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Known in early modern Europe by many names the French Disease the Bubas and eventually syphilis the Great Pox was a chronic disease that carried the stigma of sexuality and roduced a slow and Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, painful death The main institution which treated it theox hospital has come down to us as a stench filled and overcrowded lace that sought to treat

He body and reform the soulUsing the sole surviving admissions book for Toledo Spain's Hospital de Santiago Cristian Berco reconstructs the lives of men and women afflicted with the ox by tracing their experiences before during and after their hospitalization Through an innovative combination of medical institutional and notarial sources he

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Xplores the The Iron Palace (Shadowed Path, physical and social lives of theatients What were the social repercussions of living with a shameful disease What did living with this chronic illness mean for careers and networks love and families and everyday relationships From Body to Community is a textured analysis at once touched by the illness but not solely defined by it.