Ava Martell: First Man

35 forbidden starsThis was something a little differentThe writing has a poetic style really beautifulAdam is the son of an academic He s a lone wolf with a wanderlust he s seen everything and been everywhere and suffered profound losses by the time he s thirtyWe re inside his head for most of his story but once he meets Ember we hear their story from inside her head too By now he s a cynical high school teacher and she s his eighteen year old studentMuch of this story is introspective concentrating on what they re thinking and foreshadowing that moment when their affair is revealed Supremely well writtenErudite and compulsive You ust have to love the loversSadness becomes oy Well devloped characters and story line Just mildly erotic This book didn t really work for me The writing style was strange The story unfolded from such a detached point of view that I really never connected with any of the characters The first part of the story is Adam s relationship with Lily who dies while they are travelling abroad Adam comes to the states to put down roots and starts teaching at a high school There he meets and starts a relationship with Ember a senior and student in his class I think because I was so detached from the characters that that storyline ust felt icky I knew nothing going into this book except for the fact that there was a teacherstudent dynamic This book was so much than that It s a fast paced story about love loss and trying to find your home It was such a beautiful story that made me cry when I least expected it It Throw out the rulesLet the sparks flyAnd pray for a happily ever afterAdam Edwards drifts in the wide world searching for his next adventure When his ourn.

Hard to write a review for this because I don t want to give any of the story away so all I will say is that I loved this book it was beautiful and amazing and I highly recommend it Enjoyableuick read with a lot of heart and humor Plenty of heat and well done Teacher student romances can feel uestionable but this one was done extremely well Definitely worth reading on a rainy afternoon Well I loved this I thought it was weird at first how the book was broken into those two parts but it ended up being alright I wouldn t have minded less time on Lily and time with Ember but all in all I still loved it This book is nothing like what I would usually pick up and read It s not brash or dirty What this is is a beautifully written book that is almost poetic I had picked this up once before and I cannot fathom why I didn t finish it then whatever the reason I m ust grateful that I picked it up againThis isn t ust a story of forbidden love it s the story of Adam s life Of his passions and loses of happy times and heartbreak No it won t be for everyone it details his time before meeting Ember when he loved and lost Lily I had loved Lily and our common interests had drawn us together but Ember fit me in a way no one else ever had Lily had made me feel old Ember made me feel like myself It s unlike any studentteacher story I ve ever read but in the best way possible I will say again how beautiful the writing is here I ust wish we had We who clung to words and books like long lost friends made love in that half light silent except for our. Ey around the globe brings him to America he finds a love he never expects and a loss he can't endureEmber Pierson is 18 and counting down the days until

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Breath and the crackling music of the record There were no whispered declarations of undying love that night Even then we both knew that the stolen moments wouldn t last I was a teenager and he was a man so buried in loss and solitude that he d allowed himself to fall in love with me I tend to avoid books that make me feel other than humour and ya know dirty filthy things I thought I would Neimhaim (Neimhaim, just get a naughty story here and while Ember did seem to want Adamust for the challenge at the start you soon saw it turn into so much and it thawed my black frozen heart a little bit when things went South I was so close to leaking from my eyeballs with this one but the ending left me all huggy and toothy I am kind of disappointed in the way the book turned I had such expectations for the book because the description sounded interesting However it was not for me The characters were lacking for me The writing style was lacking as well The story was lacking and this is unfortunate because I usually love student teacher relationships However it was confusing and boring It is the kind of story that does not retain someone s attention Beautiful Story Age gap teacher student forbidden books old soul high school senior tragic and beautiful British English teacherwriter euals a tremendously satisfying love story happy sighs Just not sureI didn t hate it but I didn t love it either Ember seemed to be mature than Adam at times and the story was rushed in a the sense everything was stated almost skimmed over at times Had potential but ust fell short. Raduation frees her from small town life Everything changes when Adam rolls into town and takes a ob teaching high school English and Ember hatches a plan.