Walter Flex: Der Wanderer zwischen beiden Welten

Much of the book escribes not Flex but his intelligent honest upstanding fearless brilliant beautiful young comrade Ernst Wurche who is elevated to a saint like figure like the brave Baldr The book offers a good insight into the spirit of the young generation consumed by the Great War as represented by Wurche who is a member of the Wandervogel movement memorized Goethe and reads both the bible and Nietzsche s Zarathustra More so than the One of the first novellas to be published in German uring World War I Walter Flex’s “The Wanderer between the Two Worlds” should be better known A story of romantic idealism and homoerotic friendship set against the backdrop of Germany’s war on the East.

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Etry to cope with his loss is all the touching It should also be mentioned that Flex s love for Wurche oesn t seem to be entirely platonic Flex Both Hands Tied doesn t hesitate to repeatedlyescribe not just Wurche s spiritual but also his physical beauty and one gets the impression he was hopelessly in love with the young man However the book was a bestseller in Germany when Paragraph 175 still forbade sexual contact between males so perceptions may vary. Pril 1945 at the announcement of Adolf Hitler’s eath Published in English for the first time “The Wanderer between the Two Worlds” has been translated by Brian Murdoch the acclaimed translator of Erich Maria Remarue’s “All uiet on the Western Front”.

Ar it escribes the silence before the storm that Flex and Wurche spend together in the Baltic nature where they swim in forest lakes and lie on their backs in fields in full bloom listening to the birds and watching the clouds until eventually war and evastation creeps in As soppy as Flex s love for his comrade Wurche seems at first the bitter ending to their friendship and the impact it has on Flex who withdraws into himself and writes po. Ern front the book was an instant best seller when it was published in 1916 In the post War years the book's reputation grew both among the German student movement and among the Nazi party; so much so that a poem from the novella was read on German radio on 30

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