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My love affair with Follett goes as far back as 13 years when I was first enraptured by Eye of the Needle Since then you ve tucked me into bed several nights with your fabulous stories of espionage romance historical fiction and oh so much This series makes me sigh as It wraps around me much like a caterpillar In a cocoon It is fabulously rich in character and plot development and leaves me longing for the next big book you write especially during the 16th century I loved Th Yet again another masterpiece Ken Follett follows The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End with a tale of espionage political intrigue and extreme faith during a time of never ending religious conflict Full of adventure and suspense A Column of Fire is an inspiring and thrilling portrait of one of Europe s most perilous times in history It is a ourney not only through place but also through a dazzling number of key historical events Beginning in 1558 and continuing through to 1606 with a nod to 1620 in the epilogue the novel includes the death of Mary Tudor and the accession of Elizabeth I the Bartholomew Day massacre Mary ueen of Scot s execution the Spanish Armada and the Gunpowder plot as well as the personal fortunes of a huge cast of characters both real and imagined Follett s research is meticulous as his readers would expectFollett is a master of historical fiction with meticulous research adept storytelling and an ability to capture the reader s interest with colorful smooth language As captured in his previous books in the Kingsbridge series Follett s characters are lively full of emotion and relatable making the book s length of no great concern for old fans or new readers alikeA Column of Fire is a cold winter s night big pot of tea and bar of chocolate comfort book and there s plenty of space in the world for that Just one health warning don t try and read it when you re sleepy With the paperback review copy weighing in at over a kilo I couldn t resist this is not a novel for dropping on your nose It seems the consensus among Kingsbridge fans is that A Column of Fire is their least favourite I agree Forgive my corniness but A Column of Fire Finding Lauren just didn t have the flame the previous two books in the series had Ken Follett one of the best selling authors in history has never been considered as a spectacular writer This holds true again in this latest novel Follett writes uick paced scenes His sentences remain as stilted as ever His words are rigid and perhaps this evens gives a certain flavour to the historical novels But for me it makes it a bit of a tough slog to get through some 1000 pages or so Of the three Kingsbridge novels I had the hardest time getting through this one as you may notice I took me nearly a month and a half to complete itWhy There are two main reasons this book didn t hold up to the previous two novels1 Kingsbridge itself The city made famous by its cathedral is largely absent in this book One of the things that made the previous two books spectacular was the way Follett weaved his knowledge on cathedral building into the books In this book the cathedral itself is only really mentioned a couple of times To Follett s credit he does effortlessly weave historical knowledge into this book but it has to with the power dynamics of the world at the time2 Character Unlike the previous books I really didn t care that much about these characters In particular the Ned Margery arch didn t really work for me I didn t feel that these two people cared enough to be together I also didn t feel that they cared enough when they couldn t be with one another Further I didn t despise some of the bad guys like I did in the other novels Perhaps the main antagonist in the novel is Pierre but Iust didn t loathe him like I wanted to One of the things that made Pillars and Without End work were the dramatic conflicts between the good and bad Column struggled with that I found myself wanting to see of the Barney and Rollo story lines but found they were lacking I think the book could have drawn on those story lines to increase the tension and conflict throughout the narrative But since we didn t see a lot of Barney and Rollo their two story lines felt almost arbitrary and random Part of me thinks we only saw Barney go to the New World because it is setting us up for a book or series where Follett takes us to the New World with a whole new cast Column of Fire might have needed another thousand pages to do it The Marriage Clock justice Columnumped too uickly in spots There would be chapters upon chapters where the narration is well paced Then all of a sudden we Thief (Sevy, jump ahead a year or in some places ten years and certain characters are dead and married to new people I found it hard to get on board with accepting the rationale of this at times Also people fall in loveust too damn fast in this novel ie Ned and Sylvie It s a bit unrealistic Largely this major fault of the book was its scope It was too expansive too spread out over a large geographical area for the reader to really get involved in the characters It ventured too far outside of Kingsbridge which is where the heart of this series is Perhaps it s time to retire Kingsbridge Perhaps it s time to sail across the ocean to the New WorldSee this review and others on my blog You can also read my short stories there I didn t want to write this review I ve been weighing it up for a few days but this book is so far removed from the previous two books that a negative review is unavoidable A Column of Fire is way too short and way too predictable which is a sort of odd comment to make about a book over 750 pages long with a huge cast of characters But let me explain Ken Follet is at his best when he writes massive historical yarns He mixes the political and social issues of the age with the lives of some very real people people who could have existed within the eras in which he writes And he did that here at least in part The Willards and The Fitzgeralds fortunes rose and fell with the Catholic and Protestant rivalry which came to a climax when Elizabeth I took England s throne Though I think this book s greatest downfall is its sheer lack of depth and sense of crisis throughout I ust didn t care about the citizens of Kingsbridge this time round Let s rewind and compare it to The Pillars of the Earth After every major section of the novel something big happened The Kingsbridge market was attacked by William Hamleigh twice the church roof collapsed Tom Builder had to abandon his child and Prior Phillip found himself at the King s mercy in France The same sense of crisis was also apparent in The World Without End With this book there was no real sense of danger for anyone that I was made to feel for So it lacked the drama that made the previous two instalments so damn exciting I found myself not caring at all about most of these characters or their lives for that matter I didn t know enough about them and when the story started moving they were never really built upon Rollo Fitzgerald was awkwardly absent for large parts of the novel after initially being set up as a very important character There were large transition periods between the characters lives that we seemed to miss and the story never fully came together as it needed to Moreover and most significantly there was no sense of Kingsbridge community spirit So that meant when danger did hit Kingsbridge I yawned The romance was weakFollet s books are always driven by romance and this one was no different But again this was a let down In this case the initial few chapters on it were perfectly fine it was set up as you d expect it to be However the aftermath was somewhat tepid Where was the longing Where was the heart wrenching emptiness when the lovers were separated Sure it was touched upon though I think much was needed to cement the mutual feelings If this wa. As Europe erupts can one young spy protect his ueen Ken Follett takes us deep into the treacherous world of powerful monarchs intrigue murder and treason with his magnificent epic A Column of Fire the chronological latest in the Kingsbridge series following The Pillars of the Earth World Without End and the preuel The Evening and the MorningIn 1558 the ancient stones of Kingsbridge Cathedral look down on a city torn apart by religious conflict As power in England shifts precariously between Catholics and Protestants royalty and commoners clash testing friendship loyal.

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S Jack and Aliana or Merthin and Carris then all parties concerned would have been beside themselves in agony Ned and Margery seemed to suck it up and get on with their lives all too easily And their ending was far too predictable at this stage I needed so much for this to work Do I think A Column of Fire could have been a good novel Most certainly It needed editing It needed to be padded out and certain sections expanded upon and revised All in all what I think A Column of Fire needed most of all was time time to grow and become the story it ought to have been I feel like I ve ust read an early draft of a potentially great novel most dissapointing indeedFacebook Twitter Insta Academia Ken Follett again took a lengthy hiatus before penning this third novel in the series which is reflected in the writing and shall be discussed below Kingsbridge with its cathedral and mighty bridge again proves to be the initial backdrop of this thoroughly researched tome set in the 16th century The great community emerges in the opening pages of the novel where the reader encounters Ned Willard returning after a period away As the snow falls causing the great Cathedral to disappear the symbolism of uick changes becomes apparent However there is brewing in Kingsbridge and England as a whole which pushes the narrative into a fiery discussion soon enough ueen Mary Tudor is on the throne and has turned the country back to its Catholic foundation which is causing some concerns amongst her subjects Forced to flee Catholicism under Henry VIII people took up with the new Church of England and sought to pave the way for Protestantism in the country Kingsbridge monastery so important in the first two novels lost its firmament under the King and the monks were dispersed However as ueen Mary appears to be terminally ill there is talk of the succession Two camps emerge those wanting continued Catholicism turn to Mary ueen of Scots and France and those who seek to lessen the constraints of religious conformity turn to Princess Elizabeth Tudor half sister to the current ueen The battle lines are drawn and the choice turns the country against itself Ned finds himself in an odd position as he witnesses this and takes up a post with the Elizabethan camp only to become one of her most trusted advisors Plots to kill Elizabeth emerge alongside attempts to get Scottish Mary to return to the land of her birth to claim what some feel will rightfully be hers When the ueen dies it is left to Parliament to make the choice which Follett illustrates as being highly controversial and problematic but Elizabeth soon ascends reigns as the first of her name The new ueen riles up everyone by seeking tolerance and acceptance of any form of Christianity in England choosing not to side with either Protestants or Catholics wholeheartedly What follows is a collection of stories that emerge throughout Europe using a handful of characters who illustrate the religious persecution of both Protestants and Catholics using the Pope and various monarchs to play Christian chess with their subjects as they shed blood to see their branch of the religion succeed Ned is placed in a position to not only try to win back the love of his life but to accept fate and try to reinvent himself while England is being torn apart Follett illustrates this battle over decades while the characters evolve but still have time to prove as scandalous as ever what would a Kingsbridge novel be without some drama By the end Follett has shown that religious intolerance is by no means a new thing in the world but that it can be traced back centuries where soldiers were blinded to acceptance and sought to outmanoeuvre their labelled enemies A sensational addition to the Kingsbridge series though it does not entirely fit with the other two novels Fans of historical fiction will surely love this tome alongside the most open minded and tolerant Kingsbridge series fans Patience is a must before tackling this novel so be wary if you seek a uick story and easy to decipher charactersWhen I read the preface to Pillars of the Earth I learned that Follett was not entirely comfortable with the subject matter when he first wrote that book He knew little of the religious nuances of the Church but has shown that age and dedication to research have changed his abilities While I have some issues with this book I cannot deny that the research and thoroughly intricate cast of characters make this one a must read for dedicated readers and fans of history Follett is again forced to use scores of characters to flesh out the story some pulled from the history books and others completely of his own imagination As with the previous two books occupations are varied as are the social standings of those who grace the pages of this book However the characters from history dominate and thereby lead the story forcing the nobody characters to fall into line There is still a thread of love romance rape and deception but it proves to be a garnish in a larger story that speaks of intolerance at a time when religion in Europe was devolving The dedicated reader will surely find a few characters onto whom they can latc Phew I struggled from the start to finish and am glad that it is over I didn t like it Unlike the first two books which were centered around the characters and their struggles this was about Catholics and Protestants two decade long fight between Elizabeth and Mary for the throne The first two books were about the characters and their strife to survive each day I elated in their small victories felt sad in their pain but here I didn t connect with the characters Reading this felt like I was reading about the battles that took place between England and France in late 1500 I guess I was expecting something as exciting as the first two books but I was very disappointed in this story I ve had a whole month and 900 pages to think about it and I ust didn t enjoy A Column of Fire as much as The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End I think I know why and I ll get to that in a second but I d first like to say that this isn t a bad book I happily read right through to the end without feeling like it was a chore to finish Some of Follett s tried and tested formula is present here namely a central starcrossed romance and despicable villains which keeps the pages turning but I think this book overall is a move away from a style I really enjoyed in the previous booksThis book didn t focus in depth on the lives of the Kingsbridge citizens Instead I felt like it was hardly about Kingsbridge at all but rather about the entire world at this time and the wider struggles between Catholics and Protestants Perhaps it is because by this time sea travel and exploration was much common but the effect was that I cared less about the individual characters I felt less pulled into the nitty gritty of their everyday livesA Column of Fire operates on a bigger scale and with a wider scope than its predecessors Larger political and religious battles dominate the narrative at the expense of characterisation More scope less depth At times it felt almost like an overview of history at this point and it s a history lesson that every British schoolchild learns early Where The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End focused on chapters of the Middle Ages that were foreign to me I can uickly name every single Tudor monarch every wife of Henry VIII and tell you about the religious struggles even details such as what happened to Margaret Clitherow And the gunpowder plot We still light bonfires and fireworks and eat toffee apples every fifth of November in remembranceIn order for this book to work better on such an oft explored area of history it needed to go deeper into Kingsbridge and the characters lives The romance needed to be exciting tragic like that of Aliena and Ty and love Ned Willard wants nothing than to marry Margery Fitzgerald But when the lovers find themselves on opposing sides of the religious conflict dividing the country Ned goes to work for Princess Elizabeth When she becomes ueen all Europe turns against England The shrewd determined young monarch sets up the country’s first secret service to give her early warning of assassination plots rebellions and invasion plans Over a turbulent half century the love between Ned and Margery seems doomed as extremism sparks violence from Edinburgh to Geneva Elizabeth clings.

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Ack or Caris and Merthin Ned and Margery lacked passion I didn t get a sense that they were fighting to be together or that they were particularly disheartened when circumstances tore them apart This series has always seemed to me to be first and foremost about the characters Their lives loves tragedies and heartbreak The politics happening in the background offered the stage on which the character drama played out but it was not what the books were about Here it was And I simply didn t lovehate the characters I was supposed to lovehate as much as I was supposed to lovehate themOh and for some reason there was also a strange use of modern terminology in this book that I never noticed in The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End I read them both fairly recently so I don t think I m ust forgetting Things like the use of creepy I checked and this is used roughly 200 years too soon and Ned uses the very modern phrase hell yes There were other examples I didn t note down Perhaps this book ust needed a few rounds of editingBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube People should hear Bible stories from their parish priest If they start reading for themselves they re sure to get the wrong idea Some things never change1558 Kingsbridge Europe is once again in disarray torn by trivial religious differences The vicious battle between Catholics and Protestants has never been violent sending countries to war and misery Spain France England The powerful young ueen Elizabeth finds her future her life threatened by the existence of Mary Stuart and the Pope orders the faithful Catholic Englishmen to disobey and rise against their monarch The danger coming from Spain is always present and France remains a formidable enemy In the midst of this storm two young people dare to dream of a common future Margery and Ned followers of different dogmas find themselves torn apart by family disputes and malignant forces This is our third ourney to the exciting world of Kingsbridge created by Ken FollettSpanning decades countries and characters Follett s novel begins in 1558 and ends in 1620 A period that saw blood spilled over matters that no one can verify whether they are actually true or not an era that formulated much of the continent and the convictions we have come to know today We travel to England Scotland France Spain Belgium Italy and the Caribbean and we meet Elizabeth I and her trusted advisors Cecil and Walsingham Mary Stuart Charles IX and a plethora of prominent historical figures and fictional characters The heart of the story is seen through the eyes of Ned and Margery and Follett does not abandon the techniues that were put to excellent use in The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End His descriptive writing and exhaustive historical research are here and stronger than ever You will feel transported to the great cities where the action takes place you will gaze upon the magnificent buildings you will hear and smell the noise of the markets the sacred psalms and incense in the beautiful churches you will meet ueens and kings noblewomen and noblemen peasants and vagabonds Few writers have Follett s talent of reviving and depicting every era in such a vivid and faithful way However while satisfying and interesting A Column of Fire seemed to me to be the weakest installment in the Kingsbridge seriesI wasn t bothered by the common theme of two young people who love each other but are driven apart and going through hell and back by external forces Life isn t a happy playground and circumstances were extremely unfavourable at those bygone times The problems I faced occurred because of the large number of characters that had nothing to do with the actual story that lies at the heart of the novel I ve never had issues with large uantities of characters On the contrary I welcome such a feature because it provides us with a wide scope of perspectives cultures and ways of thinking The problem was that in my humble opinion the characters in uestion were simply not interesting At all Apart from Margery Ned and the historical figures the rest of the cast seemed boring lifeless clumsy copycats of characters in the previous installments of the Kingsbridge series Sylvie Pierre Alison Rollo and the awfully indifferent Ebrima were too simple too familiar in the wrong way too muchFor the first time in reading a novel by Ken Follett I encountered traces of problematic dialogue Not only words and phrases that sounded too contemporary but the feeling of the interactions came across as abrupt almost wooden occasionally This was evident in the last chapters of Part III and especially in Sylvie s interactions with Ned which were almost painfully bad No one is perfect obviously but when you read a Follett book the demands are higher and my expectations weren t fully met here On a side note I am now convinced that despite his talent and perception Follett writes the most distasteful cringe worthy love scenes out of all the established writers I ve had the chance to read I would name them terror scenes instead of love scenesApart from the exemplary depiction of the conseuences of religious and political disputes one feature that made me enjoy the novel is Margery I loved her She is such a wonderful character In my opinion she is better than Aliena and certainly much better than the irritating Carris She is a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and doesn t hesitate to embrace and express the shady aspects of her personality Same goes for Ned with the exception that he loses some of his spirit towards the latter parts of the story but perhaps this was the intention of the writer In my opinion Margery and Ned is the finest couple in the Kingsbridge series The depiction of the two ueens Elizabeth and Mary is faithful extremely interesting and vivid My favourite moment was the anticipation and the events that culminated to one of the most horrible moments in History The St Bartholomew s Day Massacre I ve always had a twisted fascination with those nightmarish days possibly prompted by my love for Dumas ueen Margot my grandmother s favourite book As far as the heart of the story goes Follett again works wonders Had the dialogue been better and the dramatis personae shorter I would definitely regard this as the best part of the series If we talked about any other writer this would potentially become a 5 star read but it is Ken Follett and the expectations are sky high therefore 4 stars it will be When a man is certain that he knows God s will and is resolved to do it regardless of the cost he is the most dangerous person in the world My reviews can also be found on I ve reviewed 575 books in the last few years and don t often give out 5 stars I can be a bit stingy as I want the book to How to Hide Things in Public Places just completely knock me over Ken Follett is one of few authors who consistently impress excite and satisfy this thirst The Pillars of the Earth came very close World Without End hit the mark and is one of my top 5 all time favorite books In the third book in the Kingsbridge series A Column of Fire I am again thoroughly exhilarated and awarding 5 stars I do think World Without End is slightly better but this was superb on so many levels I m doubly blessed as I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway and my blog followers s OM%G Okay please don t hate me for doing this in the review box butust found out there s a third book in the TPOTE series and I M DYING Book one was and still is such a lovehate for so many and I m most definitely one of the diehard lovers of the first book have the second and can t wait to read it and now A THIRD BOOK Just a little excited O I m being a total book nerd and about to ump out of my skin Must get my hands on this ASAP I can t wait need it now book Time to read World Without End OMG so excited lolol Book nerd moments are so embarrassing xD. To her throne and her principles protected by a small dedicated group of resourceful spies and courageous secret agents The real enemies then as now are not the rival religions The true battle pitches those who believe in tolerance and compromise against the tyrants who would impose their ideas on everyone else no matter what the cost Exciting and ambitious and set during one of the most turbulent and revolutionary times in history A Column of Fire will delight longtime fans of the Kingsbridge series and serve as the perfect introduction for readers new to Ken Follett.

Ken Follett is one of the world’s most successful authors Over 165 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages Born on June 5th 1949 in Cardiff Wales the son of a tax inspector Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College London with an Honours degree in Philosophy – later to be made a Fellow of