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Ust eep getting better and betterLisette s trouble started with her father and the way she grew up She learned how to control men and got into the business of getting paid for setting men up to prove the women in their life that they are cheating so the women can get what they want from them She ended up getting set up by Kyra This book is a seuel to Home Wrecker and shows what happened after the setup by KyraThis book is hot Get ready for some steamy sex and hot men Keep some ice handy to cool you off Be prepared for the drama and murder I The Secrets of Boys kept reading faster and faster toward the end to see what was going to happen and my heart was pumping until the end5 stars In the last novel Home Wrecker she encounters Kyra Every time that named is called it takes her to a bad place Now Lisette is back and fiercer than ever Shuante is a client that comes to Lisette She wants Lisette to set up her no good brother in law because he is always hitting on her But it seems that you can not do the job of being a homewrecker with out someone trying to get back at you for what you did The uestion now is who is trying to harm Lisette and why Can history strike twice Aida is another woman that whom makes a living out of breaking up unhappy homes She gets a client by the name of Vivian Now Vivian does not want to lose her husband she just wants to make him go to counseling to work on their marriage Things do not always go as planned all the time and this is one of those times for Aida Aida falls for her client s husband Will Aida do the work that she was paid to do or will she let her feelings for this man over take and tell him what his wife wants to doA great author is someone that can pick up from where a book left off and continue with the same fire as the first book Dwayne S Joseph did just that with this book The situations that the characters are placed in gives this book a solid storyline The drama starts from page one and continues to the end The sexual encounters drama and twist and turns in this book willeep you guessing until the very end 5 starsReviewed by PatriceFor ReadersInMotion Bookclub This book just didn t do it for me It seemed like the erotica genreat times I found myself daydreaming while reading It was missing so much in my opinionoriginally I was gonna give this book 2 stars but this author redeemed himself with the ending so I will give it 3 stars The ending was the best part and although I may recommend this book to someone I will definitely tell them to borrow it from the library This was the seuel to home wrecker Excellent book just like the rest of his books I have readI will rate this book a 5 A page turner You will enjoy. Ack to wreak havoc in a major way Someone is out for revenge and when Lisette finds out who and why things for both her and Aida will never be the same Sex suspense intense drama and murder Eye for an Eye is an explosive seuel that will leave you with your mouth hanging wide open This is Dwayne S Joseph at his best.

Loved loved loved I was worried that I would be lost since I did not read the preuel to this book but the Dwayne did an excellent job with Stop Whining--and Start Winning keeping this book separate from it s predecessor This book was a roller coaster of emotions My heart was beating so fast at the end during the climax of Lisettes fate I felt apart of the story with each page that I turned Great writing story characters it took a while for me to get into the story i was neither impressed or intrigued by the first personal psychotic rants from the ant PROS More in depth than the first book in the seriesCONS 1 star for the repeated annoying references to Amado Mio I get it the character likes the song 05 star for repeated glaringly obvious typos 05 star for it being entirely too confusing toeep track of all the characters Holy freaking cow I ve read enough of Dwayne s books almost all with the exception of only one I think to Charlie and the Christmas Kitty know he brings it but damn I stayed up until 1am last night finishing Eye For An Eye and this isn t something I do I like my sleep so much so that 8 hours just doesn t cut it for me I m finding myself wishing that we had the option to give a sixth star or that I wouldn t have given out five star ratings so easily in the past I need to find some way to distinguish this from the rest Let me put it this way this is hands down the best book that I ve read this year This is one of the best books of all time in the urban fiction genre I ll place it next to Sister Souljah s The Coldest Winter Ever There are some decent urban fiction authors out there some good ones some even slightly above good but Dwayne flew off the entire chart with this I can honestly say that Dwayne is the only author in a single genre that I believe would have no problem crossing into other genres So many single genre authors have this aim many say that s their goal the problem is that it ll never happen With Dwayne if he wants it it can and will I m reminded with each book of his that I read why I constantly recommend him and his books to others Not only urban fiction readers allinds of readers Not many authors of a single genre have that Il sale della vita kind of talent Actually I can think of no other Lisette is the character of the century The cover is hot as hell The beginning and middle don t have those slightly boring parts that lead up to a good part like a lot of books this starts being hot on page 1 first sentence and doesn t stop until the last word I don tnow how he does it uite franklyI do have to mention the editing problem This is something I hadn t noticed in his previous books and I m sure I would have if it were an issue It looks like someone different edited this And the. Lisette the flawless beauty with the take no prisoners attitude is back Along with her partners Marlene and Aida Lisette ruins marriages at the reuest of desperate wealthy wives willing to pay large sums to stick it to their husbands Control is what it's all about and that's just what they give back to the wives En.


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Y did a poor job A large number of mistakes popped out at me and some of them were very very very glaring Very obvious Should not have been missed by an editor I want to make it a point to say that Dwayne s previous books have not had this problem which tells me someone gave a new editor a shot and got this in return I truly hope whoever is in charge of finding editors for these books finds someone new before the next book comes out The mistakes aren t so bad that they steal from the story but for someone like me who this notices this sort of thing it is troublesome Forward ever Backward never This is a uote from the book and also something I ve come to realize Dwayne lives by I have no idea how on earth he ll top this book but at the same time I have no doubt that he will indeed top it I also want to uickly mention that I m not a big seuel person I don t normally like seuels preuels series companions etc Mostly because they usually shouldn t have been written The story was already told there is usually nothing left to tell and the author is just trying to ride until the wheels fall off When I found out a seuel to Home Wrecker was going to be published I never had a doubt about it I My Favorite Things knew it deserved a seuel and Inew Dwayne could do it better than anyone All I can say is don t miss it You won t be sorry Read them in order I suppose it s not necessary but it ll be so much powerful that way A Gripping Crime Novel A terrific read from start to finish Lisette Jones likes to think she is in control when it comes to using men but when she meets her counterpart Jamil Parker tragedy strikes prompting her to take an unusual path when it comes to making money The narrative has some racy characters and compelling dialogue The author draws you into a world of sex lust manipulation deception betrayal violence revenge and murder but where there is smoke there is definitely fire and as the plot with some revelations begins to slowly unravel the ending will leave you flabbergasted I now that this book recieved 4 5 stars from just about everyone BUT it just didn t do it for me Homewrecker was pretty good but this book did not hold my interest I found myself skimming through it and eventually I just put it down I would rather waste my money instead of my time so its going on the shelf without being finished I have been looking forward to reading this book and I finally got my hands on it This book was everything I was hoping for and I agree that it was explosive and ept me on the edge of my seat and turning the pages until the endI have read almost all of Dwayne S Joseph s books and love every single one of them This book tops them all His books Ter Shante Hunt and Vivian Steele Shante wants Lisette to set up her brother in law to prove to her sister that the man she married is no good Vivian wants Aida to trap her husband not so she can get a divorce but to force him to realize how good he has it at home It's business as usual until Lisette's past comes

Dwayne S Joseph lives by the credo The pen is mightier than the sword He's been crafting engaging tales since the age of thirteen A multi dimensional author Dwayne has written novels ranging from relationship drama erotica suspense to his favorite mystery suspense It’as all about growth for Mr Joseph He strives to grow and improve with each novel and he he feels that’s what the reader