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Be rather confusing to the neophyte It bounces around a bit and is so very incomplete Luckily I have read extensively about English history and was able to fill in the gaps where necessaryI was disappointed to learn nothing new from this book Not recommended Starts with the Tudors and ends with a uick summary of Elizabeth II I found the first several chapters boring simply because I already knew it all and didn t learn anything new or interesting However once we started on the Stuarts I found it interesting simply because I had less knowledgeI wouldn t necessarily recommend the audiobook version of this as the narrator a had 1 gruff voice for every man he uoted and b did ATROCIOUS accents everything from Italian to French to German to Russian to really really bad American It was annoying distracting and totally ineffective Overall a decent uick history of several hundred years of British royalty with some interesting side stories but nothing deep or surprising in any of it Totally enjoyable a work of non fiction that read like fiction Great tantalizing gossip but factual One of my favorite revelations Charles II s six sons had roduced 56 illegitimate royal heirs by the time of Charles II s death Also of interest to me the background of Edward VIII abdication tho he had never been crowned and delighted to see recognition of George VI rising to the occasion A great review of the history I once may have studied and some I read fictional versions of in novels Biggest impact was my total bewilderment as to how the monarchy survived in Britain all those years all the inbreeding insanity infidelity intermarriage with Royals in Europe and survives to this day though the royal family since George VI appears to have functioned uite well or at least on the surfaceNow must read Antonia Fraser s non fiction work about Charles II There s nothing wrong with Michael Faruhar s new book Behind the Palace Doors that a tweaking of writing style might not fix He has carefully chosen British rulers since the Tudors reigns and Past Lives, Future Lives presented them from aersonal angle The historical facts are true as are the effects of the facts on history but somehow Faruhar s writing makes the Kings ueens and others highlighted in his book seem as if they sprung from the Love with Every Beat pages of the Globe or The National EnuirerNow as a history jock I ll take my history in almost any form but I do appreciate good writing Nothing is worse than a deadly dull writer dealing with material that in those very deadly dull hands has emerged on the writtenage with as much oomph as a dead flounder Michael Faruhar s writing is too much the other wayOne of the good CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation points about Faruhar s book is that he chooseseople and incidents to highlight that have remained hidden for the most If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, part in otheropular histories I did learn from Faruhar s book which really is the Arcana Mundi point of the book having been written in the firstlace I just wish it had just been به سوی زبان شناسی شعر presented in a toned down form This is a fairly mediocre tour through randomieces of the rivate lives of British royalty from Henry VIII to Elizabeth II It s a uick and easy bit of opular history I ve read many of Michael Faruhar s books Generally I like them They are fun little vignettes of history and usually amusingThis wasn t fun or amusingIt was a brief summary of the reigns not vignettes If he had taken the time to just find interesting stories about everyone it would have been a good read Instead it was tedious and a waste of timeNow I admit Mirror Matter part of theroblem was that I know too much about these kingsueensso I had heard it all before Honestly though I know a lot of history and I enjoyed his other books So as much as I think knowing the history diminished my enjoyment I don t think it negates my criticism He veered from his own A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry path and rather than hey did you know this style of writing it s aoorly written book report on the TudorStuartHanoverianSaxeCoburgWindsor royaltySkip itunless of course you have nothing else to do What makes this book so great Hmit s got sex adventure vice treachery and folly in the title What s not to love No seriously it s a nice reminder that what you read in the history books is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of these monarchs Some of it treads upon familiar ground eg the Tudor dynasty while some were Six Days perhaps surprising as it seemed new eg than Hanover dynasty Chapters on individual monarchs were brief and the sections read like an extended version of a National Enuirer article Good read if you are looking for somethingaparazzi like that is actually based on histor. F tragedy comedy romance heroism and incompetence that has made the British throne a seat of such unparalleled fascinationFeaturing stories covering every monarch from randy Henry VIII to reserved Elizabeth II historical myths debunked and surprising Did you know anecdotes four family trees spanning every royal house from the Tudors to the Windso.

FT MomentsAnd the rise of Cromwell Reading about Cromwell in America s current Awareness political climate is apropos James II bending his knee to a Papal Nuncio reinforced fears that he intended to destroy the Anglican Church and return Catholicism to English life The SighArbella was either driven mad by her confinement or was always soThe Opera War between George II and his son Frederick was stupid Butar for the course Frederick ended up Cat Out of Hell predeceasing his father leading the crown to fall to his son George IIII just don t understand the Hannoveriansall these royals really They created opposition through their treatment of their heirsWisdomWellBloody Mary was a Holy Terror Sometimes a name does fitOf course theroblems with Edward VI and Bloody Mary were all Henry VIII s fault That kind of example leadership and Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work parenting the results weren t going to be goodJuxtapositionCharles II s cavorting with mistresses openly would have caused Cromwell s head to explode if it had not already been separated from his body Though Cromwell was dug up chained and beheadedosthumously Anne daughter of James II and Mother India provocateur was horrible to her half brother James Francis Edward Stuart She continually called into uestion his legitimacy This lead through the conseuence of her actions to the Jacobite succession in exile and all the troubles that came with itThe whole balance of James II s life waslot and counterplot after having lost his crown to William and Mary his daughter of Orange Funny that Mary II lamented so much after overthrowing her father She double standarded her father s behavior along with her sister Anne rather than her her husband s and her sister sMary II and Anne were opposed significantly as their life travels brought them closer and closer to the seat of royal The Late Romances powerWhile William III was away fighting James II in France Mary facedlots by Jacobite loyalists republicans and at least one which gathered around Anne The UnexpectedJames II bad efforts to regain the crown falling and failing This lead the Irish to refer to him as James the Shit Wow just wowThe GeorgesI II and III all hated each other Though the lecherous bastards did all share a mistress Must ve been one hell of a woman The Georges were all Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity pricksAll the first cousin inbreeding it s surprising that there weren t dolts nuts and invalids on the thrones of EuropeChristian VII of Denmark married George III s sister Caroline But what Christian was into wasrostitutes masturbating excessively breaking things and being tied to a chair and whipped He hated being King Wowjust wowI never knew that the Provisional Russian Government before Soviet takeover had offered the English to take the Romanovs into exile And that George V said no effectively cutting off his cousin s only hope of escape George was My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, playingolitics at the time changing the name of the family from Saxe Coburg to Windsor to closely tie the family to England as the German wing of the family girded for war George V snubbed his cousin leaving he and his family to die at the hands of the SovietsSoEdward VIII was a submissive in the sexual sense of the word With all the whoring mistress taking illegitimate children and cousin loving going on I wonder if this would have caused condescension or not if it were widely known back then Course Edward did his share of those things as wellwell the whoring and mistress taking anywayLast Page SoundThese families are messed upuestions I m Left WithWas Henry VIII complicit in the death of his brother ArthurWere all these Attainment (Temptation, people really this horrible or were they justeople cripplingly inbred but still Hatred in the belly peopleConclusions I ve DrawnAudiobooksI read faster than most narrators Author AssessmentWell done I found this book to be thoroughly entertaining and let s be honest it just made me feel smarter to say I was reading a non fictionThis is my type of non fiction though It reads like a fiction novel and sometimes I had to remind myself that all this crazy stuff happened The books talks about the royal families and all the crazy murders riots executions revenge and really really badarents that seem to have worn the crown or wanted to wear the crown I was fascinated I mean this definitely is not for those looking for Always Be Ready pure history This is history and all the events and the mistresses are documented but this is like the tabloids of history Yeah my kids of stories 1 starsThe cover leads you believe that this will be a fun humorous book Another case of false advertising IT IS NOT It isretty much straight history and it reads like Cliff s Notes I think this book would. Some sacrificed everything for love while others met a cruel fate at the edge of an axman's blade From the truth behind the supposed madness of King George to ueen Victoria's surprisingly daring taste in sculpture Behind the Palace Doors ventures beyond the rumors to tell the unvarnished history of Britain's monarchs highlighting the uniue mix

This book cracked me up mostly because it is from my friend who is a royalty FIEND And I don t mean loving modern royalty and their fashion sense She loves Henry VIII and all his wives She s loved them since childhood which I think is just so funny What would you do if your little girl just wanted to read about British monarchs of the Encyclopedia of International Development past She grew up just fine though and gave me this book It sretty entertaining I must admit It goes through 500 years of the British monarchy and gives you a chapter on each king or ueen They sure weren t a very classy group of Gender Inequality in Our Changing World people It was interesting to read how they are all connected and understand albeit briefly I m sure I ll forget the connections between theast and resent So it was a good read and certainly entertaining than most non fiction I read But unlike most non fiction I read I don t exactly feel better for having read it I d always imagined the King James of the King James Bible translation as a noble figure Not so much it turns out Behind the Palace Doors Five Centuries of Sex Adventure Vice Treachery and Folly from Royal BritainAuthor Michael FaruharPublisher Random HousePublishing Date 2011Pgs 307Dewey 9410099 FARDisposition Interlibrary Loan via San Antonio PUblic Library San Antonio TX Hoopla AudiobookREVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary500 years of royalty Scandal Faithlessness Ambition Incest Sacrifice Execution History in it s unvarnished ugliness and glory From the Tudors to the WindsorsGenreBiographyHistoryRoyaltyGreat BritainWhy this bookI m on a alace intrigue kick latelyLeast Favorite CharacterSo8 year old Edward VI telling his stepmother that his sister 20 years his senior shouldn t attend dances The text refers to him as a Media, Home and Family prig I would use another term also starting with and rhyming with rickThe GeorgesI II and IIIFavorite Scene uoteConceptJames II had a Multicultural Partnerships penchant for ugly mistresses One so called mistress Catherine Sedley said It cannot be my beauty for he must see that I have none And it cannot be my wit for he has not enough to know that I have any Hmm MomentsLord Admiral Thomas Seymour uncle of Charles VI brother of the Duke of Somerset brother of one of King Henry VIII s wives Jane Seymour could have survived hiserfidesif he hadn t shot the boy King s dogGeorge II was anal and overly regimented He effectively scheduled his entire life George V of England Nicholas II of Russia and Wilhelm II of Germany we re all cousins So a big A Convent Tale piece world war 1 was a family feud Though they didn t trigger it they all certainly had aiece in it s Contemporary Issues in California Archaeology propagation The crown within Bonnie Prince Charlie s reach and he was done in by theromise of French reinforcements The clan leaders forced him back when victory was if not in reach was definitely in Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters play And then the French backed out His retreat to retrench gave the Hannoverian forces heart and time to mount a comeback The Bonnie Prince Charlie revolt snatched defeat from the jaws of victory So the Daneslayed chicken with King George III as he girded for war over his sister Divorced fine but he didn t want her killed Her lover who threw her under the bus died a barbaric deather he was beheaded had his hand struck off and his head Immigration Nation put on aole The danes went big on royal executions They created a lifetime enemy in Caroline Mathilda a vengeful enemy with the Blood Royal Before she succumbed to Scarlet Feveror was she Vilfredo Pareto poisoned to keep her from rising up against the cabal that drover her and her lover fromower in Denmark Her son Frederick VII of Denmark removed the Incomplete Streets plotters when he took the reins ofower And Caroline s daughter married her cousin King Christian VIII the grandson of the Dowager ueen Christian VII s mother who overthrew Caroline and her lover in the first lace WTF MomentsMary ueen of Scots husband Francis II of France died of an ear infection that abscessed into his brain whatWilliam III and Mary II of Orange were manipulated into the invasion and overthrow of her father James II They did it But didn t seem to want to do it Though if they had left it to Anne and whatever machinations she got up to England Scotland Wales and Ireland would have suffered I fearVictoria expected things from Edward but blaming him for Albert s death even though Albert died of typhoid because he had a shocking affair with a woman not approved She held him at arm s length didn t train him didn t show him the ropes and then got mad when she left him to his own devices and he used those devices Favoring the other children Leopold et al who weren t going to be king drove a further wedge between mother and son Meh PF. Spanning 500 years of British history a revealing look at the secret lives of some great and not so great Britons courtesy of one of the world's most engaging royal historiansBeleaguered by scandal betrayed by faithless spouses bedeviled by ambitious children the kings and ueens of Great Britain have been many things but they have never been dull.

Michael Faruhar a former writer and editor at The Washington Post is the bestselling author of numerous books including the critically acclaimed Behind the Palace Doors and Secret Lives of the Tsars as well as the popular Penguin Treasury series A Treasury of Royal Scandals A Treasury of Great American Scandals A Treasury of Deception and A Treasury of Foolishly Forgotten Americans He