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Nd I don t mind a story with a little romanceThe book begins in Pennsylvania during the war when Caroline Hammond is notified her husband Jacob has been wounded she leaves her arm and travels on her own by train to Jean-Paul Sartre find out what happened to him is he dead or aliveThis begins the story about Caroline her husband Jacob and their daughter RachelCaroline lives in near Gettysburg prior to during and after theamous battleYou re soon reading about the terrible battle at Gettysburg how it effected the soldiers on both sides and the local peopleLinda Lael Miller writing style has you engaged in the story you care deeply about the character s and what happens to them Caroline s hired hand Enoch a escaped pregnant slave called Jubie a Yank RATING 4 STARS2019 MiraHarleuinI have read several novels by Linda Lael Miller and on the whole have enjoyed most of them I really loved the Vintage Games first two historical romances in the McKettrick s series I have been meaning to go back to them and then saw this new one being published I went in with no real expectations but it was different than what I had assumed it would be I expected a romance with a good story but it was of a historicaliction with a touch of romance I was 50% through the book and the romance still had not started As the book opens Caroline is headed to see her dying husband On her return home with his body she vows to stay on the Zamba farm to raise their daughter Rachel As the war rages on it soon comes to thearm just outside of Gettysburg As she helps the wounded Union soldiers much like her late husband she The Erotic Motive in Literature feels like she is doing only what she would wantor her husband When one of the Captains asks The Detour for her help with his childhoodriend a Confederate soldier her personal morals are being tested Caroline employs a The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd freed black man and has taken in a runaway slave Her decisions could cost her and everyone than patriotism Miller does a great job in helping a reader see the place andeel the time her novels are set in I The Adventures of Rusty find that her stories are sweet and her characters endearing on the whole Yet with her historical novels she also has a kick of realism While she does not go into details about everything she give you enough to see the novel play out in your imagination This is a good book to read if you enjoy novels set in the Civil War era and how every day people lived The Yankee Widow has gotten me excited about reading her other novels I received a complimentary copy of this ebookrom the publisher through Edelweiss Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. Fight Each is wounded Each is drawn to her beauty her kindness Both offer comfort but only one secretly captures her heart Still she must resist exposing her vulnerability in these uncertain times when so much is at riskIn The Yankee Widow gifted storyteller Linda Lael Miller explores the complexities and heartbreak that women experienced as their men took up arms to preserve the nation and defend their way of lif.

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Vely main character Caroline The romantic touch to this novel definitely helped with softening the mood to this heartfelt period in time The historical aspect to this novel with the Civil War and this time period totally ascinates me Also I must add that this book opens up with uite the strong opening scene and where the story settles a little bit it is definitely one to savour and enjoy Loved everything about this novel Norma s StatsCover Intriguing lovely mesmerizing moving and an extremely itting and meaningful representation to storyline coverlove Title An intriguing interesting meaningful emotive and extremely Mamá fitting representation to storyline WritingProse Well written beautiful affecting vivid assured captivating moving and readable I totally connected and loved MILLER S writing stylePlot Perfectly paced interesting refreshing heartwarming heartfelt moving touching andantastic Ending I was totally taken with this When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feel good ending and absolutely loved the direction this novel took Leaving meeeling totally satisfied and warmed all over I think there might be a possibility Fearless (Nashville Nights, for a seuel with the way that this story ending I would definitely read it if there was Overall This novel totally captured my heart and made it into my 2019 Favourite Reads Shelf Would highly recommend Thank you so much to Eden at Harleuin Trade Publishing and Linda Lael Milleror the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book It was an absolute pleasure reading this phenomenal historical The Bomber Dog fiction novelReview can also beound on our blog Beautifully written and rich in detail The Yankee Widow will transport you back in time to an era that is seldom talked about let alone experienced With a country literally torn in two with brother again brother and Novelas de Isabel Allende friend andoes alike this atmospheric novel will make you Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, feel like you are in the very heart of the battle both on theield and off A time when war raged the country side women had to be strong and independent and children grew up way too The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide fast When men were gentlemen still andreedom was a thing that not everyone experienced or got the luxury of having Wonderfully told in alternating point of views The Yankee Widow will tug at your heart strings and keep you thoroughly engaged the whole way through Truly a riveting story that you will be glad you took the time to read enjoy and learn rom ARC provided by the publisher in exchange or an honest review I loved The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller I gave her book 5 big stars I really enjoy reading Civil War historical iction Rch among the thousands of casualties to ind himWhen Jacob succumbs to his injuries she brings his body home on the eve of the deadliest battle of the war With troops and looters roaming the countryside it is impossible to know who is Becoming Violet friend and who isoe Caroline Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers fights to protect those she holds most dear while remaining compassionate to the neediest around her including two strangersrom opposite sides of the.

4 stars Beautiful writing Charming characters Unforgettable storyCaroline is a young wife and mother who is left to manage the High Angle Rescue Techniques familyarm when her husband Jacob joins the army and is sent off into war Caroline stays strong in the Finn Family Moomintroll face of the unknown with the help of herour year old daughter Rachel her grandmother Geneva and hired The Glass Palace farmhand Enoch One day Caroline receives word that Jacob is wounded on the battlefield She leaves Rachel with Geneva and thearm in Enoch s care to travel in search of her husband These characters were so extremely loveable I Something Like Fate felt an immediate connection to all of them and wasully invested in their lives and situation The author Linda Lael Miller had me completely engrossed within the Civil War era creating a storyline that kept me captivated and curious throughout This is my A Gun for Sale first book by Miller and I am eager to check out her many other novels Historicaliction is my most Archetype (Archetype, favourite reading genre yet most of what I read within the genre centers around WWII This novel really captured my interest and has me eager to pick up historicaliction novels ocused on the Civil War era This was a Traveling Sister read with Brenda and Norma We all loved it To ind our reviews please visit our blog at you to Harleuin Trade Publishing A Gun for Sale for providing me with a physical copy to read and review Immersive passionate vividTHE YANKEE WIDOW by LINDA LAEL MILLER was an interesting riveting compelling heartfelt moving and highly entertaining historicaliction novel that immediately grabbed my attention and held taut right to the very end I was thoroughly impressed and People of the Book fascinated with this storyline and with MILLER S storytelling It has been uite a little while that I have been this entranced and absorbed in a historicaliction novel I was glued to those pages LINDA LAEL MILLER delivers uite the atmospheric engaging intriguing beautifully written and well plotted read here that I was totally drawn into There were so many scenes within this book that totally touched and warmed my heart along with moments that twisted my heart to shreds The characterizations of place and time along with the characters themselves were absolutely wonderful and so vividly descriptive placing me easily into the heart of this novel I absolutely loved all the characters in this book and I was definitely emotionally invested in themI do love a little romance within my novels and I totally ate this one right up I was completely besotted with these male characters and couldn t decide who I thought was the better catch Encore, Grace! for our lo. A richly layered emotional novel about one woman’s courage and the choices she must make in theace of a dangerous warCaroline is the young wife of Jacob who together live on a arm raising their daughter just outside of Gettysburg When Jacob joins the Northern army no one anticipates he will not return Then Caroline gets word that her husband is wounded and she must ind her way alone to Washington City and sea.

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