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Otions were all over the place that I seriously wondered if e even really liked May The truth took so long to come out that I kind of predicted what the betrayal was and Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command how it wouldurt May Since the author was dragging it out I was expecting it to be mindblowing I was disapointed and no one got a good ending I gave it 2 stars because there some moments between May and Jaewon that I liked Overall this book is depressing as fck and it felt like torture to anyone who likes romance I m done peace out THIS BOOK OFFICIALLY BROKE MEI was under the belief that Sangwoo Explosive Acts has turned into a child I even pityim after Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, he got shot because in a waye did save April s life I prefer calling Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria him April tbvhBut whene sold April and Black Coffee to Young and Han I ate im to the moon an backI cannot belive that even after all those care and concern April Two Reels And A Crank has shownim Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, he still stabbeder behind er back I want a painful slow death for Choi Sangwoo I probably am a masochist for reading a book like this I already know the ending of this book even before I officially read it But the ending still broke me torn me and made me so lifeless Jaewon s death was so brutal and what s even worse is the fact that April ad to see the lover of The Camping Cookbook her life die right in front ofer eyes It was just too much for me to takeBut nevertheless I did enjoy reading thisEspecially when April s intuition is so adorable whenever Mayhem is around 3Thanks to Sol for creating this masterpiecePSI managed to read the second book in less than 15hrs straight. Ons as Absalom, Absalom! her unruly and guiding Angel Daunted by Mayhem’s opulentopeless and bittersweet lifestyle May discovers the blessings as well as causalities of loving the rebel gang lord As the moral clock ticks April and er Black Coffee race against time misfortune and fate to overcome an underground society that condemns love and shuns the uman conditio.

UGH so I Black Stone had read the reviews and knew there was going to be something that ticked me off and well there it was the completely unnecessary ending I don t get it Please someone explain to me whatis death achieved I m not even sad it s just disappointing Obviously the author attempted to throw a plot twist to make up for On Liberty her lack of originality It justmade the story pretty suckyAt what point I was even considering putting this in my dnf shelf Also May is dumbso if you re looking for strong female characters well this ain t it Anyways I gave this a 2 because I feel like if Iadn t read so many books prior to this perhaps I would ve enjoyed it I m in awe That s all No words babyJess bawled in the past presentJess just No Way Down had some downtime w a box of tissues Thanks for the tears SPOILER I first read this as Conversations Between Us in its original thread on soompi forum years ago Years passed and yet iturts all the same It s like losing Jaewon all over again I am an emotional wreck while and after reading ALBC Last Conversations I actually delayed the last part praying Solangel maybe changed the ending but I know I m fooling myself I know what s coming but there s no such thing as preparation when it comes to death It s fictional but as funny as it may sound there s a part of me died with Pulled Thread Embroidery him too May and I share the same painI can t feel myeart any because Jaewon took my English Humour for Beginners heart withimI AM EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO YOON JAEWON I ve like and love other fictional characters before and after I met Yoon Jaewon but. It is fatal attraction for young and unworldly Maybelline Lee as she delves deeper into a dark social order where love draws boundaries and anarchy parades weak Absolutely on Music hearts After encountering the mysterious and charismatic Crist May discovers a striking and tragic man mourning the demise ofis first love Although their connection was different from the res.

He s the only one who claims a big and soft spot inside my The Ransom of Mercy Carter heart I guess Solangelas the power to make me a legit crazyPlot May and Jaewon s is not your typical love story That makes it stand out with other books It s sweet bittersweet but not cliche Character Development I guess Solangel is one of few authors that can make the best character development in a story the whole story was slow paced but it s a rare good kind of slow pace because it compliments Gone for Good her character development How you loved andate Sangwoo Lallieva (Alice Allevi, how youated and LOVE Jaewon Mind and eart fuckedConversations Between Us aka April Loves Black Coffee now but it will always be CBU for me will always be my favorite non gasoo fic And Jaewon will forever live inside my mind and eartI British Society Since 1945 had some issues with the published edition too many typographical error TTKind of disappointed that the phone scene where May and Jaewon s only photo is saved and Danny Lina s love affair was removed in this edition Aside from those flaws ALBC is as perfect as CBU and it will always be that wayWhat was it like saying goodbye to JaewonIt feels like waking up every morning knowing I will never seeim againI need another box of tissue BRB aving a eart attack The ending sucked and the characters were stupid or just mentally unstable The Reiki And The Seven Chakras heroine fell for the guy so easily and I wanted to slaper everytime she talked about Turning the Tide of Battle her intuition beingead over I Curse the River of Time heels for Jaewon so as to avoider embarassement It got really tiring with Jaewon tiptoeing around the truth and Once I Was a Princess his em. T Crist’s dark intention causes May to end their ill fated relationship and find solace inis distracting rival–the disarming and driven–Mayhem Soon May faces the irreversible conseuences of turning against Crist and falling for is adversary Determined to overcome the underground world and its immoral syndicates May agrees to Mayhem’s conditi.

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