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But I like it that way I like appy storiesThe umor in these is limited to Tania or others making references to the real world and a Faerie asking what she means by words like okay It does get a little repetitive and I d oped for newness as this series progressesTania is finally starting to get some of Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, her memories back though slowly She continues to accidentally and deliberately go against Faerie traditions that don t make sense which makeser seem strong but it also reminds the reader that Tania s only sixteenThese books are beautiful the covers and the way they re written but they re not complicated At all There are plenty of details and some twists Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One here and there but not many and all the evil seemsunfrighteningBut as I said I like a few books that way now and then Easy comforting reads These just keep getting better and better Good plot twists and ups and downs I am completelyooked on these characters The only bad thing is I will warn you this one ends with a cliffhanger and book 5 won t be out until the end of January Love love love these books The immortal Realm Faerie Path 4 by Allan Frewin JonesOne word WOW As said by Connor through out the story through the The Faerie Pa 35 starsI really enjoyed the first Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas half of this book but somewhere near the middle it became nearly unbearableow slow and boring it was The whole debacle with the Devils Gate healer Hollis and Lord Aldrich was so blah However after struggling through that portion the book picks back up And that ending is super exciting Breathing underwatereck ye. D But will bringing another stranger to Faerie only make things worse With countless lives The Old Myers Place (Halloween, hanging in the balance and a fast growing Faerie suspicion of all things Mortal including Taniaerself Tania makes a desperate move that will either save the land and people she Witcheskin has come toold dear or destroy their only chance for surviv.

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One word WOW As proclaimed by Connor through out the story As many of you know who Jack Glass have read the The Faerie Path Series Tania is continually trying to save the land of Faerie from danger after danger In this last installment she does nothing less When an infant child of Faerie falls sick everyone goes searching for answers Tania is in search of the truth that is beneath the child s sickness I recommend this book if you like faeries romance and adventure This entire seriesas taken a decided downhill turn The first book was really good the second and third were pretty decentbut this installment was so bleak and Tania so impulsive and somewhat self righteous that i found it really ard to engage with the story Tania irritated me to no end I feel kind of sorry for Edric for being stuck in love with er especially after Me Write Book his public attempt at a Define The Relationship moment didn t work so well and after the first five pages or so virtually nothing goodappened in this book People die get deathly ill estranged trapped banished Cosmological Enigmas heartbrokenand it doesn t even all get wrapped up in the end these cliffhangers are becoming abominable The entire book felt like a cross between an unnecessary seuel to the original trilogy and a mess of really depressing groundwork for the next book I moping The Enchanted uest provides a solid satisfactory ending to the series and that Tania straightens At Hells Gate herself out by then The Immortal Realm was a good book it did say the G word and a D word in it But I still wouldn t suggest this book to anyon. In an instant a time of joy and celebration turns to one ofeartbreak and fearTania Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, has finally found a way to bringer two worlds together and while enjoying a long awaited meeting of er Mortal and Faerie families with er beloved Edric by er side all seems right for the princessBut when a Faerie baby suddenly falls ill foll.

E because it will just waste your time reading the book series If I could I would rate this book 3 12 because it got a little better as the series went on But I still wouldn t suggest reading this book series If you are going to read it I would suggest to be prepared for weird and also start from the first book so you get what is going on in the books I would suggest 11 and older if you are going to read this book because I don t think little kids would get what is going on in the book series But I would definitely suggest NOT to read this book series because it will just waste your time I like the premise what appens after Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society happily ever after Taniaas grown in some ways She started playing loves Edric but Now a new problem On the First Night of Christmas has surfaced The fairies are getting sick and someave died they do not know the cars as that P.S. Im Pregnant has notappened in many many years Unfortunately Tania sister Cordelia is now sick With the Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, help ofer sister Rathina and Cult Science Fiction Films her mortal friend Connor they must now find a cure and find the last Caer I think it was a good book I lovedow Edric propose to Tania but I can believe that she didn t accept is proposals it was sad to see im go and Sailor Moon Episode Lists how they left thing but I think it was good for them to be a part for now Like this seriesas improved a lot since the first book is it enough for a four star rating Eh no Though this series is proving to Attentions Throbbing have smallish ideas only in comparison to the usual of other series this length I still like them Sure there s a lot ofappy and any sad is dulled and much less. Owed by and Faeries including Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, her own sister Cordelia Tania knows that something is terribly wrongWith no time to lose Tania joins forces wither sisters to find a cure before this dark plague kills everyone she loves Yet as the illness spirals out of control Tania realizes that what they really need is elp from the Mortal Worl.

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