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Ver character who is introduced to the story is just there to die soon afterwards Even the biggest action junkie surely hankers or some of the subtlety and plotting of Chandler to make sense of the bloodbath I know I did I The Greek Bosss Demand flatter myself that I am patient and bright enough toollow the plots of most books but Fast One defeated me I was confused throughout the entire book I read the February or Forever (Tarrins Bay first chapter twice before deciding I should just press on and enjoy the ride Sadly the ride is just one long numbing seuence of cut throat alliances that only last aew pages before death cuts them short as part of a seemingly endless stream of explosive violenceWhat makes Marlowe and Gunther or that matter so great is that despite their hardboiled world weary deeply cynical outlook their humanity shines through rom time to time In short they are men of honour who hold up a mirror to their dark corrupt worlds so that we might believe there is always hope Kells the protagonist of Fast One is just another gangster worse still I am still clueless about his motivation beyond money in this confusing boring book25 uintessential 1930 s Noir This is not Chandler or Hammett s hard boiled A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters fiction No Sam Spade Continental OP or Philip Marlowe No tough but basically decent guy working the mean streets who is not himself mean Gerry Kells the protagonist is mean He s a gambler a gunman a crook He isn t hardboiled he s hard raw and rotten Moreover there are no good guys and gals just different categories of bad like the damned souls in the several levels of Dante s hellOtto Penzler made the distinction between Noir and the Hardboiled Detective novel in his excellent Huffington Post Article Noir Fiction is About Losers Not Private Eyes Here s a uoterom Penzler that applies to Paul Cain s novel Look noir is about losers The characters in these existential nihilistic tales are doomed They may not die but they probably should as the life that awaits them is certain to be so ugly so lost and lonely that they d be better off just curling up and getting it over with And let s What She Saw / Operation Reunion face it they deserve itPretty much everyone in a noir story orilm is driven by greed lust jealousy or alienation a path that inevitably sucks them into a downward spiral The Moretti Marriage from which they cannot escape They couldn tind the exit The Dark Duke from their personal highway to hell iflashing neon lights pointed to a town named Hope It is their own lack of morality that blindly drives them to ruin That pretty much sums up Fast One If you read this novel don t try to A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy figure out who s doing what to whom and why Just go alongor the violent action packed ride It s a roller coaster to hell and if you don t want to Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls follow that route by all means skip it This was pretty much a slogor me Yes it moves at a blistering pace but the author makes no attempt to connect the reader to the main character or any of the other cardboard characters In The Soul Of A Thief fact it was nearly impossibleor me to differentiate between the myriad players here as they all talk in the same way with little or no physical description and when some minor character pops up 100 pages later I had no idea who he or she was You never really get into any of their heads so I cared about nothing that happened because there were no emotional stakes It really needed a cast of characters list at the beginning which I see some other editions do have so I wouldn t have had to constantly Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights flip back andorth but that wouldn t have saved Fast One Secret Baby, Surprise Parents from being a confusing mess20 Star. 'Fast One' was originally a collection of storieseaturing the gamblergunman Kells The tales ran in 'Black Mask' magazine rom 1931 1932 This work has been occasionally republished most recently as a graphic novel by No Exit Press.

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Paul Cain is a bit of an enigma a terrific writer who published only one novel and some short stories before pretty much disappearing rom print and rom history At least easily uncovered history His one novel FAST ONE is as hardboiled as anything I ve ever read It reminds me a good deal of Dashiell Hammett s classic RED HARVEST inasmuch as it has a central igure pitting various groups of nasty Wild Streak folk against each other The one drawback I have with the book is that the plethora of characters are not well separated onerom another descriptively and I had a hard time keeping them separate in my mind Only reaching midway through the book could I picture an individual whenever I saw a charac Originally a collection of short stories in the Black Mask magazine Fast Fury reads as such It is sometimes difficult to link the chapters up and the story described on the back cover blurb as complex with its twists and turns defies summary uite no surprise thereGerry Kells comes to town with the intention of being the top man there are uite a number of P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, floozies plenty of moneyloating about much of it seemingly Say Youll Stay And Marry Me for no apparent reason and there are numerous bumpings off many of them uite sudden and out of the blue The characters however arear Rafaellos Mistress from memorable those that do get bumped off being as memorable as those who continue through the book that is until they are also killedHard boiled it may be but Iind it very difficult to agree with the strapline on the cover of the book which has Raymond Chandler proclaiming Some kind of highpoint in the ultra hardboiled manner I would hate to come across a low Huh Well That was certainly a book This may be a case of me just not getting it This is generally considered one of the great hard boiled books To me it was pulpbut not in the better sense of pulp This was The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, far closer to Carroll John Daly than it was to Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler The protagonist Gerry Kells has come to LA we know it s LA because a good 10% of the prose is devoted to telling us the directions and streets everyone drives and walks onrom New York The local gangsters and political machines keep trying to lure Kells infor reasons At the same time they keep trying to double cross him even if he doesn t want to be involvedfor reasons Then when he decides to get involved various things happenfor reasons Part of the problem with discerning the motivations of the characters is that Cain spends pretty much no time developing any of them There are no discernible personalities here There are names of characters who are about an inch deep in characterization One of the things that people tout about the book is that it just keeps driving Rascal forward And I guess it does except when it s explaining how to driverom one side of LA to the other road by road But the drive doesn t add up to much And to the extent is adds to anything it s not much that we haven t seen done infinitely better in Red Harvest or in The Glass Key I wouldn t say that I m unhappy I read this I just have to say that I don t Another Day of Life find it in any way special Wikipedia says Paul Cain is the pseudonym George Caryl Sims used He wrote the one novel Fast One 17 Black Mask short stories and the movie scriptor the Boris KarloffBela Lugosi horror ilm The Black Cat I ve seen The Black Cat and liked it The Fast One published in 1932 during the Depression and heyday of the celebrated armed bank robbers like Dillinger is regarded as a hardboilednoir c Paul Cain wrote many short stories but. The toughest tough guy and most brutal gangster story ever written Set in depression Los Angeles 'Fast One' has a surreal uality that is positively hypnotic It is the saga of a gunman gambler Gerry Kells and his dipso lover S Grand.

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Astonishingly only this one ull length novel And what a novel Praised by contemporaries such as Raymond Chandler on completing it I can see why Rarely has a amoral bunch of characters been assembled together in work of Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, fictionThe two main characters no doubt have SOME redeeming ualities but I can tor the life of me work out what they may beIf you re a Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, fan of hard boiled noir crimeiction do yourself a Friend Foe favour and read thisFast One also appears in this Black Mask omnibus along with many of his short stories The Paul Cain Omnibus Every Crime Story and the Novel Fast One as Originally Published In addition seven of his Black Mask short stories are available in Seven Slayers Great cover It s SENSATIONAL Swift and intense in the mode of the very best hard boiled crime tradition A rich discovery of a mostly unknown 1930s talent Cain clobbers He whales Takes names and kicks butt He goes off On a rampage Gotta love it His techniue is superb Only one down side asar as I can see The side effect of such a The Longevity Diet fast moving tale is I can t keep track of who s body that was on theloor a moment ago because another character came in and disposed of it and now the hero is chasing someone we should know the name of but we don t But it is soooo worth it The mayhem in this little book very reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett s Red Harvest Much Grassroots Innovation for today s writers to learnrom here Much also which will appall and dismay today s mamby pamby warriors or social justice Yes be warned there are slurs galore in this readSlim short page count but blazing hot read Pulse pounding action I very much recommend it If I m being completely honest my rating should be 25 Stars But this book is grim as FUCK and I love grim shit It also became very very clear while I was reading this book that the author Paul Cain didn t really give a shit if anyone liked his story And or those 2 reasons I upped my rating to 3 stars Truly I think the story of the mystery surrounding the author s life is a much Architecture and Utopia fascinating story then the one in this book Not much is known about the author Paul Cain wasn t his real name His name was allegedly George Carrol Sims but even that might not be true The real life Paul Cain seems like a real life Tom Ripley Under the name Peter Ruric he worked as a screenwriter dated actresses and travelled the world He claimed to berom Chicago but who knows if that s true I want someone to write a book about him I would definitely read that Fast One is a grim and dark gangster story There are no good guys in this book eve What a disappointment Fast One by Paul Cain was recommended to me by GoodReads because I d read and enjoyed March Violets by Philip Kerr one of the splendidly subtle and addictive Bernie Gunther booksIn the introduction to Fast One Max D charn states that if there s a better hard boiled novel than Fast One out there he s still looking Perfect Cities for it I rubbed my hands together with glee The Bernie Gunther novels are sublime and I usually enjoy noirish hard boiled novels I adore Raymond Chandler s books and Ted Get Carter Lewis s novels are alsoirm Prometheus Wired favouritesWhilst I can accept that Fast One might be a key work in the development of the genre given it pre dates Chandler s novels that is about all it has goingor it Well that and plenty of action Gambler tough guy gunman Kells refuses to be messed with by anyone Every chapter has double crosses car chases blackmailings ist ights bombings stabbings or shootings The violent pace is unrelenting Virtually Uist she has no Special Topics in Calamity Physics first name who rearrange the LA underworld and disappear in an explosive climax that matches theirirst appearance The pace is incredible and relentless and the complex plot with its twists and turns defies summary.

Paul Cain was the pen name of George Caryl Sims 1902–1966 a pulp fiction author and screenwriter His sole novel Fast One 1932 is considered a landmark of the hardboiled style