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Ret he oves his sister but you really get to see their bond first hand here And we also get to meet the infamous Jared My one complaint is that this novella seems to be cut short It just ends I really wished it would have covered up until Jared s death but it was still enjoyable and a good addition to the series I m SO glad the author wrote this novella because the moment these characters are introduced in the first book Defiance you are wanting to know their story I A Celtic Miscellany love Willow uinn Jared and I m so glad this book was written to fill in some blanks I really enjoyed this uick read Now this series is officially over for me which sucks because I reallyove this whole world This was a very interesting insight into uinn Willow s character especially uinn s We know from the first novel that they were cast out of their village because of something they did and that it was this dark secret but here we get to see who why how and what the conseuences were for them as characters We also get to see a bit of Jared and how they came to meet I felt for them and I was glad for them to escape the horrible condition they were in but it s sad that they were punished for it I m curious to see what will become of them in the next installments and what their plot will be Outcast is the very much awaited novella featuring our dear uinn and his sister Willow s story before they meet Rachel and Logan and become allies This is the story of why uinn understands how broken Rachel can be and how both he and his sister got exiled from their tribe and came to meet Rachel s daduinn has always been a very interesting character and we knew there was a ot to his past than what he himself or his sister had revealed before both about what caused their exile and why uinn refused to kill when fighting and in this novella we find out exactly how horrible their childhood was being trained to be killers with the excuse of being defenders and how abusive their relationship with their father wasWe see uinn from feeling ike what they re doing is wrong to finding the strenght to face his father and try to put a stop to his madness when he thinks of protecting his sister and finds an unexpected ally on Rachel s father when Jared stumbles onto the village s perimeter trying to hide from Rowansmark agentsFor a short novella this one packs a really emotional punch and we find ourselves Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, loving and understanding much better both uinn and Willow and even get ail better understanding of what a good man Rachel s dad was One of those novellas that are a joy to read even with the tough themes in it which earns it 5 stars. Rotecting” the Tree Village any Willow isWhen Jared Adams a courier from the nearby city state of Baalboden is caught traveling too close to their borders Willow is ordered to torture him for information But uinn knows that Jared doesn’t deserve torture or death And he realizes he has to take actionor the fate chosen for Willow and himself by their father will remain carved in stone.

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Outcast is the story of how uinn and Willow were cast from their village It is a short preuel story to the Defiance series Since I The Culture Code liked uinn in the story I wanted to read a story from his point of view It is very short just ten chapters that comes out to about eighty pages It was fun to see an earlier story about the world and I am glad I took the time to read Outcast This was an interesting preuel to the series I didn tike how Banish Clutter Forever long it was before I knew the name of the main character uinn but I think I understand why it was written that way I also feltike I appreciated it after I read the first book With it being a novella I felt ike I didn t really know the characters or what was going on until the end But if I had read the first novel first although this is a preuel and that wouldn t fit the timeline I would have had a better understand about who the characters were I have to say though it gave me a ton of background information and understanding of uinn and Willow when I did come across them in Defiance All of CJ s books are magic Great background story Wish ir had been onger 25 starsShort story from uinn POV This happen before Defiance Willow him still The Billionaire Daddy live with the Tree people their father is still alive and is a total asshole I mention in my review of the books series that the villains are all the same well this happen again hereWe get toearn how the two met Jared Adams and why uinn doesn t want to carry a weaponI found this Pistols for Two little novella pretty useless since this is all things weearn in the book series AH WHAT A TRAGEDY AN ABOSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING READ 1 I don t know who is foolish enough to approach our village but I m sure of one thing None of them are going to survive the nightI m also sure that Eliah was wrong I m not brave at all I m trapped Willow is trapped and every time I give in to my father I come a Stronger little bit closer toosing what Loss (Gus Dury, little I haveeft of myself2 Then I turn a page and read a poem whose ast ines stop me cold Drawing in a breath of chilly air I speak the words aloud while my heart picks up speed Our echoes roll from soul to soul And grow for ever and for ever My throat closes as the memory of slashing the unarmed highwayman s throat fills me What are my echoes What mark am I Alacrity (Illumine, leaving on this world to roll soul to soul growing forever3 I can t tell her she s right I can t put into words the fear that haunts me when I see how easily she obeys Dad How uickly she shakes off the things she s done in the name of protection Instead I say We have to stop this We have to stop him Hell there s no doubt No doubt that if I was uinn Runnin. A thrilling dangerous adventure this preuel novella to CJ Redwine’s Defiance and Deception features uinn a popular character from the seriesuinn Runningbrook knows a hundred ways to kill a man and make it hurt He can track ambush and torture his prey with terrifying skill justike his father taught him But every kill consumes another piece of him and uinn ongs to stop to save himsel.

Gbrook the prime male character and my sister was Willow I would do everything from my behalf to protect her from becoming a beast ike uinn s father Believe me in some point I wish I could hold her or say to hug her and tell her that nothing to fear my Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, little bird I will protect no matter what no matter what it might cost Even if it s myife I would never careNow who was thinking the fact that Willow too on herself trying to protect her brother uinn to become a monster Arnhem like their father It sike they both feared that the two of them in some point would Fitness for Living lose their sane mind and become a worthless cold blooded killer I would definitely without any uestionove to kill this kind of sick minded beast I could feel the helplessness of uinn when he was forced to kill an unarmed man when the man still begging for his Love Is Blind life It is too much to bear too much to bear the agony and the desperate stare of that victim man He of course didn t deserve to dieThe father of uinn and Willow or say the cold hearted monster was theeader of their village Who only means to harm and kill innocent people who in one hand in rule tried to established his supremacy above all But of course everything has it s end in a final day And in the end thus what exactly happenedIn a ong time of my reading journey I haven t read a book preuel actually uite ike this I am happy that I finally found it and read itThanks to the Author CJ Redwine uinn is hands down one of the most intriguing characters in this series Him and sister Willow seemed to have come out of nowhere with a uestionable past but also with a fierce oyalty to Rachel because of her father When I saw that there was a novella centered around uinn I knew I had to read it Hints of his father s brutality are scattered throughout the first two books but we really get to see it here Charged with the protection of their tree village uinn and Willow were raised on how to kill intruders But as uinn got older he started to see the darkness in his father and now instead of waiting for intruders he s happy to go ooking for them And a uick killing isn t sufficient their father relishes the kill and drags it out for his enjoyment uinn sees all this and knows that he doesn t want this Connexity life for himself or his sister but he also sees no way outThen aone straggler appears and uinn thinks he s found the solution to his problems Bring this man back as prisoner and force his father into action so the Elders can see how bad he is And his plan workssort of I enjoyed this novella I A Personal Influence liked seeing things from uinn s POV because he s always been such a mystery It s no sec. F and his sister Willow from becomingike his father a man who kills for entertainmentBut when uinn refuses to torture a group of trespassers caught too close to the Tree Village where his family ives and instead kills them uickly he disobeys a direct order from his father and Willow is forced to do it instead Suddenly uinn isn’t the favored apprentice to the family business of “p.

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