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Ve story too The romance and the emotional involvement seems to be of an add on here than an intrinsic art of the bookI received a copy of this book from Mills Boon via NetGalley in return for an honest review CategoriesContemporary Women s Fiction Contemporary RomanceMiniseriesThe Business of Pleasure. Electric but she’s too angry to let him off easy Instead of her shares she offers him a sexy high stakes challengeIf Kenzie can turn the outdated business around in a week then he must sell her his shares no uestions asked But if she fails not only does he get her shares but she’ll also have to lay out his wildest bedroom fantasies and Antonio has a very wild shockingly romantic imagination In this erotic wager who will end up on to.

Eries of explicit risue liaisons linked together with a lot that focuses on a woman who believes it s Autumn Brides possible to turn round any business opportunity even if you have no knowledge of the basics of the businessIt s not a bad read the chemistry between Antonio and Kenzie is hot but I like there to be a lo. Erlans are turned upside down after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger turns into an unforgettable night of assion One that has her uestioning her “no strings” rule on relationshipsWhen she turns up to the sales meeting the next morning Kenzie realizes she’s been duped Sitting opposite her is none other than the mysterious man from last night Antonio Navedo Did he use her to get her shares Their sexual chemistry is still.

The Dare Collection May 2019 Book 4The story rather uniue though the book is the shortest in the bundle and the daring scene not that much so 4 stars did not finish for 2 ersons who just met they sure are having sex a lot too hysical kinda feel dont like Take Me On is erotica than erotic romance a A sexy no holds barred debut from Dylan Rose Meet yoga goddess Kenzie Fox who strikes an unconventional steamy bargain with Antonio Navedo the irresistible stranger buying her stake in a rum distillery Everyone wins in the bedroom But in love That’s anyone’s guessClean living New Yorker Kenzie Fox is ripped from her comfort zone when a relative leaves her shares in a Miami rum distillery She flies to Florida intent on selling up but