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Ere the Generals come in and take overone country at a time While Joel is investigating this conspiracy His cover gets blown and he is a living target by Auitaine This book is a longa plus plus IMOintense Spy story Ludlum stuffed ALOT in this book and true fans will stick with it The Last 150 pages gives this book an epic and truly SMART ending Good standard spy novel with 1 person trying to stop evil oers from taking over the world Ludlum s Battleground Chicago dialogue bumps the rating to 4 stars This was by far one of the worst novels I ve ever read The main character was not particularly likeable the plot was not only excessively complicated but boring and the love story was asry as an overdone turkey I ve read cookbooks that were engaging than this book For those of you who have started this monstrous tome and are now looking for encouragement to continue stop Get out now The last 500 pages are as tedious as the first 100 I only finished it because I m Albert Camus doing that 2015 reading challenge and needed a book over 500 pages I mone and now I have great fodder for my fire pit Robert Ludlum as you know is a great author I never heard of this book before picking it up and it was surprisingly good The plot was good and the writing kept you interested throughout although the book reminded me a lot of the movie National Treasure Not so much in the storyline but in the suspension of isbelief that you must achieve to actually enjoy this novel Some points I found myself saying puhhlllleeeeaaaase but then again I find almost all fiction books that way so I may be critical than most Suffice to say if you like the movie National Treasure or you are a huge Robert Ludlum fan then you will enjoy this book 3 stars but 4 if you re not so critical. Lost the only two people on earth who can wrest the world from the iron grasp of Auitaine  Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Auitaine Progression   “You won’t be able to put it Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic down Don’t ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the nextay” Chicago Sun Times   “Ludlum at his best” Publishers Weekly From the Paperback editi.

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I read this when it was a fairly new best seller back in 1984 5 It was the first action thriller I had ever read and I was blown away Though I haven t read very many similar movies over the years I was curious whether I would still feel the same way given all the movies of similar style I have seen in the meantime including several Ludlum films the Bourne series I enjoyed reading it the second time remembering virtually nothing from the first reading but as I suspected the level of angst and suspense was much less than the first time I read it simply because of having been esensitized by exposure to so much of the genre on film in the interveneing years The Auitaine Progression DAMN YOU LUDLUM Now the smuggness of fame and riches makes the loyal readers wait TWO YEARS between book I can recall the trepidation of weeks leading up to release Going to the locale COLES book store and ordering a copy Now its like release buy read and start waiting for the next release two years ahead I was able to start going back and Mikhail Bakhtin devouring Ludlum s first novelsThe Auitaine Progression the worldomination by fucked up ex generals Perfect for the wanting and waiting Ludlum loverI began to love how Ludlum intermixed nationalities and religious characters throughout his novelsTaught plenty of geo political backgrounding for a neophile into politics Read in 1984 An epic of massive betrayal from the master of action and suspense 700 pages worth Wow Ludlum always wrote long books One of my favorites that year Interesting fast paced slightly on the paranoia side where x WW2 Generals try to takeover the world and a smart NY lawyer called Converse some M15 agents save the Carnival day Not totally unbelievable Okay so this is book number two on my. In Geneva American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years a covert operative whoies violently at his feet whispering words that hand Converse a staggering legacy of eath “The generals they’re back Auitaine” Suddenly Converse is running for his life alone with the world’s most shattering secret Pursued by anonymous.

Robert Ludlum kick I am on right now I believe there are ten books I have left to read Anyway on with the reviewI really liked this novel Its Ludlum so you have the action and suspense and the plot twists that are standard in his works In Auataine you have this organization wanting to take over the worldthis is also very standard in a Ludlum work However I have said it before and I will say it againits fun and entertaining One thing that really got me into this novel was the main character Joel Converse Converse is not a spy or assassin who works for the CIA or the State epartment or Naval intelligence On the contrary Converse is an international business lawyer Joel is manipulated by people in the government to bring Bargaining for Brooklyn down the evil Auataine from within Joel then uses all his legal prowess to bring themown through proper legal channels However Joel comes to realize that in order to accomplish this he will have to Come In and Hear the Truth do things he never thought he wouldo again Converse has to tap into his experiences as a POW escapee in the Vietnam war Read it and love it A few Carson Pirie Scott days ago I got myself a big old red hardcover of this book and since theust jacket was missing I Black Nationalism decided to go into it without knowing what it was about at all I m really glad Iid because this book was one of the most exciting ones I ve read in a long time Every page of it was a build up to the suspense and it was near impossible to put Critical Teaching and Everyday Life down Joel Converse is a Lawyer who just happened to come across a conspiracyCode name Auitaine that involves retired generals from around the world and theiredicated soldiers that are aiming at world Consumed domination by means of chaos and world violence In chaotic times the military will be needed to control chaos and thats wh. Executioners to theark corners of Europe he is forced to play a game of survival by blood rules he thought he’d long left behind One by one he traces each thread of a lethal progression to the heart of every major government a network of coordinated global violence that no one believes possible no one but Converse and the woman he once loved and.

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