennedy who is as all Scottish heroines tend to be willful and beautiful and determined to do things her way Hero is Ramsey Douglas who is as always in these stories dominant to the point of turdishness They meet they instantly clash and then of course the king or less orders a wedding between their feuding clans and they nd up as the lucky couple He s a jerk about it so he s constantly humiliating and hurting her She gets this wonderful advice from her friend and maid that the best way to win a power play between them is to sex him up Because that ll teach the bastid Meanwhile he occasionally realizes he s been a jerk and feels bad about it for like a second before he makes up his mind to fix things by being The Soviet Union even of a turd Because how dare she take offense at being treated like crap pudding she should be thrilled dam the beeyotch Anyway nothing like humiliating a runaway bride by making her walk barefoot several miles behind your horse to make her realize she really loves you Yup another genius contributes to the gene poolOh and just for fun the author throws in a murder mystery I saw the killer coming the first time the character was introduced but it was still pretty good and a ghostie love story I m not so much into paranormals I d really like to think that in the life to come we have better things to do than lurk about our old hangouts making people shiver and curtains flutter but the story was cute and worked anyway Just at 38 stars Maybe because it was such a long book I started skimming through the boring parts But then I found myself skipping over the lovemaking too which I normally never do It s like I get it already you re two wild hearts that need to mate to uiet the beasts within Honestly though I found Tina to be a spoiled annoying bitch and I got tired of her shrugging her delicate shoulder atverything and Ram was a possessive violent raging asshole The ghosts were a nice touch though but you can t like a story just for ghosts a goofy butt dog and a beautiful horse I still gave it 3 stars though because it was well written and richly detailed I just wish it was shorter I think the story could have been told in 350 pages. E fearsome warrior of an nemy clan Tina vowed to use her wild beauty to gain mastery over Lord Ramsey Dougla.

Such a great book The heat between H and h never disappeared whether they were in bed in public or fighting against ach other It was so refreshing to see a H who was so overpoweringly masculine that by the Science, Technology and Culture endven a willful stubborn chit like our passionate free spirited h surrendered her heart Even the characters name were so aptly chosen to highlight the contrast between the brash and brawn Black Ramsay Douglas and petite beauty of Valentina Kennedy The love scenes were filled with purple prose but were so fucking good The wild abandon of Valentina as she buries her hatred of Douglas to No Beast So Fierce enjoy the sins of flesh the unleashed tenderness of Ramsay as he keeps losing his heart to his vixen and the heat between them as they go from hating to lovingach other was so beautifully written It is always nice to read about H falling in love first and the h continue to deny her growing feelings H made very ffort to right his Last Chance Bride earlier wrong but the tempestuous nature of h wouldn t let her give in Kudos to Ms Henley for not shying away from treating her heroine s age as not just a number The growth of Valentina from a selfish self absorbed adolescent to a woman who cares about her love her new family and her responsibilities is so well done She never shied away from drawing a contrast between h and her other female counterparts who cowered under male authorities So many authors refusal to be historically accurate about heroines ages made me appreciate this book The plot involved a past murder mystery an attempted poisoning of heroine and thevents before Battle of Flodden The author took commendable Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy efforts to be accurate about the geography of Scotland and various clans but that was unnecessary and made the book drag at moments There sven a side trip to London where we are assaulted by the hedonistic nature of Henry VIII view spoilerTo surmise what the author s visionary was that inspired this piece I can only uote All ye bastards know how tae do is drink fuck an fightTempted by Virginia Henley is the garden variety romance I believe the author felt that there were no boundaries that she couldn t simply gallivant across to what outlandish behavior andor socially Lawman Lover (Outlaws, engineereddecline which further perpetrate the sheer audacity this book invokes This bit o Scottish debauchery is hardly a bastion of proper society decorum or standards The heroine whilst notntirely unlikeable is a regular spoiled spitfire cunningly preserved for the canna love ye less yer pure nough tae destroy type of hero sparing the heroine of any naughty guilt and all that Once her heavily scrutinized innocence is acknowledged as genuine the City Girl in Training entire premise of their hatredswornnemy relationship is rocked to its foundation When a hero recognizes that his assumption of the heroine had been nothing but prejudice it always strikes me as the insistent chide you had better never Mystery at Kittiwake Bay enjoyed sex before I came along Oh but fear not if the Black Ram doesn t make it with Tina her blood uncle has already offered his firewood for her warm hearth or her gypsy bastard half brother could very well roll her out a bed in his travelin show caravanOh yes she went there Incest is best x2 thus far That s deep dark sarcasm jus in case you assume I praise incestial relations I m giddy with anxious depravity to unveil whatlse lurks beneath what isn t blatant and apparent In other words imagine what ISN T saidMrs Henley up to this point has kept me guessing as to the hero s truest nature and upon his Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files early admission of undying affection for the heroine Surprise surprise you got me there I never suspected he wouldver confess to such The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, even under rigorous torture or a proper maiming I commend Henley it came unexpectedly page 113 of 528I m on page 113 of 528 of Tempted The Black Ram is uitengaging When he restlessly paces his own castle or charges into nemy territory the testosterone driven tenacity floating in the air makes me think Oh hell he s airborne someone s gonna be pregnant by sheer presence alone His sweat should be bottled for liuid aphrodisiacpage 354 of 528I m on page 354 of 528 of Tempted Seriouslyif I hear God s nightgown or God s bones one time I ll fling daggers Her shrugging is becoming repetitive and gives further indication that most of these heroines aren t spirited wild and rule breakers they re immature children DAmid the xplicit discourse of the book and barely restrained orgy breakouts threatening An Italian Education every page Ingorged upon Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code each delectable word as if struck dumb by a Viking thunderclap or some sort of visual magpie syndrome ill prepared for the shameless lasciviousness it offered in great unyielding abundance God s nightgown When a damsel saunters into an area where males are holed upeven some relatives you damn well betterxpect boners to salute full staff in waves like a sporting vent s team sweep in the bleachers When the vagina insertion sex toys were proposed taken into testfire by the oscillating motion provided whilst you shag rotten on a swing I nearly scolded as I dearly consider con. All men lusted for the firebrand they called Flaming Tina famed for the molten fire in her hair and for the

Traptions a mark of male inadeuacy albeit the hero swept in and declared himself fully capable of bringing her to fruition instead of relying on such devices Brava sir Henley s hero training camp brand is still healing I see HeheHow can we justify this sinfully delightful piece Too many coup de grace marring it to be acceptable by veryday romance readers but in my bodice ripper circle it s just the right amount of wicked indulgence to set your Daddy Wanted eyelashes toes a curlin We have the dirty uncle half brother in love with heroine sex toys galore twins on anti climatic would be hero maid keepin heroine s father s chamber clean if you know what I mean Lingerie introducing seamstresses Gypsy harlot with a penis ring with a legendary appealor the highest paid fuck in Scotland where upon hero prolongs orgasm with interrogation tactics Pregnancy by proxy Ancestral from both rivaling families ghosts haunting the hero s homea madman upstairs a French chef shaggin the other cook s wife A then virginal heroine making a grocery I m really up for regency romance novels It s like as if my past life was related to thatra and my spirit is craving for some familiarity I m souring high Forbidden Stranger every time I read about it The gowns the balls the popularity the novelty the people the gossips the places and among all other things the chance to find your better halfvery season To say that this book is good is understatement This is than anything I could ask for This is set during the middle of the battle between Henry Tudor and James Stewart The war the wedding rites and all temptations that could ruin you were well xecuted in this book How could one find love despite of chaos How could one still hope for the better after the warThis book is TOO MUCH It deserves than 5 stars to rate Re reading first time in EnglishAlthough it lost a star I had a good time re reading this book Despite old fashioned words using now and then Tempted aged pretty well The story is set in Scotland s borderlands around 1510 during King James IV of Scotland reign The king wants to unify the Scots and order some of the clans to make wedding alliances Ramsey Black Ram Douglas and Flaming Tina Kennedy are chosen for the Douglas Kennedy alliance and none of them are ager to comply We see that in this kind of situation as a man Ram has much leverage than Tina and he isn t afraid of using and stretching it But Tina is no helpless heroine and I loved that she is a feisty beauty who knows how to make the most out of all her feminine assets and she s also determined to give as much as she getsAnother thing I loved in this book is its historical accuracy and how Virginia Henley intertwined her romance with the real history The only thing Scots hate then Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze each other are the English This book has clan chiefs that I can imagine unfortunately lots of chiefs notnough Indians First part of the book is presenting the different clans and feuds they all hate other clans and some hate Les brumes d'avalon : roman each other within the clan I found that very funny however first part of the book drags due to all this information and all the people involved in the story Afterveryone was introduced the story picked up and I loved it fr 1010 I didn t think too much of this Henley romance For too much of the book Ram hated Tina Malakai (Wicked Games, even within the last 100 pages when he believed Tina has betrayed him with another man he attempts to slash her with his knife only the actions of one of the castle s ghosts saves her from serious injury Some of the feelings that came up while I was reading this mirrored what I felt while I was reading FSoG I felt anger and despair that Tina was going to be forced to marry this man who obviously felt such hatred for her I was also really upset by the way Tina s mother treated her and saw her as a perfect sacrificial substitute for her younger sister taking her place as wife to Ram I just wanted to hit Tina s mother can t remember her name for choosing one daughter over another can t remember the younger daughter s nameither like that Other reviewers mentioned being able to overlook the fact that Ram s consummation of his handfasting to Tina was actually rape because it was historically accurate or because he recognised how wrong he was once presented with the The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone evidence of her virginity bloody bedsheets Personally I couldn t overlook itspecially because he continued to act in a similarily aggressive manner towards Tina through most of the rest of the book and so it tainted how I felt about him I also don t think the fact that he recognised how wrong his behaviour was makes up for the original behaviour mostly because the reason he feels that he treated Tina badly is because she was a virgin Does this mean that if she hadn t been a virgin it would have been fine to pretty much force her into having sex with him No virgin or not I don t like reading about rapes in my romances It kind of sucks the romance right out of the story Virginia Henley is totally that dirty grandma that none of your relations will cop to owning You know she Ot temper running fierce through the noble Scots blood of Lady Valentina Kennedy Forced into marriage with th.

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Virginia Syddall was born on December 5 1935 in England where her father Thomas Syddall taught her to love history She obtained a degree in History in the University In 1956 Virginia married Arthur Henley They moved to America and now they live most of the year in St Petersburg Florida and they spend the hot summers in Ontario Canada where they have their two adult children and three