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He not so good spas I did ike the setting there though and how it gave Savannah access to detect I was kept guessing on the mystery and was not thinking the way it ended at all Forgot about this series Didn t get very far in it Start again Yes No Kat Valentina spa owner and former cult movie actress is found dead Savannah and Tammy join the spa a Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? live in spa to get evidence Cause of death was ruled accidental because of mixing booze and the hot tub However an anonymous client viaetter with cash retainer thinks it was murder There is a Leonardo da Vinci longist of suspects Savannah doesn t exactly stick to the exercise or diet regimen If Savannah is not happy with her size 14 body do something about it Her slob of a former partner Dirk is just as bad Half of the book is what fattening high caloric crap they are eating Cut that out and the book would be half its size I am not a size 4 or even a size 6 but if I am unhappy with my weight and Enkätboken large behind I will do something about that or shut up It s getting annoying Savannah is trying to figure out how to pay the bills at her PI business when she receives a envelope full of cash The catch She has to prove that theocal sex siren who just died didn t die by accident but was murdered Savannah her extremely air headed assistant and Dirk work the case from every angle and finally start get answers When two suspects end up in the hospital Savannah finally figures out who the killer is but how to prove it This is the 3rd book in the Savannah Reid Mystery It s a cozy mystery enjoyable pop corn for the brain when you need something Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy light cute funny and yes you just have to remind yourself that when things get silly well a cozy is a cozy and that is what we read them for If you are a fan of the cozy then start with book one and keep reading if you onlyike a cozy here and there by all means start with book one and read them when you feel a brain candy rush I really Play Me, Im Yours like Savannah her kick ass attitude and her southern charm butand it s a big but I m having trouble with the books As much as I enjoy the main character and even how she interacts with those around her as she goes about trying to solve whatever crime she s investigating the story is dragging for me It s just not holding my interest which explains why it took me 10 days to get through itand the only reason I finished was it was due at theibrary tomorrow I m sad to say that I won t be trying any additional books in this series Although it had great potential it just didn t play out and there are too many other really good things out there to read Not my favorite in the series In fact if this was the first one I read I wouldn t have pursued the others Nevertheless Savannah Reid is a feisty Southern woman detective and there aren t enough of those in the world My main objection was with her ex partner s Health at Every Size language Maybe I m remembering wrong but I don t recall him talkingike that before I didn t find it entertainingSincerelyMs Prude not. Derer won't be easy but Savannah knows the most delectable endings are always worth waiting for.

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G A McKevett s Savannah Reid is a southern belle who has been displaced to Southern California She was once a police officer but after being kicked off the force she has now opened her own business as a private investigator With the help of her apprentice Tammy and her former police partner Dirk Savannah solves crimes in this mystery series Killer Calories is the third book that chronicles Savannah s mystery solving skillsThe business world becomes personal when Tammy s other employer is found dead at the spa she owned Kat Valentina was once a beautiful and famous actress After her career fizzled she opened a spa in southern California with her husband and manager The spa is a health oriented one that serves green sludge disguised as breakfast and almost kills its visitors with exercise morning noon and night But it s also a troubled spa complete with a stalker security guard a uack of a doctor and elderly spying neighbors When Savannah gets an anonymous The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy letter in the mail stuffed full of cash asking her to investigate she and Tammy jump at the chance to find out if Tammy s former actressboss met death by her own hand or someone else s Or was her murder just an accident too many margaritas mixed with an overly heated mud bathSavannah is funots of it And she Polvere alla polvere likes to eat she has Dirk sneak her out of the spa several times to eat bad breakfast food and burgers She also enjoys fine dining with her friends John and Ryan an elegant gay couple She offers oneiners with style and fights crime with her black belt in karate McKevett s mystery is what Danna from Cozy Not So Cozy Mystery Books and DVDs would call a cozy mystery What does that mean you might ask Well Danna includes an essay on what makes a mystery a cozy mystery Here is how McKevett s book fits to that definition Savannah is an amateur sleuth Her education and ife s experiences have provided her with certain skills that she will utilize in order to solve all the crimes that are thrown her way And she is usually a very intuitive bright woman Yes Savannah used to be a police officer However she was kicked off the suad And she isn t doing very well as a private investigator she has bills piled up on every surface of her house So that makes her an amateur in my opinion San Carmelita is in southern California but it is still a small town or village The small size of the setting makes it believable that all the suspects know each other and the spa setting feeds into that even Savannah is a very ikeable person who is able to get the community members to talk freely ie gossip about each other There are multiple people who are very knowledgeable and nosy and of course very reliable characters in the book who are able to fill in all of the blanks thus enabling Savannah to solve the case Savannah is not a medical examiner detective or police officer even though she used to be but her best friend and former partner Dirk is This makes a very convenient way for her to find out thin. Savannah Reid the full figured PI who charmed critics and readers alike is back to track down

Gs that she would otherwise not have access to The An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery local police force except for her friend Dirk doesn t take Savannah very seriously They dismiss her presence almost as if she doesn t exist This of course makes it convenient for her to casually overhear things at the scene of a crime And in Savannah s case they evenet her examine the body of course none of her meetings with the medical examiner yield any results the medical examiner is convinced that Savannah is crazy for investigating the case and that all initial test reports were complete In this series all of the characters are Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy likeable so that the reader will want to visit them again The supporting characters are eually important to the reader It is for this reason that there are so many funny eccentric and entertaining secondary characters such as Tammy Dirk John RyanThere are ways Savannah friends fit into the idea of a cozy mystery but you should read Danna s definition of a cozy mystery for yourself for information andinks to her other ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე lists of courseI ve already checked the fourth book in the series out at theibrary for some reason the first and second books aren t available and I will be reading it soon Also on this I, Claudius later but for now you can see the entireist for this series on my Series site so that you read in order and don t miss anything Savannah Reid the southern sweet talking sweet oving ex cop turned PI is back This time she is hired anonymously to investigate the murder of the 70s Disco ueen turned health spa owner Savannah and her assistant Tammy check into the spa to investigate Spa ife is a challenge for the round happy with my shape everyone else thinks I need to Chicken Soup for the Soul lose Savannah She continues to investigate sneaking out to meet with her ex cop partner and others all the while sneaking in pie aa mode Good mystery great characters and snappy dialogue The journey is worth it even if the revelation of the murderer is not justice revealed but a sad situation McKevett creates great characters you care about PI Savannah Reid may be built for comfort and not for speed but she Misbehaving likes herself just fine as she is So the only way she sikely to set foot in a health spa is over a dead body Blooming Red long with a hefty fee to sweeten the deal The irresistible combination of murder and money brings Savannah to Royal Palms to investigate the death of spa owner and former cult flick actress Kat Valentina The medical examiner called it a fatal but accidental mixture of booze and a hot tub but Savannah s anonymous client thinks otherwise If the strict regimen of exercise and nasty spa cuisine doesn t kill Savannah there s a murderer close by who s prepared to finish the job 35 stars Since I ve read this series out of order it s fun getting to read some of the books at the beginning to see how things have changed over the series This was very enjoyable and aittle different as Savannah had a mystery client I do find it amusing how characters in books always get stuck at He killer of an actress turned health spa owner found dead in her own hot tub Unmasking the mur.

Sonja Massie has authored over sixty published works including the highly popular and critically acclaimed SAVANNAH REID MYSTERIES under the pseudonym G A McKevettSonja's novels range from Irish historicals to contemporary thrillers Her earthy humor and fast paced plots delight her fans while critics applaud her offbeat characterizations and incisive observations on human natureIrish by ancestry Sonja has authored two non fiction books on the history of Ireland THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO IRISH HISTORY AND CULTURE and IRISH PRIDE 101 REASONS TO BE PROUD YOU'RE IRISH Both books impart detailed knowledge of the complex and controversial Irish story with a light hand and plenty of humor Her Irish novels include DREAM CARVER CAROUSEL DAUGHTER OF IRELAND and the bestselling FAR AND AWAY the novelization of the Ron Howard movie starring Tom Cruise and Nicole KidmanOn nationwide tours Sonja lectures to published and pre published authors in her workshop The Novel Approach a seminar which covers such topics as story structure characterization plotting pacing and marketing manuscriptsSonja has taught numerous courses at university and adult continuing education facilities including general fiction historical research and mystery writing She was managing editor at Single Living magazine and has functioned as a manuscript doctor and storyline editor for major publishers Earlier in her career she was a prolific ghostwriter authoring both fictional and non fictional books for celebrities and professionalsHaving lived in Los Angeles Toronto and County Kerry Ireland she now resides in New York