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Orest Then his world is turned upside downIt s not the s Different and I like itThis was not your usual boy meets girl romanceWhich is probably why I like it so much The two main characters lead such vastly different lives but are both warriors in their own rights Both strong and independent but better together Which I loved As usual when I started reading this book I ailed to notice it was only 78 pages So I admit I was a little disappointed that this book did not indulge on the character development Landscapes of Communism for both of this protagonist because they sound like a decent strong characters But this book had pretty much covered the basic things like a lil background storyor each of themjust enough to add spice to the stories I honestly thought this book was a complete adventure and sci New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics fiction story of two very different charactersinding each other but what this book really isbasically a well written romance story with a lil sci iction and magic mix into it I was uite taken aback because like I ve mention I had no idea this was that kind of bookAlot of sex scene written in lowery words and expression I don t really like that kind of books but because this is a IR book themed I am willing to give in Official Review Coffee Time Romance More. Ses the woman back to health Discovering her to be so unlike him and yet not his every compulsion is to seize the one he knows to be his mate But even if she does acknowledge his desire with her every glance Gavenas dreads the day he’ll have to set her re.

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ShorayaShoraya is used to traveling alone and defending himself However she meets a powerful sorcerer that helps her out when she is unable to help herself Authoress Mya Lairis transforms two loners into powerful lovers that will always ind each other Love Is FreedomThis was a nice paranormal read Shoraya love that name has dreams and plans Gavenas came to care or her and loved her enough not interfere was those dreams WondrousSuch a beautifully written tale of love a thirst or learning and the desires of men The prose was smooth and light yet deceptively deep at times Mya Laris gives us a glimpse into a world of magic swordswomen and all sorts of strange and endearing creatures I do hope that she explores of this enchanting place I never read your work before todayBut I will Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation from now on I love this book I was sad that she left him but understood she had to do thisor her self or she would always regret the journey she never taken in life I love this story i want to see these two reunited together again Thank you Conversationally Speaking for this sweet story Fairytale I like the short little story I really did love the previous when I read which I left a lengthy commentary I hope that the author thinks of putting in a seuel to it one can only hope and Shoraya is a child of the Deipma the Fire Mountains laudedor its metals and ores Dedicated to mastering the swords of her creation she journeys across the lands taking her lessons Hoot from nature When word begins toall rom witnesses’ lips of the talented.

Ream This is a wonderful story ull of lyrical prose and luscious descriptions The words used to describe the Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) feelings between Shoraya and Gavenas were so exuisite that I could easilyeel the intensity of the love they elt or each other Writing a good short story is practically an art A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, form with having to have the right balance between introducing the characters their interactions and the world building with each other to create an enjoyable story and Ms Lairis did a superb job of it I would most certainly recommend this story to someone looking to read a love story one having interesting and beautiful wording and intriguing charactersLlaphRevieweror Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More While I am not usually a sword and sorcery type of gal the description of this book grabbed my attention I wanted to read about a Black woman who could wield a sword like a pro and who wasn t Michonne But I digressAs always Ms Lairis uses her lovely words to weave a rich tapestry of swords battles and the simple life of Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit fantasyolk Gavenas is not your typical sorcerer with blazing eyes and a booming voice that commands obedience Rather he lives a uiet and simple life until the day he comes upon a wounded Shoraya in the Warrioress Shoraya is set upon by the emissaries of great kingdoms eager to capture the student Architecture by Birds and Insects for their own purposesThat stormy day when Gavenas discovers the ravishing swordswoman wounded in hisorest he knows his heart is lost A powerful sorcerer he nur.

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