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Summary Cowboys Never Fold Poker Flat #1

F taking his clothes off but rather he investigates why Kendra s former horse managers abruptly leave the Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, establishmentKendra a former pokerxpert has no intentions of taking her clothes off The Family Plan either She s intent on opening a successful businessWade has a hard time keeping his mind on the job between sabotages on the business a list of suspects and no reason for formermployees to uit Kendra s sexy transformation into a cowgirl with clothes on distracts the missionfor both of themThis novella is packed full of conflicts and concerns for Kendra s business coupled by the immediate lust between Wade and Kendra Lust that turns to love I must say It s amazing how many times and variations of intense love making Wade and Kendra invent and while they re trying to solve the mystery surrounding the resortSometimes mixing business and pleasure can make a person A Family Practice extremely happy Cowboys Never Fold is a grand and fantastic story not to be missed from your book shelf or virtual library FREE on today 36202. Er Butven as his body and heart become involved new “unfortunate A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity events” occur to threaten the resortAs Wade draws closer to learning the truth his own truth is revealed Kendra will doverything she can to make her resort a success which could include letting him go To win her heart and save her dream he will have to go all in and that could mean baring than his sou.

Robably thinking this is a gambling casino or maybe a stud ranch But nope it s a nudist resort Former professional poker player Kendra Lowe along with her merry band of misfit Celebrity Bachelor employees are determined to make the resort successful but there is trouble brewing in this no laundry day needed resort Owing a debt to his best friend Wade Johnson has offered to take on the duties of stable master at the resort and do his best to determine why so manymployees are leaving Sparks fly when Wade and Kendra meetcould their lust for For Better and Worse each other grow into something stronger Or will the culprit sabotaging the resort succeed in tearing them apartLexi Post has written annjoyable romantic mystery with a different twist on the traditional cowboy setting Highly recommend Let s open the new year with a sure hit in romance Cowboys Never Fold by our classic rotic romance author Lexi Post A buff and handsome cowboy Wade Johnson is sent on a job at Kendra Lowe s soon to open nudist resort Wade has no intentions Ways But she’s his boss and giving in to temptation could mean jeopardizing her operation Something she refuses to doWade Johnson only agreed to work at Poker Flat because he owed his best friend a favor Now he has to discover why the last three stable mangers uit and fulfill the reuirements of his position while trying to keep his hands off the smart sexy unreadable own.

Kendra is opening a resort for nudist She has had a few mployees uit and many problems with the resort Someone is sabotaging her Enter Wade Sexy as sin cowboy and her new stable manager Wade has been sent to not only be the stable manager but to find out why the previous ones uit Wade decides that he is going to help Kendra find out who is doing this and Rescuing the Texans Heart ends up falling for his new boss I loved it It was witty It was sexy It was steamy It was laugh out loud hilarious I won this book from Lexi Post from a facebook book group and I am so thrilled that I did The writing is fantastic It completely held my attention I read at night before bed and I just didn t want to sleep afraid I would miss out on the fun The story was completely original and fun The mystery kept you guessing and I thought I had the villian pegged but my thoughts kept changing and that doesn t happen a lot Great story I loved it a lot I am alrea Giddy up for an interesting ride to Poker Flats With a name like that you are Former professional poker player Kendra “Night Owl” Lowe is determined to make her new Poker Flat Nudist Resort successfulven if it means relying on her own two hands and a few misfit mployees All bets are off however when Wade Johnson arrives her fourth stable manager in less than four months and her attention wanders to his broad shoulders six pack abs and polite.

Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author of romance inspired by the classics She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved From Edgar Allan Poe's short story “The Masue of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace she's read studied and taught wonderful classicsBut Lexi's first love is romance novels In an ef