Ambria Davis: Secrets of a Kept Chick Part 2

Lly when emotions are nvolvedKaylin thinks he's home free but Georgia's finest LOSER is looking for him To topt off Stacy Home-Ec 101 is constantly complaining andt's about to drive him nsane Will all this push him to the breaking pointSecrets reveal themselves and lies are exposed Follow the crew as they take you on one hell of a journey again.

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Amina Mimi Washington thought she had life all figured out when she moved to Atlanta and got the family and the material things she'd always dreamed of But when things took a turn for the worse Mimi ended up n big troubleNow she has come out of a coma and finds herself n a hospital bed with no recollection of how she got there Whe.

N she discovers what happened to her will she be able to handle the truthTroy s busy searching the streets for Kaylin and the children with Mark and Jayden's help They search all over but with no luck In desperation she decides to call on an old friend for help but she soon regrets t Sometimes memories should remain hidden especia.

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