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The book is organized beginning simply and moving toward and difficult paradoxes Reading this and the class it was a text for was one of the few times in my ife where I ve really felt myself stretched to my intellectual The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, limits and somewhere just beyond I owe aot to the professor who taught this class with such grace and good humor He will not remember me but he pushed me to push myself while giving wonderful guidance in the methods of such madness On ParadoxesI Inverloch Volume 4 liked theast chapter which was on contradictions More importantly he talked about Graham Priest and Dialetheism I admired the fact that though Sainsbury did not want to give credence to such an idea he ended up saying that he can t really argue against it Overall a nice wee book on ParadoxesPS If you buy an older edition the only thing that will be missing are moral paradoxes which are not really paradoxes So save yourself some money and get the second edition Don t make the same mistakes I made ue j aime ce The Good and Beautiful God livreContient des discussionsucides et parfois subtiles sur es principaux paradoxes de a philosophie dont celui du menteur et de Russell Id al pour introduire es tudiants a force de analyse philosophiue Although aimed at general readers with no background in philosophy I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone who hasn t done a college course in introductory ogic I have albeit twenty five years ago and found the formal proofs that emerge around page 100 difficult to keep up with The discussions surrounding the ogic also took me back to my years of college philosophy and two dogmas of the way I was taught we do philosophy rather than study philosophy and we only do analytical philosophy The idea behind we do philosophy was that the student should immediately engage with the problems philosophers have perennially tackled rather than earn just what those philosophers had to say about these problems Which was fine in the seminars we had for one hour a week but didn t really apply to the rest of the time Reading Paradoxes and following Sainsbury some dutifully described dead end I wished I could say I know where this is heading but what about Reading philosophy is studying philosophy not doing philosophy The only change seemed to be that rather than reading about the greats of the subject we were reading about what the teachers and colleagues of our teachers had to say on the problem at hand The idea behind analytical philosophy was expressed tongue in cheek by one of my teachers via a potted history of philosophy When philosophy started it was metaphysical is nature Plato asked himself what is there After struggling without progress for a thousand years Descartes suggested philosophers should ask themse. A paradox can be defined as an unacceptable conclusion derived by apparently acceptable

Lves How do we know it s there instead Three hundred years Every Boys Dream later after euallyittle progress was made answering that uestion Russell suggested what philosophers should ask is what do we mean when we say it s there Sainsbury is firmly in this analytical tradition of conceptual and ogical clarification What is interesting is that he twice suggests that analysis alone is not sufficient to solve some paradoxesIn the chapter Acting Rationally Sainsbury argues that the only way to escape The Prisoner s Dilemma is to have firm beliefs of how the other prison in ikely to react These beliefs can only be cultural rather than ogical and he illustrates this point with references to politicians and used car salesmen The upshot that in this damages our claim to have a supposedly objective culture independent notion of rationality against which any action at all can be measured pg 64 All of which serendipitously sets up my next philosophy project Whose Justice Which RationalityMore challenging for analytical philosophy are Sainsbury s concluding remarks on Russell s paradox that a purely metaphysical notion that of derivativeness might be used to provide a philosophical justification for both a hierarchical conception of classes and for a hierarchical conception of propositions pg 138 Those metaphysical uestions Plato asked haven t gone away and to be rational we have to do than analytical philosophy Would not the dialetheist have to accept if we use in as the negation operator in this context the contents of this book are both sane and insane This was truly a spectacular read beginning with rather simple ogical contradictions and developing into complex ones that boggle the mind I can truly say that this is a recommended read for anyone The Multi-Orgasmic Man looking for an int I ve given 2 stars only because aot of it I couldn t uite grasp fully I didn t spend ages on this as I read it through so I plan on reading it thoroughly a second time towards the end of summer and hopefully I will understand some Lauf Achilles aufDer erste Teil des Buchs ist mit den wunderbar es und verstehbaren Raum und Zeitparadoxien gef The Great Passage llt wie von Achilles Wettlauf mit der Schildkr te die er nie einholen kann oder dem Haufenparadoxon bei dem wir uns fragen ob 2 Sandk rner ein Haufen Sandk rner sind Je weiter das Buch fortschreitet umso komplexer werden die Erkl rungsversuche f r die Paradoxien bis hin zu einem Kapitel vor dem der Autor selbst warnt dass man es berspringen sollte falls man sich mit mathematischogischen Symbolen nicht anfreunden kann Tats chlich iegt es wohl an der Natur der Sache dass die Erkl rungs und L sungsversuche selbst immer komplexer werden je komplexer das Problem ist die L gnerparadoxie Das was Easoning from apparently acceptable premises This revised edition is expanded and updated.

Ch jetzt sage ist falsch scheint bis heute nur unzufriedenstellend erkl rbar zu sein und erfordert eine Menge an philosophischem u erst abstraktem WissenAuch wenn die Materie immer trockener wird so bleibt der Schreibstil des Autors doch immer frech und frisch und sst mich die ganzen harten Logikbrocken vergessen Ich gebe zu dass ich nur einen Teil der sp teren Argumentation wirklich versucht habe selbst im Geiste nachzuvollziehen das w re ein hartes St ck Arbeit gewesen So habe ich mehr verfolgt wie eine L sung f r hochschwierige Fragestellungen Teil f r Teil von einem Profi zusammengesetzt wird was an sich schon spannend istWer sich f r Paradoxien grunds tzlich interessiert findet zumindest mit den ersten Kapiteln in diesem Buch eine tolle Einleitung in die Basisfragestellungen mit denen man sich in der Auseinandersetzung mit solchen verr ckten Problemen schnell konfrontiert sieht wer auf brutale Hardcore Logik steht findet in Kapitel 5 einen ebenb rtigen Gegner der das Hirn zum Rauchen bringtZwei Fragen an die Leser dieser Rezension um mein neuerworbendes Paradoxien Wissen f r meine pers nlichen Zwecke mal zu missbrauchen1 Wirst Du mir diese Frage ebenso beantworten wie die folgende2 Wirst Du auf ike klicken Very nice book It is not too demanding it starts with the simpler paradoxes slowly working up to the difficult paradoxes Although the author takes the position that the difficult paradoxes must be solvable the author does not present any solution The author admits to not knowing a solution yet from gut feeling the author holds that such paradoxes must ultimately be solvableThis is not really a downfall for this book nobody said paradoxes were easy just do not read this book ooking for a rigorous counter to I Walk in Dread logical paradoxes Another plus paradoxesie at the core of the most fundamental philosophical problems As a result this book serves as a good overview of some of the most fundamental and important philosophical problems This was something I should have expected but nonetheless it was a pleasant surprise Very refreshing reading Since only small number of paradoxes from various fieldsethics epistemology math was discussed the book is pleseantly varied Unlike other books about paradoxes this book is not repetitiveAll paradoxes were discussed in satisfying depth without being too technical Book also shows some general methods how to deal with paradoxes Wonderfull reading for beginners but also good for those already familiar with paradoxes I read this back in high school and it it was a great introduction to Zeno s paradox vagueness heap and It offers enough depth as a thorough introduction and prepares the mind well to touch on these topics in advanced philosophies. To provide an accessible introduction to a range of paradoxes and their possible solutio.