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Death struggle and strife that it leaves the reader atigued the book is readable but ultimately not enjoyableChronicling how Chimuka s A Convenient Wife father died of HIV related tuberculosisollowed by her A Colton Target four year old brother by the sameate then her mother by suicide interspersed with her aunt s husband Love Isnt Enough first molesting then repeatedly raping her her aunt s ill treatment of her which after what we ve learnt about the aunt in previous chapters makes absolutely no sense the character isn t given enough time to really develop so it never really becomes believable and her and her brother Ali eventually becoming street children there s just so much bad news that it stopseeling like a plot and starts Prodigal Prince Charming feeling gratuitous There are explicit descriptions of Chimuka s rapes and her later sex work that left meeeling desensitised and unable to Task Force Bride form a connection with any of the characters Meanwhile there are incidences of shoddy editing that scream neglect In one scene Ali steals Chimuka s radio TV and iron A day later there s a pivotal scene about a news report that really impacts the protagonist but we gorom listening to a radio nearby to mentions of images A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, flickering across a screen and descriptions of what the news anchor is doing and wearing Time is completely disjointed throughout the novel It takesorever Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, for Chimuka sather and brother to pass away within months of each other but the years she spends on the streets before turning to sex work go by in a wink This could have worked beautifully to illustrate Chimuka s growth Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue from innocent child to hardened teen but I don t think the author did enough with it to make iteel intentionalWith that being said I really enjoyed how the protagonist s nervous counting is incorporated throughout the novel as well as a children s song she and her brother used to sing It grounds the story in ways the plot doesn t and reminds the reader again and again just how young the characters areOverall the novel paints a bleak picture of Zambia in the 90s and it ultimately and unfortunately remains a one dimensional one Pulled on my heart Strings Reading books written in a Zambian context have challenged me to revisit childhood memories that I had packed away but need to be addressed From the Mistress first chapter she pulled at my heart strings with the details she shared about the OWL It s like she took the words right out of my head I honestly can t review a book without giving spoilers but I will share my rating starsrom me Exceptionally written Heart wrenching AuthenticTHEY WERE INVISIBLE BEFORE The group of teenagers next to the Adventist church on Independence Avenue The scantily dressed ones who. Rbelly of Lusaka’s streets Chimuka and Ali escape and become street kidsAgainst the backdrop of a Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) failed military coup election riots and a declining economy Chimuka and Ali are raised by drugs crime and police brutality As a teenager Chimuka is caught between prostitution and the remnants of theragile stability.

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Beautifully written Thank you A Ranchers Redemption for writing so well The book is a very easy read It is a very simple story with it s own truth that you cannot avoid toeel A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby for Itollows the life of one character in a story that is very common A Mother in the Making for in the Zambian history and present too In that sense it is an important story to tell It offers the reader insight into the reality of so many that are ignored andorgotten whose lives we judge but hardly understand The writing style of the novel is not particularly exceptional though There were many opportunities to be colourful that were not seized A Her Kind Of Cowboy few inaccuracies and conflicting descriptionsThe story telling tends to be monolithic sometimes predictable and in placeseels rushed I love His Pregnant Christmas Princess finding a new African author so this was an impulse buy aew weeks ago I knew nothing about the book or the author I m very glad that Mubanga Kalimamukwento is on my radar now She is a Through the Language Glass fantastic debut novelist and I expect great thingsrom her in the utureThe Mourning Bird was a difficult novel to read It is written well but the subject matter made it gripping and painful all at once Chimuka is only 11 when she notices that her world is unraveling The book is as much about her normal childhood as it is about her prostitution The description says it is about the secrets brimming in her amily but I Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, feel that this is not entirely correct This novel is about Zambian politics in the 90sAnd this is my issue with the book I noticed on the back cover Kalimamukwento is a criminal lawyer who lost her mother at a yo A good book is one that gives you a new lens to see oneself and to see others through The Mourning Bird is one such book I didn t know that it was possible to capture a time in our country s history so well I just love how Mubanga takes us right into the heart and home of a little girl called Chimuka Her show don t tell techniue leaves roomor the reader to connect the dots and her You Are Not A Gadget foreshadowing is so subtle it hurts It broke my heartrom the very Sanctuary first page Her language use is lyrical and her keen observation of everyday life shines through the pages For exampletwo men were pushing aaded green wheelbarrow In it was a shadow of a person A gaunt genderless Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, figure all loose skin and wispy black hair When the wheelbarrow ran over the rubble a surprisingly deep voice escaped the shado Mubanga Kalimamukwento s The Mourning Bird has a very apt title Referencing the African superstition that owls are bad omens who hoot the night before a tragedy the novel might as well come with a soundtrack of hooting on loopTelling the story of Chimuka a young Zambian girl whose life is punctuated with so much. When 11 year old Chimuka and her younger brother Aliind themselves orphaned in the 1990s it’s clear that their seemingly ordinary Zambian Friendfluence family is brimming with secretsrom HIVAIDS infidelity to suicide Faced with the difficult choice of living with their abusive extended amily or slithering into the dark unde.

Roamed Chachacha Road The ones who lived under the bridge on Great East Road The ones along Cairo Road Everywhere I never saw them until I became one of themThis is the age old story of the tumultuous relationship between mother and daughter the avouritism relationship between mother and son the twisted around her little Stranger finger relationship betweenather and daughter the things unspoken relationship between husband and wife the contempt uietly brewing underneath the surface relationship between a spouse and their in laws the over protective relationship between brother and sister the nothing will ever be the same relationship between life and deathThis is the story of how one s normal can be ripped Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis from them in a manner of days their new life a stark contrastrom their previous reality This is the story that the next time I pass a vagrant tweenteen will have me pausing to uestion whether they are on the streets because they are a juvenile delinuent rebelling authority my usual conclusion or a child escaping the horrors of a place they thought would keep them safe a place that was supposed to nourish and provide a place they used to call homeThis is the story of the reality aced by so many children in so many cities across the entirety of this worldMubanga s writing is beautiful beyond comprehension She paints tangible imagery that leaves the reader eeling like the proverbial ly on the wall whether such images are enchanting like a ather reciting stories to his children after a long day at work or vile like the horrors of living under a bridge void of the necessary protection To See Paris and Die from the inevitable evils of this world My heart weptor every child whose reality is portrayed in this storyThank you Mubanga Out of China for writing this story45 starsrom me Illness abandonment betrayal and hope All of these are intricately wrought into a complex web of relationships and heartwrenching situations This is a concise story but it will wring you dry Mubanga s writing is so evocative that you Mary Tudor forget you re reading and you want to reach out and give the characters a hug a blanket anything to make their lives a little bit bearable She puts her characters and readers through the most and that is something only gifted writers can achieve The prose is effortless and neat You won t put this book down until the very end that s how invested you ll be I recommend The Mourning Bird to everyone especially Africans who want to read books that are written by people who know what it really means to be African You won t be disappointed Three starsor the crude story and how realistic it was perhaps except the ending What appaled me is not the ma. That existed before her parents’ deathThe Mourning Bird is not just Chimuka’s story it’s a national portrait of Zambia in an era of strife With lively and unflinching prose Kalimamukwento paints a country’s burden shame and silence which when juxtaposed with Chimuka’s triumph orms an empowering debut novel.

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Mubanga is an award winning novelist and short story writer She won the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award for her debut novel The Mourning Bird Mubanga also won the Kalemba Short Story Prize and was shortlisted for the Bristol Short Story Prize Her work has appeared in The Advocates for Human Rights Minnesota The Dreamers Creative Writing The Airgonaut Overland The Menteur and elsewhere From Za