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Ked by a former commander to run down a former member of their old unit who s gone rogue murdered several CIA agents and leaked classified information When they locate their former comrade the story he tells them is too crazy to believe Someone is plotting to overthrow the US government by a series of high level assassinations But their former comrade in arms is convincing What follows is an action packed pyrotechnic thriller in the hills of West Virginia I like Gilstrap s characters the humor he infuses his stories with and the way he moves his plot along While here his heroes never seem to be in any real danger the story is satisfying Not my favorite GilstrapGrave Digger novel More of a political thriller than what attracted me to Gilstrap s novels hostage rescue Other authors do a better job at the political thriller genre I used to love John Gilstrap s writing He used to be one of my must read authors In fact I still njoy reading some of his Modern South Asia earlier worksspecially Nathan s Run Yet something happened in his Jonathan Grave series that I subconsciously noted in Picture Theory earlierntries of the series but finally became intolerable in this book the curse of politics The contempt for liberals the never Ancestral Voices ending reminder from the majority of his characters that the real Americans don t live in urban areas but only in the heartland and rural areas just became intolerable When I spend my money on a thriller I want a compelling story not a polemic I couldn t concentrate or become interested in thevents of the story because of his chronic contempt towards those who were gullible And Bid Him Sing enough or only interested in freeloading and thus voted for Democrats If you can ignore the political bias of his story and characters this is actually an interesting story Unfortunately I couldn t and this story just fell flat for me I customarily look forward to Jon Grave and his merry band of heroesheroines but this book was a huge disappointment Aside from the familiar banter between Scorpion and Boxers killings justified by rescues and Venice s awesome intelligence. On the trail of his old friend Grave sets out to get to him first He finds far than he bargained for  Not only the wily operative butvidence of a conspiracy so dangerous so far reachi.

Was just ok Loved this series at one time but it s just not as good lately I ve always looked forward to new Jonathan Grave novels but was fairly disappointed in this one Mainly because of the overt political sniping in this one I uit reading Brad Thor for the same thing I read books to be Aristotle Detective (Aristotle entertained not to learn of the author s opinion on politics Plus thending was so unreasonable it was laughable John Gilstrap s tales of Jonathan Grave a former super secret commando and currently an off the books rescuer of hostages and the like can be frustrating Gilstrap s great at creating main characters that you like and want to read about and in 2015 s Against All Enemies he Bones, Clones, and Biomes even gives some depth and dimension to his villain He writes great action scenes crisp dialogue and funny buddy bickeringBut he also can be very talky and Enemies has that uality on 10000 candlepower display his heroes actually share many of the views of the villains who want to overthrow the government but their commitment to the rule of law and their ability to spot the flaw in the overthrow plan keep them on the side of the good guys Which they tell us over and over againSo when Grave and his main partner Boxers track down a former colleague who s gone rogue and find he s less of a problem than the people he was seeking out they have to suss out the proper course of actionven though it won t necessarily be the legal one That lets them lecture various and sundry characters including Bringing the Empire Home each other on why what they re doing is rightGilstrap also throws in some left turns in a couple of characters for what seems to be no real reason other than he can which jars the narrative and actually leaves a sour taste on what should be a much satisfying finale More than once Grave and Boxers have provided a high octane and satisfying thrill ride but with Against All Enemies as with too many of the series there arenough stumbles to make you wish someone would have tinkered with the motor a little bit Original available here Jonathan Grave and his trusty right hand Boxers are as. Jonathan Grave finds it hard to believe that a fellow combat vet has gone rogue killing American agents and leaking sensitive intel to hostile foreign interests With black ops assassins.

Throughout this action packed story was horrible Not only did Grave lack in his moral compass he charged into a compound of young gullible inexperienced soldiers who were not sure what they were fighting for All or most of whom were shot when reason might have been obtained and the actual targets or nut jobs caught I m surprised at the high reviews and ratings I ll keep reading this series but if future books in this series is anything like this one I m dropping it like a hot potato I hated it and for special reasons I will xplain so you will know if my hatred for it would affect whether you would like it or notWhen I read mysteries suspense novels or thrillers I am there for the story and not to be insulted politically by the author John Gilstrap was VERY heavy handed in his disrespect for women and his hatred for Democrats liberals and those who live in cities and not out in the sticks This guy is pure Republican with no respect for others who are different He doesn t seem to understand that Democrat liberal city types like myself make up the majority of readers in this country so attacking us hardly seems wise for a writer In fact I ll never ven try to read another of his books His attitude here is relentlessly hateful towards people like myself I am supposedly stupid because I am a Democrat despite my graduate degrees and not a real American because I have always chosen to live in large I have liked all the previous novels in the Grave series However the author used this particular novel as a platform to spout ridiculous political rhetoric The problem with that party that you rail against so Mr Gilstrap They re the ones who actually read so congratulations on alienating your audience And you ve just uit your day job Unfortunate because I will not buy Building the Cold War even one of your novels I hope reinforcing your old white man ness was worth the loss of revenue Despite the usual high octane scenes and the wonderful banter between Jonathan Digger Grave and his buddy Boxers I did notnjoy Book 7 There was little further development of the ma. Ng that an unthinkable tragedy is in motion Grave and his Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) elite team of specialists mustxpose a deadly high level secret and do it in time to avert a catastrophe of historic proportio.

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A little bit about my background I've always been a closet writer As a kid I lived for the opportunity to write short stories I was the editor of my high school newspaper for a while the Valor Dictus Robinson High School class of 1975 until I uit You can't fire me I uit over a lofty First Amendment issue that seemed very important at the time My goal in fact was to become a j