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Face There is so much underneath The instant attraction between Drea and Xavier was stupid so I was glad that they didn t act on it The romance was allowed to build and it never became the ocus of the plot The mystery slowly started unraveling and this pulled me into the story even I really liked watching Drea slowly put things together and unknowingly move into a leadership role I don t think there s anyone better When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for it I liked the ending and how we didn t know everything that was going on I doeel like it was a bit rushed Even though there is going on things that may be resolved in book two the ending was satisfying I ll definitely be keeping my eye out or rom this author Disclaimer DNF page 109Sorry Kimberly Reid but I think I m going to have to shelve this one with the DNF sThe premise is intriguing the characters are just mysterious enough the atmosphere is appropriately high classbut I think it s the narration that s throwing me off I don t usually badmouth books The Bomber Dog for their narration style at all surely not every novel can be narrated in theirst person and Novelas de Isabel Allende flow well but I reallyeel like Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, first person narration would have helped this story Drea is an interesting main character but Ieel distant The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide from her I haven t returned to this book in almost threeull days and you know it s probably a DNF case if you re avoiding a book and if she would talk in irst person POV I just eel like the whole tone of the story would eel different Someh. Tes could not be different She's rich and privileged; they're broke and well criminal But Drea's got a secret she has in common with the juvie kids than they d ever suspect When it turns out they share a common enemy Drea suggests they join orces to set things right Sometimes to save the day a good girl's gotta be

Es or those by beloved author Stephanie Perry Moore The bright spots are really the relationship between Andrea and her brother I loved their easy sibling Becoming Violet friendship and genuine careor each other especially in a crisis Although I would have liked to see Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers fire between Xavier the love interest and Andrea We get that she has a crush on him but there doesn t seem to be much behind it but it is high school Is there ever anything real behind a crush in 11th gradeI d definitely pick this book up tolesh out your personal uick picks High Angle Rescue Techniques for reluctant readers If their used to novella length titles this is a great entry point to longer worksYou can get discussion uestions and on my site at shannamilesnet First I really enjoyed this book No it wasn t perfect but it was still very good Ignore the synopsis because it is very misleading One of the things that annoyed me was the beating to death of theact that Drea is not who she was pretending to be that she was secretly a criminal Other than her dwelling on it over and over and over there isn t any real evidence of her criminality I liked the dynamics of the characters I Finn Family Moomintroll found Jason to beunny and I think he s my The Glass Palace favorite Drea was super smart but did some stupid things but they somehowit into her personality if that makes sense Gigi was a handful popping in and out as the story needed her But I Something Like Fate feel like there s roomor her to grow into Xavier was like and iceberg What he wanted you to know was just the sur. Much worse Pretty soon she's struck up the world's least likely A Gun for Sale friendship with the juvenile delinuents at Justice Academy the last exit on the road to jail and theirst stop on the way outIf she were telling it straight riendship might not be the right word to describe their alliance since Drea and her new associa.

Perfect Liars is nothing brilliant but it is extremely un light and smart This is the type of read that will get you out of your slumpWhat sets this book apart rom its peers is the diversity It s not your regular YA story illed with privileged white kids It is a tale of delinuent teenagers A Gun for Sale from different culture and social belonging whoinds solidarity with each otherSplendid Fucking spot on We need of thisMy only moan is the delicate opening of the book and the characterization could use an ironing But overall this book is winning awards in my opinion Perfect Liars would definitely appeal to Six of Crows and Heist Society People of the Book fans they have the same timbre of story telling Sat down with this book late Monday night and didn t put it down til early Tuesday morning when I got to the last page Really appreciate that the protagonist is mixed race and her love interest is also a person of color but race isn t a central theme I also appreciate the way Reid walks the reader through Drea s change in perception around kids caught in the juvenile justice system and how the kids she originallyears as criminals are actually well kids and real people not monsters Perfect Liars is a lot of Encore, Grace! fun in myavorite city and I like a little hint of boarding school hijinks in the South but while the beginning of the tale sets you up or a suspense the plot doesn t move ast enough those who love a mystery will still like it especially if you re into her previous titl. Andrea Faraday is junior class valedictorian at the exclusive Woodruff School where she was voted Most Likely to Do Everything Right But looks can be deceiving When her parents disappear her life and her Perfect Girl charade begins to crumble and her scheme to put things right just takes the situation rom bad to so.

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