Chris White: The Islamic Antichrist Debunked

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As a contrast to it He convinced me about the error of the Muslim Antichrist Theory However when he discusses his personal beliefs in the appendix I was not so convinced I needed explanation than the little bits he had room or there but I am still airly skeptical I would still recommend anyone who has heard of this theory read this boo. And the last beast of Daniel 7 The “people of the prince” in Daniel 9 referring to Muslims The “Assyrian” In Isaiah and Micah Types of Antichrist Mystery Babylon being Saudi Arabia The Mark of the Beast being Arabic letters instead of numbers The 7th head of Revelation 17 being the Islamic Empire Gog as the Antichrist Various refutations of the theories concerning the Islamic Mahdi being the same as the Antichrist And much.

Ite did an excellent job of explaining its weaknesses He points out the historical linguistic and prophetical errors or misunderstandings that atally weaken the theory He does this very kindly Through the majority of the book he keeps his personal beliefs out of the discussion as much as possible and uses the traditional interpretation. Nd reveals new discoveries about the origins of Islamic end times beliefs which call into uestion claims of Islamic Antichrist theorists concerning the supposed similarities of igures like The Mahdi and the Antichrist Isa and the False Prophet and the Dajjal and Jesus You will never see the Islamic Antichrist theory the same way again Topics Covered in the book The Islamic Empire being in view in the legs of the statue of Daniel

I read this book after reading Mystery Babylon by Joel Richardson That book does not go into depth about many of the points covered in this book so this was the irst time I heard many of the details of the Islamic Antichrist Theory The bits that I learned in the The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful first book were accurately represented here It also covers so much Then Wh. Never before has such a complete refutation of the Islamic Antichrist theory been in print Chris White critiues all the major argumentsrom Islamic Antichrist proponents such as Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat in a respectful but poignant way He uses sound methods of biblical interpretation to show that the Islamic Antichrist theory is seriously Ninth Grade Slays flawed This book refutes all the major argumentsor the Islamic Antichrist theory

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