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Siness even though he desires Adel he just doesn t have the time or patience for a relationship When he does realize that he could ose her altogether he makes a move and Will and Leo couldn t be happier Adel though is worried about their future when her past comes callingBest in series so far Hank is the demanding one Will the naughtier of and Leo was a bit of a surprise he comes off as sweet but is intense once Adel becomes his I Killers Prey (Conard County liked Adel s story uite a bit the back story made sense and had a surprise or two in the book This is a great story Iove reading this series by Dixie Lynn Dwyer I couldn t put it down I Mr Big loved the interactions between Adel Leo Hank and Will Adel has been hiding from her parents and her ex fiance She doesn t want to marry him Sheoves working for Leo Hank and Will She doesn t want to deal with men in a personal way The men want her but have kept their distances They all feel the connection but will they act on it uick Read Will Hank and Leo have been secretly in Flori în păr love with Adele but all four have trust issues that they need to work through Adele has family issues that had her not wanting to be in a relationship she needs to work though them to make her dreams come true Same as her other stories. Ry powerful thing on its own when it’s real and shared between her and her three men Thatove gets the ultimate test when her ex fiancé attempts to kill her but meets the wrath of Hank Leo and Will Three men who Kansas State love her and will protect her with theirives if necessar.

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As that Hank Leo and Will were uick to jump to co Adele a Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) loving young woman has been betrayed by her family and fianc She moves to Chance to start over with the help of a family friend what she doesn t count on is falling for her three sexy boss s that happen to be brothers Hank Leo and Will own and run the family construction business Hank all work and no play Leo and Will of the playboys are all inove over their new assistant Adele and will stop at nothing to get her to Humiliated Husband love them back I really did enjoy this story Adele was such a great strong female and those brothers they made meaugh especially Hank At first I didn t Warehouse Management like him with the tough I m the boss no playing around attitude but then he sure did change his tune Can t wait to read the next one Great job Dixie as always you rocked it Greatittle read Adel I Little Slave left her home and ex fiancee after a bitter betrayal and headed to Chance Adel now works for Hank Leo and Will who she secretly finds attractive but would never act on it Adel doesn t know if she will ever be able to trust another manet alone threeAdel doesn t realize that Leo and Will have been biding their time to get Hank on board and come up with a plan to make Adel s theirs Hank is solely focused on bu. Ain seems The Stall (Pony In Training like the only cure inetting down her guard and THIEME Atlas of Anatomy learning to accept theove of three men But she underestimates the criminal self centered mentality of her ex fiancé and when he assaults her and tries to force her back into his bed she realizes that ove is a ve.

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I enjoyed this book similar to Vanessa Vale s Bridge water series her series has 2 men for 1 womanHere 3 men fall in ove with one woman The story builds up nicely with the woman being hurt by men and trying to make a new start in Way of the Shaman life She has been hurt and is afraid to allow men to get close but that changes when the men interested in her are her bosses They slowly show her that they care and begin toove in Gallowglass love with her and soon she can t resist her feelings for them The sex scenes are hot and work well You get your happy ending here as with all the books in this series with the women finally finding happiness with heroving trio of men HotI ve read many books by Ms Dwyer and think this might be the hottest one yet Wet panties anyone HelloStarted with an abusive relationship which I shy away from as I had it in my The Inclusion Imperative life but trust the author and kept reading Oh my my my am I ever glad I did My new favorite book to reread Fun and sexy 375 Stars Iiked this book I The Public-Private Partnership Handbook liked Adel and connected with her instantly Iiked Leo and Will but I had mixed feelings on Hank I didn t What Next After School ? like Hank s moods The way he was with Adel irritated me at times But after reading and of the story I started toike him The one thing that angered me Adel’s past keeps her from opening up her heart Her ex fiancé cheated on her was abusive and only after a business deal with her dad Her father sold her out and now she believes if her dad couldn’t even ove her how could any man Learning to forgive so she can trust ag.

People seem to be interested in my name than where I get my ideas for my stories from So I might as well share the story behind my name with all my readersMy momma was born and raised in New Orleans At the age of twenty she met and fell in love with an Irishman named Patrick Riley Dwyer Needless to say the family was a bit taken aback by this as they hoped she would marry a family frien