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Appear into a book and get a much needed break from reality This series has been on my TBR list for a few years now so I decided it was time to read them I loved Reese and Blake I did want to knock Blake up side the head of few times but thank goodness he finally came to his senses Him and Reese are perfect together dreamy sigh I do have to say that the stalker was definitely a creeper I did not see that twist coming My brain went in an ntirely different direction so I was like wait what The man definitely OBaby earned the title CREEPER I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series Injoyed this read but there were flaws along the way It is a nice concept but the story feels slow mid way through The reason for he need of protection seems to be forgotten often Then suddenly the danger pops up againReese is sweet too sweet at times I generally like her it s just the pageant girl stuff She is also shockingly naive at times Oh and I am not Nerds even going to get into the TSTLtoo stupid to live moments at thend Blake tends to run hot and cold it was hard to really get a bead on him I just kept thinking he was acting like a jerk why would she like him He does mellow out towards the Zack (Areion Fury MC end but you miss a lot of it because the story fast forwardsIt is a mixed narrative giving both leads POV which kind of put you in their shoes It goes a long way for keeping Blake out of my doghouse This romance is geared for the clean readers That is right kids no ding ding until there is a wedding ring Then the bedroom door is shut in your naughty face I listened to the audiobook narrated by Lesley Ann Fogle who does a great job She does a Southern twang on Reese that I was not always fond of It made her feel whiny Other than that she has a great pace and tone throughout the read She makes it a comfortable listen after you get used to that sugar sweet accentOverall Injoyed this read and would be interested to see what happens with the rest of the series I think the others are his brothers Could be intriguing readsDisclosure I received this audiobook in Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, exchange for an honest review All thoughts opinions and ratings are my own I was under no obligation to post a review or give positive feedback I hope this review was useful to you and helped your decision to read or not read this book I love reading and sharing my opinions with other readers I listen at double speed all my impressions of the narration are from that setting Thanks for taking the time to read my review You can see audiobook reviews on my blog wwweargasmsaudiobookreviewscom 45 I really liked this one and thought this was a fun series The author published the books in reverse order starting with book three Cassie s Cowboy Crave I admit when I first read that one I felt like I was missing something Each book focuses on a different brother andach help hide people in the witness protection program I think ContamiNation each book could probably stand on its own but I think they re a lotnjoyable reading them in order Now that book one is out and I ve finished it I think I ll go back and read the other two Anyway the book starts with Reese at a party where she is about to give over her pageant crown to the next winner when things go very wrong A gunmen who meant to shoot her shoots the other girl by mistake He gets away and she goes into hiding at a ranch in Montana That s where she meets Blake I liked Blake uite a bit specially his flirty side I thought they had fun chemistry and a nice love story The suspensemystery aspect is pretty minimal focusing on their growing relationship I did think things jump uickly from declaring themselves to marrying but I guess it worked for the story Overall I thought this was a lot of fun I like books like this that remind me of the fun dating times I had with my own hubby Sometimes its fun to live vicariously through fictional characters This is a fun series and one I d recommend Looking for something similar check out The Undercover Groom Bachelor Billionaire RomancesContentRomance Clean view spoilerLots of kissing mild moderate in steaminess and a fade to black wedding night I liked that they. H the ranch to give her a chance Blake Emerson has no time to go lookin' for love He's got a ranch to run positions to fill and an ache in his heart from love gone wrong So when he agrees to harbor a witness to help on the ranch Blake assumes his first two problems are

Best day ver This book was waiting for me when I first got up this morning I took the morning by mad rush to get all my must do items done so I could read Kimberly Krey is one of my all time favorite authors and very time a new book is released it feels like Christmas day Kimberly knows how to bring tension chemistry and sizzle to her books In this book the chemistry between Reese and Blake is utterly palpable I could feel it I call it the steam steam it s so fogged up I can t breathe steam Yeah The cool thing is that ven though there is chemistry sizzle and steam it doesn t over power the whole story The rush of adrenaline at the Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas end with the bad guy was great My heart was pounding throughout this book for many different reasons I loved Blake He is level headed responsible and well he is a cowboy I know I always say this but there is just something about cowboys Oh and a cowboy in mud Who knew it could be so hot Blake is all man but he is also a gentleman a protector That snough to make any woman gush Reese is a beauty inside and out Even when her world was turned upside down she was still pleasant and kind to others Her happy outlook was refreshing and made me love her So often I read books where bad things happen and the character becomes mean or jaded It was so nice to have Reese s personality shine through As stated above this is considered a clean romance book There are no The Magic Rolling Pin explicit sex scenes but there are some steamier kissing scenes There is also some mild swearing Romances are something that I typicallynjoy but all too often they are forgettable I can honestly say that my favorite romance Sierra by Taylor Dean is one that resonated with me and since that time no other book has gotten close to the Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, euphoria I felt as I read that book Until now This book isverything I love clean romance mystery comedy all rolled into one And I can honestly say that this book is just a notch below my favoriteWhen I call this a clean romance I mean that the profanity is nothing to speak of xtremely mild And there are no bedroom scenes In fact those Reese and Blake refuse to be intimate while not married Very rare in today s culture While I wouldn t necessarily classify this book as Christian there are several references to God and prayer The romance described within this book is some of the most swoon worthy I have ver read All too often I had to set the book down and just recover my breath Can a guy as wonderful as Blake xist Well he does in the pages of this tale And although this follows the typical romance formula the author does add a bit of spiciness here and there If you njoy romances this book is for youI was sent a copy of this book in The Unseen Wonder exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine Kimberly s books remind me a lot the books written by one of my favorite authors Marcia Lynn McClure There is a lot of passionate kissing and a few mild swear words but otherwise they are clean The characters are good people with good morals and values and they try to do the right thing When I m done reading I have my happilyver after and a smile on my faceThis book is 1st in the series but I read the series backwards because that is they way Kimberly wrote and released them If you haven t read any of the stories in this series then I recommend you start with this one but they really can be read out of order This was a fun story It had a very similar feel and format as the other books in the series had Nothing really original The Management Bible especially since I had already read the other two stories but it put a smile on my face Injoyed the developing relationship between Reese and Blake Reese had a lot of spunk to her which made their interactions fun to readIf you like me Zu schnell enjoy your romance on the clean side with a bit of sizzle then you should take a look at this seriesRating 45 Stars Highly recommendContent some mild language lots of kissing fade to black closed door sex between a married coupleSource com Kindle Download 45 StarsI reallynjoyed Reese s Cowboy Kiss Life has been a bit hectic and crazy lately so it was nice to dis. Texan pageant winner Reese Taylor has a former classmate who wants her dead Now she must leave her friends and family to Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enter a protection program on Emerson Ranch A group of good looking cowboys awaits her but Reese has herye on Blake Emerson the one man too busy wit.

Waited for marriage but I would have liked if they made a point about why they chose to wait hide spoiler Reese is adorable She is so sweet and naturally happy that ven a scary situation with a stalker doesn t keep her down for long I loved the I want to thank Kimberly Krey author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for the Book Kindle copy of Reese s Cowboy Kiss Witness Protection Ranch Style Blake s Story Sweet Montana Bride Book 1 that I won in the GiveawayIt all started for Reese Taylor that night she was to give up her title at a beauty pageant The new winner is shot by mistake and Reese goes into witness protection far from her Texas homeBlake Emerson Montana rancher has helped with witness protection before and was looking for hands when his uncle called about Reese He xpected a man instead of a beautiful woman She was to live in a house with him and his three ranch hands and the fun starts As they get to know one another he makes a comment about kisses feeling like a bit of heaven Reese s Cowboy Kiss feels just like heaven The romance is sweet including a good batch of mudThe killer is still after Reese and in Montana dressed as a woman when the story turns dangerous You will just need to read it to find out if the killer gets what he dreams of or does Reese Original tour stop posted here35 starsI really loved the first book I read from this series Cassie s Cowboy Crave which also has my favorite cover from this series The second book Jade s Cowboy Crush I njoyed but I didn t feel it had as much of the sass and humor as the first one Then we get to Reese s Cowboy Kiss which is really the first book in the series just written and released last and I loved that there was plenty of that sass and humor from these characters as the first book as well as plenty of sexual tension Oh boy was there Invisible (The Curse of Avalon ever Cassie s story will remain my favorite of the series but Reese s comes in nextThe first time Blake meets Reese I was already cracking up Hisxpectations were blown away Not in how you might be thinking He thought Reese would be a boy that could help out on the ranch and she definitely was not a boy No siree Then there were these three wild and jovial ranch hands who live in the basement of the ranch house while Reese and Blake live on the main level The dinners and Yummy Supper entertainment with those guys and Reese were great I loved how the camaraderie always rubbed Blake the wrong way He didn t want Reese at least that s what he tells himself but he doesn t want anyonelse to get her ither Reese was just really sweet and a Texan gal at that Blake was hard working and rough and rugged like he should be They found themselves in plenty of opportunities to push their relationship forward but both were a little worried about taking the next step with someone after Reese and no guarantee of how long she d ven be at the ranch It added some great tension and also some intimate moments of friendship between these too which I appreciated because they become friends before anything Deep Listening elseThis was a sweet romance It does get plenty steamy and pushed that clean line for me but was veryntertaining If you re looking for romance with some suspense and plenty of laughs and sizzle then you ll definitely like Reese s Cowboy KissContent Clean for the genre being Adult Romance There are some pretty steamy scenes and two closed door scenes with a married coupleSource From the author which did not affect my review in any way This is a well written and romantic love story with a bit of mystery and tension Reese Taylor is a beauty pageant winner with a rather dangerous secret admirer After he follower her to the rest room and killed someone that he thought was Reese the authorities sent her into witness protection Blake Emerson s uncle is sheriff in their town and he like to cooperate with the authorities and has agreed to host people in the witness protection program When he gets the call that Reese needs to be placed he thinks its a male and places Reese with his nephew Blake Emerson I loved the feel of the book Both Reese and Blake had baggage that they needed to get past before allowin. Olved But he never dreamed his new guest would be a woman One he was destined to lose his heart to With sparks burning hot and danger around the bend one uestion lingers in his mind Has he only added to his list of troubles or has Blake just found the woman of his dreams.

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