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NMary ives by herself mostly content with her surroundings and her Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, life But she wasn t always content She spent 12 years with a man who didn tove her and who beat her When his body is found following a drowning she has a hard time grieving for him because of the relief she feelsMary and Terry meet in the first book of this series following Terry s best friend crashing his helicopter near Mary s best friend s home They share one intense kiss just before Terry walks out of her ife I do not recommend reading this book as a stand alone as I did The first 35% of the book eft me confused as the author assumes you know Mary and Terry s entire history from the first book For example it s not until chapters OBaby later that you find out how Mary and Terry really first met There were other characters Gabe that had fairly major roles in the story but their histories were told in the first book I think I would haveiked this book much better had I read the first book in the series The suspense of the who did it in this story was pretty minimal I knew from about halfway through the book who had done it I will say the motive was a surpriseOverall not a bad book but one that I think could have been better if it were read as part of a series ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Marie s Tempting Reads Netgalley ARC ReviewI Nerds love this type of romance Mobs damsels in distress a surprising hero that is both dangerous alluring and sexy as sin This story is fabulous The characters are ones Iike and the story captured me from the very beginning Its full of action suspense danger Zack (Areion Fury MC love and smoking hot chemistry After reading this book I am eager to read romances with sexy mob bosses or sons of mob bosses in any case I couldn t picture a son of a mob boss being such a delectable hero but dang Shady Grace did a splendid jobNever Give You Up gets a SCORCHING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS RATING 35 STARSNever Give You Up is book two in the McCoy s Boys series by Shady Grace This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley Kensington Books and by the authorMary Billings is a simple woman a mountain woman you could perhaps call her She was born and raised on the mountain She trapped fished hunted and took care of her horse and seven dogs as well as taking care of her cabin and property She once thought she was inove but after marrying him he turned controlling and physically abusive She spent her entire marriage Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, like this until her husband died She previously met Terry McCoy and he has been stopping by and checking in on her when he could Terry was gorgeous and had visited Mary often in her erotic dreams But even though her deceased husband was a horrible man it had to be wrong to feel these things so soon after his death wasn t it The thing about Terry was that she knew he was a criminal T As a self proclaimed connoisseur of mafia romance I m always excited to try out a new to me author who writes in this genre Unfortunately this one didn t please myiterary palate as much as I hoped The author pretty much had me uestioning her writing style right from the start with the unexpected detailed ContamiNation longer than I felt comfortable with scene featuring Mary the heroine skinning a beaver No my fellow romance bookoving friends that is not a typo Not only did I not expect it honestly I didn t want it in my romantic read to begin with I still can t figure out why it s there Just tell us she trapped killed and skinned animals Better yet just call her a trapper It was messy gross and TMI for this reviewer Btw She makes it sound Taxi ins Glück like Mary is the 21st century version of Jeremiah Johnson Oh wait I guess that title should be reserved for Mima her friend from book 1 who is completely off the grid because Mary ateast had electricity running water and a hair dryerThen there was her decision to make what is supposed to be our alpha protective criminal hero ook ike a complete idiot by showing up for their fishing date overly dressed in fishing gear over kill Yeah he Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas lookedike a complete dork Apparently the ocal fishing gear store owner decided to play what he thought was a rich tourist for a sucker I guess we are supposed to find it cute Well in th. Nd would fall for Yet there’s something tender about Terry something that makes her surrender to his searing touch Now Mary is in deep deep enough to be taken hostage by a villain whose true target is TerryThe son of a notorious crime boss Terry is about to take over his murdered fat.

Never Give You Up is the second book in the McCoy s Boys series I read the first book Beautiful Criminal and thoroughly enjoyed it We met Mary briefly in book 1 so I knew a bit of her back story It is explained in this book but I recommend reading book 1 first Terry is a great character Torn between what he wants from ife and what is expected of him from his father he can t seem to find his place When his father orders him to take a break he finds himself face to face with Mary Mary is only just rediscovering herself after the dramatic events that took place on her mountain Despite being attracted to Terry she s wary and not eager to put herself or her feelings on the Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, line There s plenty of drama backstabbing to keep you hooked The sub characters are great too and I hope to get Sam s story next All in all an enjoyable read I got this book from net gallery for an honest reviewMary is a widow and her deceased husband was far from being s nice caring husband The reality was he physically and emotionally abused her for years She keeps having erotic dreams about Terry She feels bad and uestions how can she possibly move on 4 months after her husbands death Terry can t get Mary out of his mind He wants her needs her she makes his complicated awfulife worth Not Without a Fight living Terry goes on a vacation to the mountains to see Mary butittle does he realise that he has ended up bringing trouble onto her doorstep again This book has it all action suspense mystery and romance I Garden Bouquets and Beyond liked the fact that the book covered both Mary and Terry s perspectives because it made it easier to connect with them Mary s journey is uite a remarkable one she starts off wary but being around Terry gives her a confidence boost She s willing to venture away from her usual surroundings so she can be close to him because she knows he needs her now than ever Fantastic book and I thoroughly enjoyed it Mary is a single homesteader She was in an abusive relationship until the demise of her useless husband She stayed with him believing that all men treated women poorly and that she deserved what she gotTerry killed her husband and he is no pillar of the community either Terry is actually a crime boss avenging the death of his father He is brutal and ruthless Hisust for Mary turns to obsession and then to The Unseen Wonder love When Mary is taken Terry will do whatever it takes to get her backThis is the second in the McCoy s Boys series Gabe and Mima both make appearances in this story Thank you Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review It s not often that I am aittle stumped when it comes to writing of the review of a book However when it comes to this particular book I m a The Management Bible little confused as to what to sayFirst of all this is a second book in the series and without reading the first book I did find myselfost several times without knowing the backstory or the other characters involved I think this attempted to be a mafia type suspense romance but for me it missed the mark in many areas First of all I was not enthralled with the female character ead I understand where the author was trying to take her and the difference in being a backwoods Trapper girl vs being involved with a wealthy crime boss but in several areas it just didn t work for meI also knew who done it pretty much from middle of the book when issues started happening Although there were a few surprises towards the end I wanted twists and turns Plus there was some gore and dark features that could be an issue for some readers As far as the romance portion this book which matters the most to me and the story as a whole I think the author did a great job heating up the pages and keeping the sexual tension high Terry is sexy and deliciously hot and I ove that he had passion about everything including Mary For the most part I enjoyed the authors writing style her description and character development however I think I did not enjoy the actual theme as much as I could have Terry is the son of a crime boss who does as his father reuests even though he wants nothing to do with the family business If it were up to Terry he would run the hotel and have nothing to do with the side business Unfortunately because of who his father is he doesn t have that optio. A Sleepless (Bird of Stone, life of crime or aifetime of oveMary Billing knows her solitary mountain ife is over when a handsome stranger blows on to her and in an unmarked chopper Terry McCoy is not only dangerous to the pretty widow’s shattered senses he’s a hardened criminal no woman in her right mi.

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Is avid mafia romance enthusiast reading world that kind of stunt will get you d e a d swimming with the fishes Capisce No one dupes any self respecting criminal and ives to tell about it especially when he is trying to impress his woman Fortunately Terry is a rather soft hearted guy overall and seems to take his humiliation in strideNext was Mary s sudden sobbing practically fainting meltdown when Terry asked her how Invisible (The Curse of Avalon long she was with her abusive husband who drowned four months ago in book 1 Answer 12 years Terry knew about the abuse because he appeared in book 1 Even so incredulous was Mary worrying about tarnishing the jerk s memory by dating or even being seen with another man too soon after his death Wth The man beat her for years Nor was her concern over what the clueless gossiping mean spirited townspeople thought of her You see he was the town saint for helping out with community events while they immediately assumed she must have killed him because after all he was a good strong swimmer There is an OTTFFM graphic sex scene starring Terry s father with two other women thanks inarge part to the Yummy Supper little blue pill he took before entering the room Yeah I could haveived without that image as well The author worked it into the plot but I would have preferred a classy approach to Colton s conclusionWhat did I ike Well the synopsis for starters It was a very uniue idea to pair a city criminal next in ine to take over with a rugged Deep Listening lives in the outdoors heroine There were also some action packed scenes and a dramatic showdown Unfortunately I can t be specific without giving away too many spoilersSome may call this a stand alone but I feltost at times when references where made to events that happened in the first book Meaning the author didn t do a good job of highlighting enough detailsimportant facts in an effective manner to make these two seuels flow together So you really should read book 1 if this series interests you This one didn t ive up to my mafia romance standards so I m giving up on the rest of this seriesPS The author uses the word bush a ot instead of woods Had me wondering her country of origin Also I just cannot see anyone making a Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature living off of trapping in this day and age Finally the author implied the hero s family did not have mafia connections They just ran a criminal business using the hotel as a guise so technically this is not a mafia readTitle Never Give You Up Series McCoy s Boys Book 2 Author Shady Grace Pages 150 part of a series widow heroineived with abusive husband for 12 years FFMOTT graphic sex scene featuring hero s father some violence VERY graphic steamy scenes synopsis was better than the actual storyline felt it could have been betterBook 1 Beautiful Criminal 6915 Mima GabeBook 2 Never Give You Up 6716 Mary TerryThis review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and authorpublisher Drugs murder and retribution are the foundation of this story about rival crime families and the engths that are taken to ensure dominance in this seedy underworld But entwined within the pages is the struggle of an only son torn between the ife he is destined to Trajan lead and the one he truly wantsTerry McCoy is a man whoives by the sword but pines for the normal existence of Bunnys Book Club Goes to School legitimately running the family hotel which has been his home for most of his adultife Mary Billings is a wilderness woman whom he met during an attempted coup that resulted in her abusive husband s death high in the Canadian mountainsThat story picks up months after Tom Billings death when a plan to kill Terry is discovered and he retreats to the mountains and the woman who has haunted his dreams for some much needed solace Maintaining a faststeady pace throughout the author ensures that the reader is kept intrigued and captivated by this bad guys turned good scenarioA great cast of characters with an abundance of plot twists and turns provide entertaining reading and guarantee that the reader will want to read the next book of the series a thoroughly enjoyable read AND REVIEWED ON BEHALF OF FICTIONAL MENS PAGE FOR BOOK HOS. Her’s multi million dollar empire But first there’s the The Peculiar Pig little matter of avenging his father’s death and rescuing the one woman he knows could turn his hard bittenife around Terry never wanted a ife of crime but suddenly he’s ready to do just about anything to bring Mary bac.

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​Shady Grace lives in northwestern Ontario off the rocky shores of Lake Superior She pens adventurous romance and erotica with rugged men and feisty women When she’s not writing you can find her chilling with the people she loves and enjoying the great outdoors​Love and sex should be exciting and unforgettable Being able to write about it is better than cheesecake