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After doing a uick reread of book 1 I am glad I never forgot about this Umm im sorry another Sylvia Ryan book yeah gimme This book is about Jordan who is from the first book This book helps us understand why Jordan was so closed off in book one We also get into the CALM world BDSM and see how the aspects work for her why she needs it and what happens when she goes without it This story also throws in a special situation Shane and Patrick are twins born in the Sapphire Zone Patrick was also in Being Amber and was the guard Jordan spoke to get Jaci in from the Sapphire Zone to Amber During testing for the twins it was determined that Shane was fertile and thus deemed Amber and the twins were separated Shane was struggling dealing with losing his family and set off to destroy himself until he found BDSM and after awhile of being the submissive he became the dominant and took courses on CALM therapy Jordan s roommate is her dominant and keeps her balanced and helps her focus with work the resistance and scaping from her past Patrick hasn t been able to get Jordan out of his mind and the image of her gives him a constant hard on about her and learning she is leading the Amber resistance to overthrow the government and decides he will help the resistance and The Preachers Kid even gets his mom and all her friends to join in He gets it arranged so that Jordan can stay 2 days onach zone and rotate as some sort of work cause Patrick sends Jordan messages and they are freaking adorableJordan s roommate is murdered and Jordan loses her mind and isn t able to focus on life any she breaks glass and the shards that impaled her don t O Testamento even phase her Patrick coms Shane to find her and Shane realizes that she physically needs CALM to function Patrick allows Shane to be her Dom as long as he doesn t sleep with her because Patrick is in love with Jordan SexPDA is a rare occurance in Sapphire and when Patrick kisseshas sex with Jordan it is so beautiful it hurts As time goes on she falls in love with both men and they with her and she decides she isn t going to choose one brother over the other This one is a lower rating than the others I think for the fact the resistance was a small part of the story and I like that it s a bit different from Amber HEA can be a stand alone MM MFM BDSM We met Jordan in Being Amber the first book in the series Jordan is third in command in the Resistance and is a strong female it s seems like nothing will keep Jordan down Patrick O Connor is a guard at the border between Amber and Sapphire and he is designated Sapphire which means he cannot be in contact with anyone in the Amber Zone which includes his identical twin brother Shane At the very beginning you can feel the heat between Jordan and Patrick and it s not coming from the building that is on fire Patrick becomes very important to Jordan as well as the Resistance and when he finds out that something major has occurred henlists the help of his identical twin Shane Now poor Jordan has to deal with two hot O Connor menboy some girls have all the luck It was great to see how this powerful woman needed different things from both of these men and one of them being some BDSM play HOT HOT HOT I read the Gangbang Slut epilogue at Ryanbooksnet but I waited until after I read Being Emerald and I am glad I did because they have a few spoilers in themI would like to Thank Sylvia Ryan for giving me a copy of this book to read and review for her See this full review on GraveTells here live 2115 As I finished thepilogue for Being Sapphire available on Sylvia Ryan s website tears literally streaming down my face all I could think was Wow Just wow What a great story in what is shaping up to be a truly One Con Glory epic series Considering this is only book 2 of what is likely to be a trilogy and being such a big fan of scifi and fantasy where a story arcing over a mere three books long is barely considered a series I don t use the wordpic lightly If you haven t read Being Amber the first book in this series you must start there Skipping that story will rob you of the relevant and absolutely necessary Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows experience of life in New Atlanta so you can fully immerse yourself in the gravity of the situation these people lived throughWhere Being Amber chronicles the conception and infancy of the Amber resistance against the oppressive dictatorship parading as the Gov Being Sapphire follows the first steps to freedom the start of a new way of life and the growth of the uniue three way relationship between Jordan Ford and twin brothers Patrick and Shane O Connor For those of youither looking for a true menage story or worried about twincest let me just say upfront that this story respects the bond of the brothers meaning they do not have a romantic or sexual relationship with one another and showcases the heart s ability to love in different varied sometimes shocking ways Most of the bedroom action in this book is mf as Jordan splits time between them through her organization of the Resistance in the Sapphire and Amber zonesOne of the things I love most about the New Atlanta series is how Ms Ryan spins such a believable realistic tale The balance between the romantic relationships the delicate vulnerabilities of the human psyche and the lasting impact that seemingly small decisions have on the political climate of the story universe is perfect I m a fairly harsh critic of romantic stories and I cannot imagine a ideal and relatable way to tell this incredible tale It is an inspiring journey through the heart of a very necessary revolution and the inevitable personal sacrifices the characters must make Ms Ryan doesn t handle her story with kid gloves nor does she subject her people to unnecessary suffering for the sake of manufactured drama seriously major kudos for that This is an author who takes care in The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) establishing a solid trust with her readers veryarly in the story and never takes advantage of that fragile bondBeing Sapphire had me gasping in shock at some of the Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, events suirming along with the heroine in her punishments and wanting to high five Jordan in her triumphs She is perfectly complimented by twin brothers Shane and Patrick O Connor who while sharing a deep twin bond and having grown up together are as different as night and day when it comes to their interactions with her and how they support her seemingly conflicting personal needs I won t divulge Jordan s history here but she needs the security and structure she finds under Shane s hands as her dominant asually as she craves the lighthearted love and total acceptance she gets from Patrick As a woman she is strong and independent the kind of character who is A Fairly Honourable Defeat easy to identify with that you cheer for over thentire book Don t forget to read the pilogue to the story on Ms Ryan s websiteThis second book in Sylvia Ryan s post apocalyptic dystopian romantic New Atlanta series is a beacon of love and acceptance hardship and personal sacrifices and mbracing the courage that lives deep inside yourself There are no zombies or mutants here just victimized people whose ancestors survived a harrowing holocaust and now live under the repressive rule which was originally necessary to save the human race from Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue extinction Being Sapphire makes me feel 10 feet tall as if I m right there with Jordan in her triumphs and heartbroken as she struggles to accept the reality of her situation It has been a long time since a book or series left me simultaneously in tears and glowing with pride Even if you think dystopian is not your thing you absolutely must read this book and this series by Sylvia Ryan It will lift your spirits and inspire you to become a better you someone who truly makes a meaningful difference in the lives of othersYou may also like the Beyond series by Kit Rocha and the Metamorphosis series by Lauren Dane. Ring if she can survive her next mission the revelation of her secrets and being torn between two men who loveach other than they love herCONTENT WARNING Contains The Man Without a Face explicit sexual language and content mfm andlements of BDSM that may be objectionable to some reade.

I am thoroughly njoying this series I can t wait for the next bookI only have one complaint about the books in this series That is that the pilog isn t part of the book In order to read the Gone (Gone, epilog you must go to the author s web site then to the series page I read my books on my tablet and the browser on my tablet couldn t get to the series page I decided to go with a 4 rating with this story and I think a large part of that is my fault I have not read book 1 in this series and I recommend reading it first because I think a lot of the back story for New Atlanta and the whole world in general must be laid out there We start out thrust right in the middle of a climatic situation which is a good way to meet the characters but I felt lost for a while trying to figure out what was going on The first part of the book was all about the resistance missions and the harshnvironment itself Then when we learn about Jordan s issues the book turns to be solely about her and the missions get thrust to the background I felt some important resistance details were skimmed over and Jordan s issues were all that were addressed As far as the love story between the characters that was hot Shane s ability to deal with Jordan s issues was kind of heart stopping I couldn t help but get a little teary in places This was really a great story and I could say so much about it but I don t want to give any of the good details awayjust read it But start with book 1 I am putting this series on my read list and will plan on reading book 1 and then continuing the story this new world is really intriguing REVISIONI Read and then reread this book 31715I definitely recommend reading book one of the series first I am changing my rating to 5 stars A few things I had confusion about are now clear I am hooked on this series and will be reading book 3 asap 4 stars Full review originally published on 2414 at twimom227comI m a big fan of Sylvia Ryan I read a novella by her several months ago and I just adored her voice I liked the way she was straight forward about difficult subjects Being Sapphire just solidifies my opinion of Ms Ryan s writing As the second title in her New Atlanta series it was my first venture into the series and I felt as though there was Threads Of The Shroud enough detail to jump in where I was 4 45 starswarning this review may be considered a bit spoilerish as I tell who Jordannds up with which seems pretty obvious to me butThis was a really good story I liked Jordan Patrick and Shane and really liked their story This was a really good addition to the series The romance between the three is concluded at the All Seated on the Ground end of this story but the revolution is still in full swing so I can t wait to see what happens to Rock in Being EmeraldThis story takes place in a world where a deadly influenza has killed most of the inhabitants of Earth 3 cities were rebuilt by the US Gov afterwards and re population restrictions were put in to place by the Gov to control what gets passed on including sterilizing citizens that have genes carrying certain diseases The sterilized are sent to the Amber Zone where they don t control much in their life but try to make the best of it and find pleasure where they can The other 3 zones Sapphire Emerald and Diamond have a better standard of living but they suffer in their own ways and also grow weary of the domination of the GovJordan was born in the Amber zone and grew up in bad conditions with parents that neglected her when they weren t abusing her She s not a girly girl and tends to be tough than anythinglse because she s rarely had anyone to depend on Jordan isn t real social and has only recently made her first real female friend Jaci the heroine from Being Amber Jordan works as a cop in the Amber zone and is partnered with Xander Jaci s boyfriend She s also one of the leaders of the recently formed resistance that s trying to take back their lives from the GovPatrick and Shane are twins that were born in the Sapphire zone When it came time to get their designation it was found that Shane was sterile from a childhood illness and so he was sent to the Amber zone This was a horrible thing for both twins because they have a connection that s soul deep and they feel the need to be around Untitled. each other like a pull they can t resist and it just makes things harder as they try to go on with their livesSince Shane was sent to the Amber zone Patrick hasn t been happy with the Gov and things have just getting worse the last few years The Gov starts increasing the restrictions in their lives and between bullies for guardsmen and rumors of horrible things the Gov is doing to people that have started disappearing people are getting scared When it becomes apparent that there s a resistance starting in the Amber zone Patrick is very interested in helping and starting something on the Sapphire side as well Shane has gotten hard since he was sent to the Amber zone He not only lost Patrick and his family he got shoved in to a whole new way of life as the Amber zone is much different than the Sapphire His depression over the split from his brother didn t help and he had trouble dealing with his anger and depression Hended up being helped by the CALM protocol Basically it s using BDSM to Wiring enable people to releasemotional pain through the Against All Odds endorphin released when theyxperience physical pain After he was helped so well by the protocol Shane decided to take the class on how to be a dominant in the CALM protocol so he could help others that need itThe story begins with Xander and Jordan having just blown up the sterility center for the Amber zone the place where women are sent by the Gov to be forcibly sterilized Jordan is almost caught by guards that answer to the Gov but is saved by Patrick Jordan doesn t understand why he helped her since he s a Gov guard that s from the Sapphire side but she remembers him from a previous meeting a few months before and is thankful he helped her out Before she goes once it s safe Patrick tells her he d like to help with the resistance and asks her to come back the next night so they can talk further He also makes his personal interest in her very clear Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage even though he shouldn t because personal relationships of any kind aren t allowed between people from different zones Jordan isn t sure what Patrick has in mind but gets agreement from the other resistance leaders to meet with him and see what can be set up to help the resistance movement Before the meeting can take place theyxperience bad times as the Gov sends guards to the Amber zone and kills a bunch of innocents as retribution for the fire at the sterilization center Unfortunately Jordan s roommate who is the person she s closest to is one of the people killed by the Gov Jordan does make her meeting with Patrick and it starts the cooperation going on the resistance front Patrick finds out about Jordan s loss and contacts Shane tells him briefly about Jordan and asks Shane to check on her and stay with her to make sure she s alright Shane The DOS ends up joining the resistance as well and is assigned to keep Jordan safe Patrick manages to arrange a way for Jordan to go to the Sapphire zone for a couple days to help organize the resistance communications and such between the Amber zone the Sapphire zone and the Emerald zone the Emerald by connecting with Rock who was sent there from the Amber zone in Being Amber While there thingsscalate between Jordan and Patrick and they take their relationship to the physical level while making a deep connection on an Against All Odds emotional level as well Jordan is a bit freaked out by this because she s never been one to gain love notven from her parents when she was growing upThings are arranged so Jordan can cross over between the Amber and Sapphire zone with Patrick s help and help run the res. Jordan Ford has struggled against all odds to become third in command of the Resistance Her goal is ousting General Morgan from power and nding the Repopulation LawsWhen Jordan runs from her first act of sabotage straight into Patrick O’Connor’s arms she was sh.

Istance movement on both sides spending 2 days on one side and then 2 on the other Just before this starts though Jordan has a breakdown Jordan s roommate was her Dom and helped her through the CALM protocol and since he died and she s been under stress things just got worse for her When she breaks Shane is able to help her through his training in the CALM protocol He knows he ll fall in love with Jordan by becoming her Dom but he s prepared to do it to help her Shane goes to Patrick and xplains things to him and Patrick does his best to understand and he doesn t completely get it but he accepts it although he made Patrick promise not to have sex with Jordan The next month or so is spent with Jordan going back and forth between the zones and men Jordan soon falls for both the men and I have waiting months to for the release of Being Sapphire so when the opportunity to review was presented to me I jumped This series just keeps getting better Wow I am speechless Jordan s story is at first glance so tough and strong but the further you get in the Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils emotionally raw and fragile you find her to be There is so much going on between her Patrick and Shane really I didn t know which twin to root for The characters whether main or secondary really make this story come to life A big thanks to the author for carrying over all the characters from the first book and no losing them to thether It s nice to see how things have played out for them I look forward to reading about them in the next book Let s not forget what is going on in the Zones Even the zones felt like they had their own lives Where in the first book we are introduced to the zones and the purpose for them here we learn in depth details Can we say the grass isn t always greener The sex in Being Sapphire includes MM MFM BDSM and toy play Now while there are these aspects they have all been written very tastefully so it s less of a shock and of a journey I do feel the need to touch on Ms Ryan twist on the BDSM aspect It was fantastic Without doing any spoilers I have to say I have never seen an author approach it in such a way The Payment Due expect Ds and pleasurepunishments are all there but it s the purpose behind all of it that blew me away I have now read several of Ms Ryan s books and I have found her to be a complete gem This series was my first introduction into dystopia genre and while I tried reading other similar books no others had the special oomph I found in Ms Ryan Anyone who hasn t read her books needs to right away Being Sapphire as well as the first book in the New Atlanta series can be read as a stand alone without losing to much However to get the fullffect and to have a complete understand of what is going on both books need to be read This series and author are on my Top 10 list for this year so you better believe I am recommending Being Sapphire Now for the hard partwaiting for the next bookI received this book from JeepDiva for the Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, express purposes of an honest review The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensatedStars 5 Flames 4 ARC received from the author inxchange for an honest reviewBeing Sapphire is the second book in Sylvia Ryan s New Atlanta series I loved the first Being Amber so when asked if I wanted to read the secondI jumped at the chanceThis is Jordan s story We met Jordan in Amber as she and Jaci became friends Rising from a rough past as an abused child Jordan is now 3rd in command under Xavier and Rush in the Amber resistance At first glance Jordan is a tough cop and rebel Her childhood has left its scars though and she needs intense therapy to help her cope Through her relationship with twins Patrick and Shane O Connor she is able to fulfill all of her Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, emotional needs and soon realizes that she is in love with both of them Ms Ryan has once again delivered a beautiful love story set against a harsh dystopian world The book has a bit ofverything romance action and some very steamy scenes I love that the sex doesn t overpower the plot The sex is well placed and just The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, enough to offset the brutality of the society Characters are well developed and we get glimpses of Jaci Xavier and Rock whose story is next I particularly loved Kate O Connora fiesty strong Irishwoman who leads a band of determined Sapphire women Topped off by a somewhat bittersweetnding this was a very satisfying read4 stars Love a kinky m nage where twin brothers share a woman they love This story is one to read Ms Ryan returns to the New Atlanta world with information about the Sapphire and Onyx zone Be forewarned after reading this one there will be an intense desire for the next book in this series This is a must read series for those who love dystopian themesJordan Ford is the main character in this story She s a tough cop from the Amber zone and a high rank in the resistance In the first series the readers met Jordan who came across a bit cold Now the reader learns about Jordan s past It isn t pretty Ms Ryan does an Turbulence excellent job of showing the reasons to why Jordan reacts the way she does What may come as a surprise based on her previous stance on Ds and SM is her need for BDSM sessions Ms Ryan showsxactly how Jordan relates to BDSM which is renamed to CALM therapy While I may not agree to using BDSM as a form of psychological treatment in this story it works What I really wish is this CALM therapy is deployed in our world If it can be as accepted as it is in the Amber Zone I d be in heaven What I really Tropical Bioproductivity enjoyed about this tale is the relationship between Jordan and the twins Shane and Patrick The chemistry is definitely there between Jordan andach of the brothers In addition the sexual tension is so strong I could feel it I love when I can feel a strong Elizabeth Ann Seton emotion in a book The conflict in this story isn t just about the horrible treatment of people by the corrupt government It s the self acceptance Jordan must achieve Yes she s torn between the two brothers because theyach represent a side of her personality which she cannot integrate into a whole It is painful at times to see her struggle The reader also Die Postmoderne Konstellation experiences the helplessness through theyes of Shane and Patrick as they both try to meet her opposing needs It s uite fascinating to watch as the relationship with Folk Tales From the Soviet Union each brother separated by the two zones grows Who will Jordan choose Will she go with the steady sweet love of perfect Patrick Or will she succumb to the seduction of sinful Shane I know which one I would choose but that s because I m bias in favour of the kinky stuffThe BDSM in this story is complex then the last one I reallynjoyed it I liked the protocols and rituals Ms Ryan introduces to help Jordan have a touchstone The Ds in this story is a fantasy come true to someone like me Shane is a dominant I would submit to in a heartbeat He also Ulysses and the Trojan War enjoys incorporating impact play with bondage He does it all His BD is simple andffective He s clear with his instructions and he understands Jordan Some of the sex scenes in this story are smoking hawt Find a towel because it may cause spontaneous pussy leakage One wonders what Ms Ryan will reveal to us in her next book Will there be intense BDSM One can only hope My guess is it will involve the Emerald Zone and hopefully about the Onyx This smexy book is highly recommended to kinky readers who love a strict and Tall, Dark Rich exacting Dom I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review Buddy Read with my Sassy SashaRead with my Sasha 3 45 Po and Jo Stars This book was on my 2015 Reading Challenge which was books I have been meaning to read and just kept placing them on the backburner The first group contest Iver won involved being amber which wasis the first book in this series I decided with the 3rd book set to release this year I would have to read it and. Ocked to find an ally instead of The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles enemy Thentire O’Connor clan including Patrick’s twin Shane is recruited into helping Jordan build the Sapphire Zone ResistanceSoon she finds she can't fight her attraction to ither of the O’Connor brothers and is left wonde.

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