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S nown for writing paranormal romance urban fantasy and erotica I am leaning towards this story being in the Paranormal Romance genre than Urban Fantasy The sex scenes alone are what we normally see in the Paranormal Romance genre not UF The main character for The Wicked City is June Coffin a Siren aural captivator who loves to chain smoke drink whiskey and wine and has tattooed nearly her entire body Along with her twin brother Jason they are brought to Chicago where the Institute for Supernatural Research is located after June unfortunately exposes them to the paparazziFull Review Posting Gizmos Reviews 03172015 Link to FollowPublished March 3rd 2015 by KENSINGTON Oh really great book Really enjoyed it and yeah just such a great premise and Iknow I ll have to read of this series 35 stars I received an ARC from Kensington Lyrical Press through NetGalley for an honest review Expected publication date 2242015 June a Siren falls under the category of paranormal but due to things that happened in her past she has done everything she can to live a normal life until she and her twin Jason get cajoled into going to Chicago and The Institute Not long after they arrive things go to hell in a hand basket and June finds herself in the middle of a situation she spent her whole life trying to avoidJune was an interesting character and I can t say that I didn t like her but there were uite a few moments where I had the urge to smack her She could go from being a snarky badass to a sullen teenager in two seconds flat and her lack of edit button could be off putting to some but I still couldn t help but like her She just felt real While she was strong she wasn t a total badass all the time and her reactions to some things were pretty funny I also found it interesting how little she new about the situation in Chicago but it fit since she has done all she can to maintain a normal lifeThe rest of the cast of characters Jason Micha Sam Cindy Muse Robbie Serendipity et al All made the story fun to read especially Cindy They also served to give the world depth because of the different roles they occupied in it While this bookseries is touted as paranormal romance I d classify it as urban fantasy There is a romantic element and a few sexy moments but it s not the main focus of this book and there are still a few things up in the air when it comes to that relationship though I wouldn t put it in total cliffhanger area Overall I enjoy this book there were times it dragged due to the authors attention to detail which was not a bad thing and I believe others may enjoy it uite a bit so I m looking forward to seeing what comes next for the Siren and her cohorts June had escaped the paranormal institute and forced to leave her brother behind in the fire fight During her escape she unfortunately wiped the memory of the only man she nows in Chicago Micha who now has no memory of his wife While. Ose memory June accidentally erased and a fiery paranormal separatist leader Soon the lines between attraction and strategic alliance become blurred But in a city exploding with paranormal crossfire and her brother’s life at stake June will have to face her inner demons and finally take a sta.

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UPDATE This book is out today This book was such a pleasant surprise To say that I have been underwhelmed by the books I have been receiving on netgalley lately would be a huge understatement and then this book comes along and revives my belief in good uality characters and a solid story The Wicked City is a novel based around June Coffin a sassy sarcastic Siren who can make you do DNF 70% You SOS Schlank ohne Sport - know its not going good when you start skimming the good parts THE WICKED CITY is just not for me For an urban fantasy book the action is pretty lowey No guns a blazing no tense confrontations no throbbing suspense And maybe its just me but when I saw Siren on the blurb I was expecting a different Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, kind of heroine Sure June has tons of personality and super bad hygeine but as far as her Siren powers are concerened I m left wanting for and ultimately I m unimpressed underwhelmed Is that the extent of her voice Is there to her person Where s the prophecy Now I have a better appreciation for prophecies in UF And what s up with the psych suad This feels like sci fi than UF paranormal Even the succubus was translated into something like a sex witch or some other tele It eventually became a brain stand off I got bored If you have all these supes at least make shit fly Set things on fire Give me something awe inspiringTHE WICKED CITY in fairness is a uick read It just lacked a lot of oomph the rest of the characters felt flat June is good but she s not enough to carry this novel all by herself Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI was immediately intrigued when I saw the novel it must be said that the mention of sirens always attracts me right away I always particularly appreciate the feature of thisind of characters in urban fantasy Still I think I expected too much the sirens finally did not deliver what I wanted and it lacked of a little punch of action in the story to really take me but I will talk about that laterJune is a siren but she does not handle very well her powers Besides with her brother she has always preferred to stay on the margins of society rather than taking place to front in the media battle between the paranormal and humans However our young heroine will end up thrust into this world when her brother is Making India Work kidnapped and she manages to escape just in time But while he finds himself in a wellept institute where someone experiences all sorts of things on him June will do everything to help him and save him For this she will team up with the supernatural leader Sam but also with a young woman Cindy or even Misha the man she has accidentally erased the memory of his recently deceased wife But nothing will be easy and our heroine could fall in love with this manI had a little trouble with June She is pretty minx in some cases and in others really vulgar and I struggled to make the connection between the two sides of her personality She seemed to have a completely Whatever June Coffin says goes literally And it’s not just because she’s a chain smoking rebel As a Siren June has the ability to force people to obey any command she voices But in a world where those with supernatural powers uickly become lab rats for science she’d rather look out for he.

Ifferent nature and I uite struggle with the whole thing I did not really understand her relationship with Misha Everwar (Cal Leandros, knowing if it was real or just a passing fancy in her life It was uite strange to see how she reacted about that After it s true that the story is still interesting and I was curious to see how it was going to be solved but something was missing I ve not really managed to get into the story or to enjoy the characters I think the novel will please to others Wicked funI adored June Coffin and her dirty dirty chain smoking potty mouth I also like that the author chose to write this in third person rather than first because it gave the reader a chance to get inside heads than just June s Urban Fantasy seems rife and overloaded with books written in first so this was certainly a nice change of pace I really liked the creativity that Morgan took with building her supernaturals that was a really interesting and uniue spin that I haven t encountered before in the genre Morga Feels like a young author with promise but has some maturing to do Interesting plot line but sometimes I was left scratching my head as to why the characters reacted the way they did and what they were thinking This was definitely an entertaining novel The thing that stood out to me the most was June s amazing voice she s the only POV The characters are well written the writing is great and the story itself is interesting There was a huge OMG moment about 75% of the way in and I hadn t even realized I was that far into the book A captivating book for sureJust so younow upfront it s a bit different than most HEA s June and Mischa her love interest do get together at the end but they were never really apart because for most of the book they were having a casual relationship Their story ended on a positiveoptimistic note but their saga continues so to speak I m assuming this will be a series And although it was a casual relationship there was tension between them making you want to root for them Also June is a very toughrough around the edges character and at first I had trouble relatingconnecting to her I realized part way through that I wished she had a bit vulnerability about her something softer that I could ve emotionally related better to but that s highly specific to me and what I look for in a heroine Those 2 things are probably the only things eeping it from a 5 starI d definitely recommend it for those looking for a different type of paranormal romance Being that it s entertaining and well written it s worth it It s a great start to what I m sure will be an awesome series I received this book for free from Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewGenre Paranormal RomanceRating 30My ThoughtsThe Wicked City is the first book in the Siren Song series by Megan Morgan a new to me author who Rself than fight on the front linesuntil her similarly gifted twin brother Jason is captured by Chicago’s Institute of Supernatural Research    To save Jason June has no choice but to enter a hidden world of conspiracy murder and strange bedfellows including a widowed paranormal advocate wh.

Megan Morgan is an award winning paranormal and contemporary romance author from Cleveland Ohio She lives on the often wintry shores of Lake Erie with her spoiled cat and adult son both of whom shed too much