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Nineteen year old Chloe is uite happyHer mom and little sister are going on a school trip and she will have the house to herself for two whole daysShe doesn't ay much attention to a news report about a fugitive supposedly using hypnosis to control women She doesn't even believe it's ossibleRead this book if you want to see what happens to her as she finds out how wrong she wasThis story contains very explicit sex scenes and the complete hypnotic enslavement of a hot 19 year old.

GirlExcerpt “I have orders for when you come out of this trance Chloe”“Yes master I'm ready to accept your commands as my absolute truth”“From now on you will refer to me as Sir and be respectful to me at all times You will never respond to me in a rude or short tempered manner Understand” He asked resting his hands on her legs which were still spread over his lap with his limp member still resting comfortably in the warm depth of her wet snatch“I understand master?.

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?“Also” He continued “You will find you are not capable of making any independent decision without consulting with me first The only way you can make up your mind about anything is to seek MY approval Without it you'll go crazy trying to make the simplest decisions” He finished“Yes master as you wish”“Good I got hard again in your warm wet hole ride me until I climax inside of you again and you're not allowed to orgasm as unishment for not asking ermission before?.