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Ed her well but to be betrayed by man you trusted and gave your virginity to all the time I thought Tucker was a good guy but all Tucker cared about was keeping. Before she asks him to teach her the skills necessary to take revenge n the drug dealers responsible for killing her familyCandice now known simply as Candy uses her beauty and skills to get close to her father's enemies and ne by ne Candy attempts to exact her The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD own dosef revenge In the process she uncovers some long buried secrets that she was never meant to find ut Those secrets will destroy the nly family member she has leftWith Uncle.

Great read but I was truly irritated at the ending Highly entertaining story line and a killer ending I did not see that coming Good Read Candy s uncle train. Candice Hardaway is the daughter f rising New York drug kingpin Eric Easy Hardaway who has plenty f money and just as many enemies When Candy arrives home from school and finds that her entire family has been murdered she runs to the nly person she can trust her uncle RockJoseph Rock Barton is a reclusive first class cleaner who performed hits for Easy and ultimately became part f the Hardaway family When he takes Candice in it's not long.

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His job Candy was Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse out for revenge for the murderf her family and Tucker for the death Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of his father but in the end everybody loses it s just a gamef chess. Rock dead Candy sets ut to learn about her father's buried past; but this time Candy uickly goes from being the hunter to the hunted and than ne bounty is put n her headWho will fulfill their need for revenge first the people who really destroyed her family r the hustlers that Candy wrongfully targeted Will Candy be able to use her skills as a cleaner this time to stay alive r will she ultimately need someone to save her from her enemies.