Chautona Havig: The Diary of a De cluttering Junkie

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T cat I loved this realistic relatable deep funny story of one woman s decluttering journey Very informative inspiring and humorous Motivating both materially. B finds himself befuzzled as Sophie hides new skills from the rest of the family making him look a little crazy in the boys' eyes But when everything goes

I finished this yesterday and realized I didn t have the rest on my Kindle Need the rest Thankfully I have it in my library Hilarious But they still have tha. Episode Four With Purrlock on probation Kaye tackles the boys' domain Walls of toys and wails of boys combine ntil she feels like the household pariah Jaco.

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And spiritually The ongoing story is keeping me interested The junkie learns she needs to respect her sons when she cleans out their room without their input. Rong with a freezer cleanup project will Kaye's de cluttering plans come to a screeching haltThe Diary of a Decluttering Junkie is a six episode serial nove.

fingers skittle across the keyboard Stop Eyelids blink over the topOh was this bio day Oops I forgot I was lost in my latest manuscript Umm bio YeahHi I’m Chautona Havig for those who care that’s Shuh TONE uh HAVE ig Yeah Just work with me here I should have used a pseudonym but when you grow up with a name like Chautona it kind of sticksLet us hold fast the confession o