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MsGravitt does an extremely good job The Taste of Spruce Gum of showing how uickly justice can turn into injustice byver riding the rights f the accused to politically accommodate a public prejudiced mob I ve read ther books She Stoops to Conquer over the years that describe the incident that killed Margaret Mitchell and if a person will apply logic and common sense to what Ms Gravitt has provided in her book none can dispute the fact there was a cover up Ms Gravitt puts her CSI like skills to use tracking down the truth behind this aged mystery drawing not Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile onlyn her Father s account but n riginal crime scene reports photograph and psychological studies she makes an irrefutable case She reveals gaping holes in the The Dandy and Lady Penelope original investigation and in my mind cleared her Fatherf any wrong doing Very well written and researched book Without reservation ne f the best can t put it down books I ve ever read Anyone who is a Gone With the Wind fan this is a very gripping and disturbing tale and has many twists and turns I recommend this book highly While I commend Ms Moulder for writing this book to clear her father s name there is no Multi-Family Therapy one alive to defend John and Margaret It is a hard book to follow along given that it hadn t gone though an editor July 8 2013Reviewf Bargain with the DevilAuthor Gloria Gravitt MoulderMy interest in the death National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of Margaret Mitchell was sparked as a young child growing up in Georgia I was born in 1953 4 years after her death Older relatives neighbors and friends would sit around discussing her death as I was growing up and with the inuisitive mindf a young child I found what they were saying interesting enough to listen in They talked about how the taxi cab driver Hugh Gravitt some f which knew him as this was a small southern town where everyone knew everyone was not a drinker because f his health and how the newspaper articles had written he was drunk and speeding when it wasn t true I verheard many things about how the media was wrong regarding the circumstances f her death Some speculated she committed suicide A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged others suspected her husband pushed her in frontf the car Mr Gravitt was driving All commented that both Margaret and John were drunk and jaywalking across Peachtree StreetI read the book Gone with the Wind when I was 13 and went to see the movie in 1969 at the Fox theatre with friends I cannot relate how this impacted me I became interested in all I heard as a child again and Think good thoughts about a pussycat over the years have read many articlesn the subject One, Two, Three Me of Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh I never believed the stories about Hugh Gravitt being at fault in her death as a resultf all those conversations I had verheard by my elders as a childGloria Gravitt Moulder the daughter f Hugh Gravitt has written the perfect book called Bargain with the Devil with facts derived from her Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos own fathern his death bed I could not put this book down I read it in ne day It has confirmed everything I heard from people who suspected in the few years after Margaret Mitchell s death what actually happened Thank you Mrs Moulder for your courage in bringing your father s version to light after all his suffering from 1949 to his death Also for confirming my beliefs in what I heard growing up as this was nly suspicion until I read about your father s versionKathy. This book is not about Scarlett Rhett the Civil War Tea for Ruby or it's aftermath It is about a bargain made by Margaret Mitchell the famous authorf Gone With The Wind that eventually led to her death and how it impacted the life f Hugh Dorsey Gravitt and his family It's about manipulation psychopathic behavior sexual deviance and a murder that was made to look li.

Whiten621 Brighton DriveLawrenceville GA 30043404 516 0623 I read this great book in ne evening Wonderful I had heard that there was to the story about Margaret Mitchell s death than people were told Thank you Gloria for a great book and God bless your dad who went through so much here n this earth This book did a wonderful job f keeping my interest It left me wanting I now want to research Margaret Mitchell I normally don t review books but in light f the importance f this book to the literary world and my dear love for it I am compelled to go I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 outside my normal routineI am a nurse which gives me a medical understandingf what you are seeing when you look at the photo The Whistle Pig of Margaret Mitchell laying face downn Peachtree st A EMT r Paramedic s first duty is to take a victim s vital signs and then render whatever first aid is necessary to stabilize the patient This Paramedic is standing rendering no medial aid It is evident that Margaret Mitchell is dead Trama victims are immobilized and prepared for transport even in 1949 And according to the photo and MrGravitt s statement she recieved neither medical aid r immobolization for transport Bargain with a devil by Gloria Gravitt Moulder proves to me The Mitchell Tragedy did not happen they way the public has been lead to believe I would have rated this book much higher if possible for not nly it s historic value to the world butthe much deserved forgiveness to the Gravitt family for the terrible stigma placed n it By lying politicians and a public too eager to condemn Rest in peace Mr Gravitt I believe that there could be few tragedies greater than being convicted and sentenced to prison for a crime you knew in your heart that you did not commit nor the anguish and stigma that is extended to the innocent family who are involved in the situation The injustice Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of it would burn in your consciousness cryingut for absolution for the truth to be told Only the na ve believe that the judicial system is fool proof we see examples A Stepdaughter In Heat of its failings than we d like to admit Some people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and at times people with notoriety power and means canutsmart the process sloughing ff the responsibility and blame n a hapless sourceGloria Gravitt Moulder has written this book to tell her father s story and clear his name by revealing the true source Rufus of the tragedy in which his vehicle wasnly the instrument used to cause the victims death not the true reason behind it Bargain With A Devil is not nly the poignant story f Hugh Dorsey Gravitt who was sentenced to prison for causing the death You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series of Margaret Mitchell Marsh a celebrity known as the authorf Gone With The Wind It s about the lives f Margret Mitchell Marsh and her husband John Marsh it is the result f painstaking research which reveals their destructive life style Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of deceit manipulation psychopathic behavior sexual deviance and alcoholismMoulder has painstakingly researched andbtained documents that do support her work and they reveal a story f corruption injustice and abuse that is hard to deny The information in this book is shocking and heart wrenching This is a peek into the world behind the scenes in the lives f a proudly acclaimed couple who portrayed ne image to the Ke an accident false imprisonment alcoholism medical malpractice attempted suicide the hardship f survival during the great depression moonshining child abuse and racism This book tells about Hugh Gravitt watching the disastrous fire that destroyed the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta Georgia killing 119 people as mother's threw their babies ut windows before.

Hole world and lived a totally different reality If you are interested in a page f American history don t miss reading this story It is painfully enlightening In her wn words Gloria Gravitt Moulder has revealed the truth about what really happened n 11 August 1949 It has taken her many years to formulate the words for Bargain with a Devil collect pertinent papers and to finally fulfill a promise to her Dad Margaret Mitchell is someone that many know was the author My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City of Gone With the Wind Within the pagesf this book the true author and the circumstances around the death f Margaret Mitchell Marsh Bargain with a Devil is a book that I recommend because nce picked up cannot be laid down until the last page is turned There are kinder reviews Whos Next? Guess Who! on Goodreads than Asf today the book nly has 3 stars n and 4 stars Papi's Gift on Goodreads I do think the author has a story to tell but the heavy bias and poor editing detract from the credibilityf the book Even tabloids have better editors The book jumps around a lot One big example is the second to last chapter is her father s bituary The last chapter details her father s death There are spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book Even a paragraph starting with a lowercase letter The author s scorn f the Mitchells is apparent throughout the book She claims John set ut to write a bestselling novel even before he met Margaret However the book s references do not include any direct writings f Margaret If the author would ve read the direct letters which are published she would ve learned how the success グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] of the book surprised the Mitchells and wanted the publicity to go away Margaret was cheered when the book wasff the bestseller list It seems dd to claim the Mitchells set ut for fame and fortune when facts prove therwise John kept his job for several years after the book was published Also Margaret refused to write anything else even though there was begging and pleading therefore it is bvious she didn t cash in The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within on her fame A seuel to Gone with the Wind would ve been a cash cowThe author also made some libelous claims includingne that they didn t have children because John was gay The author also claimed that Margaret had neither the education nor the discipline to achieve that goal to become a published writer The fact that Margaret is an accomplished writer can not be disputed by reading Gone with the Wind The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry or her written correspondence that is published It is even amusing this claim is coming from this author whose book is poorly written as mentioned above The author did make some good points thatther drivers around the same time in Atlanta were not as severely punished by the courts for hitting jaywalkers as her father was The author pointed File Under: Arson out the photof the scene showed no Wicked Sense one administering care to Margaret as she lay in the road However she died in a coma 5 days later Also newspapers claimed her father was ann duty drunk taxi cab driver The author clarified he was not n duty and had ne beer earlier in the afternoon He had been driving to pick up a prescription for a sick child The author suspects it was the Mitchells who had been drinking but their fame shielded them If the author would ve taken a Powerless Against You objective approach her arguments would ve held much weight. Jumping to theirwn death to escape the flames It tells how this author spent twenty years reading and researching everything she could find about Margaret Mitchell and her husband John Marsh to expose the cover up and falsehoods surrounding the death f an icon In this book is a photo f the death scene and documents that tell than any words can ever sa.