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Ng independent woman who would never consider anything but a deep meaningful relationship then strip her brains and toss her into bed the minute she sees a hot guy What she writes she writes well This particular premise just isn t my cuppa I have one book of hers waiting to be read so I may give it one try 5 UACK MEW ARF STARS It was my irst Jill Shalvis book and I loved itShe had me at uack page 3 This was one of the Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, funniest and charming read I had in a long time I definitely missed outor so long but the good news is that I have lots of good times reading all her books ahead of me 4 Animal Magnetism Stars I have read this book before but I haven t listened to the audio and I gotta say I loved it the second time I was in the mood Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, for a sweet but smexy romance and this was right up my alley I didn t want anything too emotional because I know my next book is going to break my heart So Lilah and Brady s was exactly what I needed She is so guarded with her emotions and she doesn t let people in because she is afraid they are going to leave once she loves them And Brady hasn t really had roots He thinks of the guys as his brothers but he never really had the itch to say in one place until he meets Lilah and everything he thought he knew gets turned on its headLike I said this is a sweet romance I love the animal touch it s pretty adorable to say the very least Also I enjoyed the narrator I think she does a great job Though sometimes I thin. Imal desireIt's Brady's nature to resist being tied down but there's something about Lilah and her menagerie that keeps him coming backo.

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D an ex military pilot with lots of animals and humor added in What s not to like right The problem or me was in the The Longevity Diet fact that I couldn tind an actual storyThe book starts with Lilah h accidentally rear ending a total stranger s truck He offers to give her a ride home she accepts and they end up in a long and heated make out session within minutes reality check here what intelligent woman would jump into a stranger s truck then immediately start making out with them OK without it being her profession At this point Lilah decides it s been awhile since her libido has had any Grassroots Innovation fun so why not enter a no strings attached month longling with said stranger What ollows is 275 pages of a 295 page book of sex Now or those who are looking Architecture and Utopia for and enjoy reading about nothing but sex this is undoubtably the perfect book and would rate a rousing 5 stars For those like me who are story driven readers and reuire some kind any kind ofeelings or emotion before diving into the sexcapades this book shouldn t even be considered There just isn t much else there well until the last 20 pages where of course they realize it hasn t all just been un and gamesAgain let me reiterate I have absolutely nothing against those who bow at the alter of Shalvis I totally understand I even admire her or keeping her characters honest to their natures she never suggested her heroine was anything other than what she was She didn t yammer on about the heroine being a stro. Daho all her life Pilot or hire Brady Miller is just passing through But he soon has Lilah abandoning her instincts and giving in to a pr.

DNF around 30%Cocky hero Annoying heroine Thanks but no thanksI inally came to realize that this author s writing style didn t work or me whatsoever And this book was not to my taste either I honestly couldn t warm up to the heroine Lilah There was something about her that really got on my nerves It seemed like she tried to be unny but it came out weird Special Topics in Calamity Physics forced andake insteadThe Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks final straw that made me decide to uit reading this one was that Lilah deliberately pretended not to know that Twinkles wasn t Brady s dog It s unacceptable and very disgusting to use an animal as a pawn in someone s game Wasn t she the least bit concerned about this little dog Oh please and this was a woman who owned and operated a kennel To tell you the truth I was under the impression that she was an animal lover But after seeing what she did all I can say is HELL TO THE NO ArghI m out Hilarious Animal SidekicksLow Angstuirky Tough Animal Advocate Heroineuiet Sultry Lone Wolf Pilot HeroWell Written DialogueSmall Town SettingCharacter DrivenSupportive FriendsSteamy Disclaimer The ratingor this book is based solely on personal preference and not on any shortcomings in the writing or the authorJill Shalvis is an author many adore and have encouraged me to read This was my irst attempt and I m afraid I may have picked up the wrong book to start with The synopsis sounded perfect right up my alley small town love story between the owner of the local kennel an. Read Jill Shalvis's blogs and other content on the Penguin CommunityCo owner of the town's only kennel Lilah Young has lived in Sunshine

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