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Thursday July 4 2013Madeline s Protector by Vanessa Riley 2013Fear not for I m with you be not dismayed for I A Bollywood Affair am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my r Madeline s ProtectorBy Vanessa RileyMadeline St Jamesnd Justain Delveaux Lord Devonshire re brought together through misunderstandingmistaken identity nd n The Scent of Rosa's Oil attempt on one of their lives But when Madeline takes bullet that could cost her her life Justain does what is necessary to save for lifeBut Justain s ct of heroism could cost Maddie her reputation When Justain Madeline was searching for peace nd uiet with her Nobodys Angel (Willow Park, aunt because her stepmothernd her nephew made things uncomfortable nd dangerous t her home On the journey she lost her conveyance nd ccepted ride with Justain Deveraux Then they were ttacked Madeline was injured Defending Hearts and the drivernd her bigail were dead Because Justain took care of Madeline until it was safe to leave the scene her unt insisted they marry to save Madeline s reputation So marriage of convenience Madeline was Christian but Justain nd her father were not which causes her distress Danger nd intrigue follow everywhere they go Who is trying to kill themThis book is n interesting historical read I m rating it s 4 star instead of 5 star because the descriptions of their physical Feel the Heat (Phoenix Agency, attraction were too detailed for me to call it Christian fictionI received this book from bookfunorg in return for my honest opinion After beingccosted by nephew of her Step Mother s Madeline is heading to her Aunts for seclusion nd hiding When her carriage breaks down Sudden Fury (The Last Gunfighter, and thief relieves her of her purse she is befriended by Justain Delveaux or Lord Devonshire Her misfortune doesn t stop therethen Justain s Coach is Spiky attackedOnce theyre rescued nd Justain gets her to her Aunt the Aunt tells him that he has compromised Maddie s Honor by spending night in cave Never mind he saved her lifeThis story has lot of twists Dungeon of Death and turns Justain has some growing up to dond need to rely in God s Will Madeline has great Love of the Lord nd tries to follow his will in Love Rockets all things Come on ride of old England we travel the country side nd old estates There re some good surprises A Deceptive Homecoming (Hattie Davish Mystery, along the waynd some rather scary EnjoyI received this book through First Wildcard Book Tours nd was not reuired to give Madeline s Protector by Vanessa RileyLady Madeline StJames daughter of the Duke of Hampshire flees her home in Shropshire fter being ttacked by Kent her step mothers nephew She is fleeing to her unt Lady Cecil Glaston in Cheshire Only her trip does not go smoothly in fact it is nything but smooth One disaster fter nother befalls her nd her bigail Mrs Elsie Wilkins First The Hired Man a broken wheel thief takes her guineas nd her driver disappears She chases fter the thief nd falls right in the path of racing horse Almost A Gentleman and wagon Seeing itpproach she sends up uick prayer Lord Devonshire Justain Delveaux reacts uickly nd hauls her to safety s the driver less wagon rushes past them nd crashesSince Madeline is now without transportation to her unts in Cheshire Justain offers to take her nd Mrs Wilkins in his carriage Madeline is not sure she can trust him she has found in her young life that trusting others leads to heartache But with her faithful companion long to protect her nd her faith it is the only choice she hasJustain however has his own problems the murder of his brother his father s recent death nd trying to reestablish his estates He is searching for the person or persons who killed his brother nd was to meet someone who could give him information As he Here by the Bloods awaits his contacts signal he encounters Madelinend her problems But what if she is his contact He can t let her go until he finds outAs they travel bandits mbush nd ttack the carriage His trusted driver is shot nd killed the carriage overturns nd Mrs Wilkins is lso killed Madeline is crushed under the carriage nd is injure. If ll the young men of England leapt off cliff Madeline St James wouldn't care Then she'd have peace Her nightmares of courtship would endand she'd cozy up with Psalm in her Bound (Torn Trilogy, aunt's uiet sculpture garden Yet chance meeting nd bullet wound change everything nd Madelin.

D He manages to free her nd takes her to secluded place in n old miners cave to hide from the bandits who Loyalty and Lies are looking for them Here he finds she has been shot in the legnd he must remove the bullet to save her lifeAfter few days of hiding they re rescued Fortunes Flames and taken to nearby inn so Madeline can be ttended to by physician Her unt rrives nd s the story unfolds she insists that Justain nd Madeline marry in order to save her reputation Madeline comes to care for Justain but doubts he would ever love her Still she fights to win his love s well s his soul Justain soon realizes that he loves her nd wants to lways be there to protect her but is unsure of her feelings for her I thoroughly enjoyed this book nd recommend it It is filled with love danger twisting plots that keep you guessing throughout the book Claiming Her and God s healing of their wounds I received this book from bookfunorg in return for my honest opinion Madeline s Protector wasn exciting read full of danger nd many misunderstandings between the hero nd heroine of the novel Madeline is believer who finds herself in marriage of convenience with Justain man who does not follow GodJustain has real trust issues nd during the story he flips back nd forth between trusting nd being suspicious of Madeline He lso holds vendetta Murder Go Round against the man who murdered his brother These feelings ofnger How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World: A Comparative Analysis and mistrust lead to difficulties in the marriageMadeline has her own issues to deal with She has had great deal of hurt in her life Alcohol Fuels: Policies, Production, And Potential and feels that she loses those she loves With Justain changing backnd forth between being kind toward her nd ntagonistic toward her Madeline finds herself very confused most of the timeVanessa Riley has done Cambridge Modern History volumes 1-5 a good job of writingn interesting story with complex characters I received this book for free from the The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) author through The Book Club Network in exchange forn honest review which I have given I m fan of the Regency romance genre so it s lways joy to find one in the Christian market Madeline s Protector by Vanessa Riley has Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child all the elements that make for good Regency The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 adventure witttraction misunderstandings compromising situations marriage in name only guilt danger suspense Of Mice and Men and revenge with the welcomeddition of strong spiritual themes The Regency era setting nd dialogue felt naturalJustain nd Madeline re both ppealing characters nd it was fun to watch their feelings for each other grow stronger s the novel progressed In conversation with her unt Madeline confesses that while she s fond of Justain my heart doesn t burst when I see him Her I Was Anastasia aunt replies Sometimes love is uiet warm feeling of contentment You light up when Lord Devonshire walks into the roomBoth Madeline Choice of the Cat and Justain exhibit great strength of characternd I liked the way Justain is drawn to Madeline s faith Misunderstandings Three Cups of Deceit and pride stillbound though Angry that his past had been investigated Justain responds to Madeline s father I ve spent one lifetime seeking Sparrow Road approvalnother trying to drown the need I won t change to please youFans of wholesome Regency romance will enjoy Madeline s ProtectorThis book was received from BookFunorg in exchange for my honest review Title Madeline s ProtectorAuthor Vanessa Riley 354Year 2013Publisher White Rose PublishingNote I received A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston a complimentary copy forn honest review of this book from wwwbookfunorgWhat is the desire of your heart Do you even know or can you even put that desire into words Where do you look when you long to understand the mysteries within your own heart Madeline s Protector is set in England in the year of our Lord 1821 Uniue is the history of this nation nd lands nd the uthor weaves tale sure to ensnare your Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World attentionnd capture your heartMadeline is The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors a young woman scarred from the behavior ofn unruly man Yoga: The Art of Adjusting and beset with fears thatnyone she is close to will be lost to her sooner rather than later Her father is duke who has vast holdings long. E must trust the Good Shepherd has led her to the The Neural Basis of Free Will altar to marry dashing stranger Lord Devonshire Death nd pain re no strangers to Justain Delveaux Lord Devonshire nd he vows his dutiful bride will be kept safe nd in her place Though this compro mised marriage is in name.

With shattered faith nd heart when he lost his first wife Now the duke is married to Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, a woman who is coldnd hatefulLord Devonshire Justain Deleveaux comes to Maddie s Past Destinies aid when she unknowingly comes close to death than once Each time he longs to care for her because his past is littered with scandalss well Travels: Collected Writings, 1950-1993 as guilt when he loses his brother Justain is now the lone heir who has been raised with responsibilities that longgo were laid upon each succeeding generation who became heir of the estateDuring one particular night in If Wishes Were Horses a storm running for their lives in Justain s carriage tragedy befalls the occupants Through the succeeding pages tale full of twists nd turns joys nd sorrows nd faith gainst doubt begin to play out in the characters lives What t first is thought to be mistake or chance meeting leads the readers on n dventure to see who will eventually capture the heart of the heirLike chocolate covered treat the previous paragraphs re my ttempt to tempt you to want to read this excellent novel I want you to know that normally I Rainbow Brite: Starlite Saves the Day am not one to read in this genre but Im so glad that I read A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 2: Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 and enjoyed this one I plan to share this story with others Yes it has romance in itnd the fulfillment of that romance can be found in One nd One lone Faith in Christ enables us to receive gift we don t earn but is given with death of love that words cannot describePick up copy spend time getting lost in historical romance that is so much deeper than mere words can convey However don t be surprised if you think of others who may enjoy such The Unspeakable Mind a tales this one titled Madeline s ProtectorMy rating is 5 starsNote The opinions shared in this review re solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read t Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988 FaceBook Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought at Faith Lovend Suspense Murder at Beechwood all in one book Madeline St James isn only child who lost her mother when she was young nd lived with her Dad nd Stepmother until she was grown She would have stayed with them even though the setting was very unsettling one if it hadn t been for Kent relative of Stepmother Running from her home with her Mrs Wilkins traveling long she went from one disaster to nother Who would save herJustain Delveaux Lord Devonshire is on the search for the man who killed his brother even though Justain blamed himself His unending traveling hunting for that man he encounters Madeline together they travel Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space a rocky road Not trusting each other they stay together to fight off their foes marrying to protect each other Is Justain the Knight she believes him to beThis is the first book of Vanessa Riley s that I have readnd was completely pulled into the story from the beginning If I had just looked Revelations from Revelation (Mass Market) at the covernd never read it I would have missed Jane and the Stillroom Maid (Jane Austen Mysteries, a wonderful story woven of faith lovend exciting Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil adventure throughout the book I had trouble putting the book down once I started itnd I would recommend it to ll who love romance born of faithI received this book from bookfunorg in exchange for n honest review Stop thief Madeline St James grabbed the coarse sleeve of the man who stole her guineas As she continues to race fter him Madeline s boot heel gets caught in the in her dress tripping her An oncoming wagon is Alien: Sea of Sorrows approaching She is trying to get her boot free by tuggingnd yanking but she could not free her boot Lord Devonshire comes to her rescue by pulling her out of harms way I recommend you read this book to find out Journey Of Fate about what happens to Madelinend Lord Devonshire I received this book from wwwbookfunorg to reviewExcellent Madeline s Protector by Vanessa Riley was Judas of Nazareth: How the Greatest Teacher of First-Century Israel Was Replaced by a Literary Creation an exciting book to read I could not put it down It captured myttention from the beginning to the end I literally could feel the emotions of each of the characters One moment I would be smiling or being Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose. angrynd the next moment crying Overall It was n extraordinary book Madeline s Protector was joy to read It is on my list of to read Holding Up the Universe againnd gain. Only his wife nd her unwavering faith both intrigue Satellite andllure him Perchance when he thwarts his brother's killer Justain will tempt the unpredictable Madeline with the comfort of his Blank Darkness armsBut can Madelinend the stubborn earl forge true bond before the next disaster strik.

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I'm Vanessa Riley and I write Historical Fiction of dazzling multi culture communities with powerful persons of color I write for readers who admire and acuire books that showcase women who find joy in sweeping kisses and strong sisterhoods Even in the darkness I promise to give you laughs and to show you how light always prevails and how love always always wins