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Chnology will cause a free world to become ever freer and a totalitarian world to become ever repressive Interesting and highly topical short story about how far the appropriate authorities may go to make the web healthy Free speech is the enemy and an imposed silence is the cure It s a kind of an update of 1984 themes for the technological age in which only the stupid survive because a society full of stupid men is a stable one As scary as it is true I read this story in the Apex Book of World SF Vol 3 and it was the only one that really thrilled me Starting somehow everyday like it really get s breath taking as it progresses for me being one of the best pieces I ve read during the last months It really has the potential to be extended to a novel To me retrospectively it even feels like a novel. Ed to some healthy sites and a “List of Healthy Words”Part one two.

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Al and can only be used to strengthen whichever style of governance becomes the standard Only we as people Read for a Political Science Basics course Read as part of Invisible Planets Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in TranslationThis is very 1984ish In fact Orwell s book is much talked about in this short story But instead of Big Brother watching ou Laurus you have the appropriate authorities listening toour every word The web has become a control tool and people rarely leave their houses Some said that outside the borders of the State there are other Web sites but those were only urban legends As a huge fan of 1984 I loved The City of Silence The author of 1984 predicted the progress of totalitarianism but could not predict the progress of technology Technology is neutral But the progress of te. Uthor set in a authoritarian state where web communication is restrict.

An homage to 1984 which attempts to show how the technology that s been developed since Orwell s day might change and exacerbate the repressive techniues of an oppressive state Technology is neutral But the process of technology will cause a free world to become ever freer and a totalitarian world to become ever repressiveIt has some interesting thoughts on how individuals while despising the system can simultaneously be agents of that system But overall I m not sure how much it really has to add to Orwell who did it wellStill this is a genre that I love Cutting edge dystopian fiction A great piece on censorship communication and governance Sad and terrifying Silk and Steel yet relevant especially with anyone who has ever thought about surveillance and our digital forms of socialization today Technology is neutr. Theear was 2046; the place the Capital of the State From a Chinese

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马伯庸(1980年11月14日-),本名马力,朋友惯称“小白”,赤峰人,中国大陸作家,曾就职于施耐德电气(中国)投资有限公司,人稱「網路鬼才」、马亲王、亲王。作品涵蓋歷史、科幻、影視評論等諸多領域。 Ma Boyong born 14 November 1980 is a Chinese novelist columnist and blogger In the year of 2010 he won People's Literature Prize one of China's most prestigious honorsHis short story The City of Silence was translated into English by science fiction writer Ken Liu