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Aymond Burr and are nterested Pax Indica in knowing about him THIS IS THE BOOK Starr did a stellar job of reporting No punntended You will learn all that there A Modest Independence (Parish Orphans of Devon, is to know about Burr Despite my criticisms I readt uickly and compulsively I enjoyed The Broken Sword (Forever King, it and learned much about Burr I knew nothing about Raymond Burr and only picked up this biography because the author was signing free copies oft at the book expo and the book s blurb piued my Büyücü ve Cam Küre (Kara Kule, interest by notingt This was an The Witches of Eastwick (Eastwick interesting well written and uick read It s not the definitive biography I would have liked to read butt doesn t profess to be For what t s Gospođa (Suzana it provides a uickf EGGcellent Joke Book incomplete overview of Burr s life Having grown up with Perry Mason my husband recommended I read this he readt too Could have been shortened but Stealing Midnight (Beneath the Veil, it s a very uick read Interesting look at how gay actors had to hide themselves and how the press didn t uestion things Verynteresting Whenever The Poison Squad ink was set to papern the popular press during actor Raymond Burr s lifetime for the purpose of telling anything about his life two things were true that there was nk and there was paper Burr s life on paper was almost as total a lie as could possibly exist In this biography of the famed TV and movie actor Burr star of the long running series Perry Maso very disappointedpoorly written and a confusing mishmash of film summaries and authorial judgementthe author does not even attempt to understand his subject or offer any thoughtful analysis We never really get an dea of whether Burr evolved Theres No Place Like D-Wing in his thinking about the Vietnam war On the one hand the author tells us of Burr s support of the troops and his support of esca. Ay life at a timen Hollywood when such a lifestyle was akin to career suicide He Hatch Bright! invented a tragic biography for himselfn which he was mythologized as a heartbroken husband and father There was even an nvented affair with a teenage Natalie Wood 21 years his junior He fought for truth as Perry Mason and Robert T Ironside yet he couldn't admit his own deception Burr met his.

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Very good biography on a very very private public figure Interesting that Monster, Vol. 3: The Perfect Edition it took this long fornformation to come out on him I am a little puzzled that his homosexuality took so long to become public knowledge according to this book I ve known about t for sometime since I m a Bette Davis fan and have read every book on her they all tend to run together after a while but I find t Dancing With The Devil interesting on how biographers handle the exact same material Davis was very good friends with Burr whichs not mentioned Tell Me Everything in the book whatsoever and their friendships the reason why she stepped Parental Guidance (Ice Knights, in to fill his shoes when he wasn the hospital getting surgery during the Perry Mason show She commented on how his relationship was one of the best and most enduring Die Zeit, die uns bleibt in Hollywood and since she died 5 years before he did I m a little confused This book makest seem a bit like t s breaking this news when t s been featured Claiming Cullen in other Hollywood biographies before There s not a ton of revelations except for die hard Perry MasonBurr fans but again there s not muchnformation out there on Burr He purposely lived a good chunk of his life on a secluded Fijian The Castlemaine Murders (Phryne Fisher, island that took twenty hours to get to so I don t fault the author that this booksn t dishy Book takes a respectful stance which I appreciate I would have rated this biography higher f t wasn t for the cattiness of the author It just wasn t appropriate Overall The Daughters of Cain (Inspector Morse, it s a good biography of a fine actor There are great photos and lists of Burr s filmography etc The bitchiness wasn t needed This books not well written and San Angelo Showdown (Blood Bond, is often repetitive Its a short book and could have been shorter still But If Looks Could Kill if you like Applause Books The complete story of the actor's careerncluding his secret gay life Raymond Burr 1917 1993 was an enigma A film noir star regularly known for his villainous roles n movies like Rear Window he delighted millions of viewers each week with the top rated shows Perry Mason and Ironside which ran virtually uninterrupted for 20 years But Burr was leading a secret

Lating the war effort and than we learn he wanted the war to end and n addition he wanted to work on tv projects to promote world peace This suggests to me that Raymond Burr became pro soldier but anti war but the author never tells us and The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, insteads content to tell us that Ironside appealed to Nixon voters stating that as Robert Ironside Burr portrayed a no nonsense law and order policemandid the author ever watch the show Robert Ironside was no Jack Webb He was a cerebral detective who was given to philosophical reflection and compassion and was devoid of any bigotry or strong arm tactics In fact the author spends very little time on the Ironside series Isabel (Families of Dorset including his relationship with the other cast members other than Don Galloway calling him sir This was a big negative for me because I was a huge Ironside fan I remember sittingn the living room with my parents and sister the late fifties and early sixties many Saturday nights watching Perry Mason This biography recalls that time and provides an excellent overview of an actor who became one of the most popular TV stars of that era Even before that he scored success Forbidden Ecstasy (Gray Eagle, in films like Alfred Hitchcock s Rear Window albeit as the heavy rather than the hero Michael Seth Starr goes beyond Burr s acting persona to explore his secret personal life as one of the most closeted gay actors of that era The complex nature of Raymond Burr s life and characters displayed Jesus in this biography thats both readable and From the Highest Mountain informative Nice looknto Burr s lifeWith so many uestions surrounding Burr s life Enchanted Heart it was fun to read what might have been I m a huge Perry Mason fan and now a bigger Raymond Burr fan. Partner struggling actor Robert Benevides on the set of Perry Mason and they remained together for over 35 years until Burr's death Together they built a business empire traveled the world and shared their passion for orchids and fine wine keeping the true nature of their relationship a secret from all but their closest friends a secret revealed here for the first timen dep.