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The lack of spacing between jumps to different story lines made for some strange affs when reading Overall it was alright A little cheesy Ex football player tiny tough woman rebelling against their parents Okay This is the last book in this series and as I had not read any of the earlier books I was a little lost with all the connected secondary characters That was rectified in no time since the author had made it easy enough to connect the dotsWhen Peyton moved to Trinity Falls she wasn t expecting to fall in love with the town that uickly much less start having feelings for a certain journalist But he s invoked in her feelings that had never been felt bef I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest reviewI had not read either of the 2 previous book in this series and found myself a little lost in the mass of characters I was able to sort it out for the most part by the middle of the book I liked the small town setting and nice easy paced romantic aspect of the book I will be picking up the first 2 so I can Verdammt verliebt get a sense of the whole s aood read and likeable characters Fans of Regina Hart returns to Trinity Falls Ohio in Wishing Lake the third installment of the Finding Home series As the town prepares for the upcoming holidays and the installation of their new mayor Darius Knight becomes University Professor Peyton Harris will do whatever it takes to escape her overbearing socialite parents and the fiancé she can never love even if it means moving from New York to tiny Trinity Falls Ohio It’s a big step but when she finds herself working with the town?.

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He latest victim of a matchmaking scheme Darius the town s hard working newspaper reporter and most eligible bachelor avoids relationships after The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, growing up watching his parents uncaring and unfaithful relationship University Prof Peyton Harris relocates to Trinity Falls from New York Peyton wanted to make some changes in her life that included separating from her controlling parents and the man they wanted her to marry From their first meeting Peyton and Darius were attracted to each other yet they avoided each other until the matchmakers stepped in Hart is fantastic with bringing these characters to life Readers can easily put themselves in the place of Peyton and Darius as they try to separate themselves from their families They also must overcome stereotypes that they have created for themselves in order to open their hearts A bonus Hartives readers a chance to catch up with all of the towns favorite characters Readers will find themselves laughing at their favorite characters as they cheer for Darius and Peyton Hart is a Inverloch Volume 4 good writer with an evocative style It sreat that this is full of multicultural characters But I ave this 3550 stars because it s not really to my personal taste I find I like straight contemporary romance less and less and the romances are HFN than HEA which is not my personal preference Overall I think reade. ??s most eligible and marriage averse bachelor it’s just the first of manyJournalist Darius Knight has problems of his own His newly separated parents are driving him crazy and he’s been persuaded to co chair a fundraiser with Peyton that is obviously matchmaking in

Rs who enjoy the current small town romance series trend would like this very muchReviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine in the February 2015 issue MsLady Great story line Can t wait to read book 4 How did I miss this writer I m really enjoy her books 35 starsreview to comeWishing Lake the third book of the Finding Home series by Regina Hart finds the orgeous local reporter of small town Trinity Falls and the new history professor at Trinity Falls University learning to take risks in order to find love For Darius Knight success with long term relationships is non existent because I am thoroughly enjoying the different books in this series and was looking forward to Darius story Darius comes across as an individual who deflects attention and walks a fine line between control and lashing out I don t know how he has kept it together considering his upbringing and his selfish parents It is a ood thing he has ood friends and realized that most of his problems are his parents and has little to do with him it was a transformation of sorts for him to finding out that he really does have feelings and can love another He just had to risk his heart and trust Thankfully he ot it together at the end with Peyton who had her own parent issues I m so lad I found this author and have thoroughly enjoyed this small community of Trinity Falls Ohio. Isguise But soon enough their mutual attraction is obvious too The closer they et the they realize they have in common Are they brave enough to truly open their hearts by sharing their secrets and their fears When Peyton’s past shows up uninvited they may have no choic.

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Patricia SargeantRegina’s contemporary romances feature the franchise members and friends of the Brooklyn Monarchs a fictitious National Basketball Association team set in Brooklyn New YorkIn addition to Patricia Sargeant’s various pastimes and hobbies Regina loves football basketball and track and field—college as well as pros Her favorite teams are the New York Knicks New York Jets New York Giants Syracuse Orangemen and the West Virginia MountaineersRegina and Patricia love chatting with readers You can contact both at BooksbyPatriciayahoocom