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I demand again Fuck me ike the dirty gaybro that I amand the classic tingle phrase a staple i believe is in every tingler ever as he uses me The Nazi Revolution like a gay human play toyhowever there is also thisine which Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy like nick s tight butthole itself might have been used for the very first time Let s blow ouroads together bigfoot broand if that ain t romance i don t know what it isi really don t See this review s not gay but dude s ove at first sight for bigfoot is commendable I m not sure I have adeuate words to describe the reading experience with this story It didn t uite pan out the way I thought it might Not sure how I feel about the ending Why do I keep reading these Oh I remember It s classic ines Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, like Have you ever considered being the one who is tasted It could have something to do with The Tingle s uncanny ability to make creature porn sound ateast kinda hot mostly amusing thoughIn this tingler Nick gets dragged to the wine country for a bro s wine tasting weekend Nick is displeased about the meager poontang offerings in wine country UNTIL Torbo Gulgot eye fucks every straight thought Nick has ever had out of his head within seconds Even though it was just minutes before my Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet life of chasing women seemsike it s an entire decade behind me Now that I ve tasted the succulent flavor of gay bigfoot desire the thought of anything else especially human women seems Arise laughably insufficient I gotta say Nick s bros are super supportive of Nick s decision to go bigfoot and ditch theadies Then again Torbo did bring his sommelier s discerning pallet and considerable skills to the rim job of Nick s Archies Americana, Vol. 1 life Torbo pulls back for a moment It tastes good too The creature tells me There is a definite high note of rose with some smooth butteryows and fine nutty finish This is a delicious asshole He said rose snortNick s brohole gets pummeled by Torbo s big fat bigfoot sommelier cock so hard it turns him gay Could ve been the geyser of jizz that got ejected into Nick too Hard to say Maybe a combination of the twoOh Tingle what are we to do with you and your tinglers that use 5 words in the strangest most aughable ways yet still manage to miss the easiest typos Only The Tingle could work in unuantifiable into monster porn and make every single character he writes about ripped and hot with holes gagging to be reamed by monsters and mythical creatures Sometimes a gaggle of them at that I m just going to toss this out there and see what happens Bigfootunicorn mashup gang bang I think we ve established there are an unuantifiable number of dudes willing to offer up their holes to satisfy even the randiest of creatures You know who d read it view spoiler ME hide spoiler AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHHH. Ne that Torbo will be tasting it’s Nick’s hot bro ass This erotic tale is 4700 words of sizzling human on gay bigfoot action including anal cream pies rimjobs blowjobs rough sex and bigfoot butt tastin.

Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tastingor as I affectionately call this in my head How a Straight Bro Ends Up Being Rimmed to Within an Inch of His Life and Riding the Bigfoot Disco StickChucky Chuck ChuckWineBigfootRimmingThought I was going to show two hot dudes spread eagle and tongue deep in the nalgas salivating betwixt asscheeks There s tumblr for thatNick is a straight bro Hella straight dude So he and his bros go to Napa Valley to score some putang Because nothing says easy score than drunk chicks on wine right WrongThere are only senior citizens tasting parties No hot chicks in sight The bro weekend is going down the drain Enter Toro Gulgot Bigfoot Gulgot He s a sexy gay beast knows great wines and ass Guess who is on the menuNick s butthole What do you want to tasteYour ass Nick can t deny the power of bigfoot seduction Bigfoot don t waste time on BS ines their game is direct and Talk to Me lusty Torbo is a connoisseurhe knows what he is talking about It tastes good too the creature tells me There is a definite high note of rose with some smooth butteryows and a fine nutty finish This is a delicious asshole Bigfoot 1Nick 0 actually he ends up winning too his asshole just got a new resident memberTorbo turns up the charm by serving up a hot dish of anilingus bigfoot style Nick never had a chance he saw the beast rainbow filled Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, light and he doesn t want toeave that glow Now that I ve tasted the succulent flavor of gay bigfoot desire the thought of anything else especially human women seems Educating for the New World Order laughably insufficient Chucky Chuck Chuck delivers rimming hot ass poundingand even a HEA I m bathed in the Chucky Chuck Chuckight Everything is coming up Tingle 375stars TinglerStunner ServedPipingHot AssVino WannaSip LaughsForever LoveIsReal LOL stumbled on this and it is golden I am determined to make my way through all those tinglers i got from humble bundle at Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock last HAPPY VALENTINE S DAY Hello Says the bigfoot How d youike a taste sirthis book is just as hot as any other book by chuck tingle which either means superscalding or not at all depending on where you stand on the relative sexxiness of first time same sex erotic encounters between men and beasts in this case the genital on genital actionsweet The Character Of An Upright Man lasting romance blossoms between a human named nick and a bigfoot named torbo gulgotnick and his buddies pete and jeff are on a bro s weekend trip to napa valley for wine tastings and beautiful scenery nick the self identifying number one poon hound in our frat is unenthusiastic about this choice of venue because there areike zero chicks there to bang SIGH the other bros are getting a ittle tired of nick s moaning and groaning by which i mean his complaining for now it s not always Nick is the most girl crazy dude in his frat but when him and the bros head up to Napa Valley for a uiet weekend Nick uickly realizes that his chances of scoring a chick are next to nothing Nick’s disapp.

Bout chicks man Pete tells me We re always out ooking for girls for once can t we just chill as bros and enjoy some wineand pete is right it s not always about chicks as nick will soon GURPS Conspiracy X learnnick is wandering around the placeooking for a milf to seduce when he suddenly finds himself in a crowded room struck by a most unexpected sight Right there in front of me is the most beautiful creature I have ever Just One Golden Kiss laid eyes on towering over the others by a good two or three feet It s bigfoot covered in fur and sippingeisurely from a glass of deep red wineand it s ove at first sight no homo or no no homo The monster is attractive than any human woman or man for that matter that I ve ever soon a perfect specimen of pure animalistic hotnessnick tries to cling to the vestiges of his familiar and comfortable self image with his confused I m completely straight as an arrow nonsense but ain t nobody straight in a tingler for ong and nick finds himself right up front under the bigfoot s gazetorbo gulgot is eually impressed with nick offering him a wine with a woody finish and aged fifteen years now because even monsterporn has rulz the only thing here aged fifteen years is this wine but there will certainly be a woody finish for all the consenting adults in this storyand it all starts here with torbo gulgot s inuiry Have you ever considered being the one who is tastedand just Phantom Encounters like that nick turns from poon hound to gay bigfoot sommelier hound Sounds good broand the way is paved for caresses and exploration erotic poses and painful pleasure I m hit with a strange wave of nostalgia a faint memory of aife that once was Even though it was just minutes before my Eat Your Way Through the USA life of chasing women seemsike it s an entire decade behind me Now that I ve tasted the succulent flavor of gay bigfoot desire the thought of anything else especially human women seems My Dirty Janitor Book 4 laughably insufficientand what does nick s virgin ass tasteike Stories from Spain / Historias de España leave the description to a sommelier There is a definite high note of rose with some smooth butteryows and a fine nutty finish This is a delicious assholeand then there is boning there is also a moment of hesitation but nick is nothing if not confident Too much to take for a straight boy Torbo Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos laughsI shake my head I ve got this bronick and torbo unleash the usual tingle catalog of descriptive phrases in theirovemaking banter oral sex is Broken Bear like a beastly jackhammer eyes are wet withustful gay tears much mention is made of my bro ass and my tasty bro ass and the mid coital verbal ejaculations are boilerplate tingle Do it I scream Shove that giant bigfoot dick into my tight Enna Burning little brohole Tell me youike that big fat bigfoot sommelier cock Harder I scream at Torbo Turn me gay Harder. Ointment soon turns into a powerful gay attraction however when he meets a dashing bigfoot sommelier Torbo Gulgot who invites him back for an after hours sampling Little does Nick realize it’s not the wi.

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Dr Chuck Tingle is an erotic author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster almost black belt from Billings Montana After receiving his PhD at DeVry University in holistic massage Chuck found himself fascinated by all things sensual leading to his creation of the tingler a story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without eliciting a sharp tingle down the spineChuck's hobbies include