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Trey that she was worthy of being in the limelight It was at this point in the story when Courtney truly began to shine Her character was easy to connect with in that way because like Courtney I do my best work in the shadows All my insecurities come into play when I am center stage which are uickly followed by an attack of nerves I loved watching Courtney learn to harness and learn to wield her powerTrey was a great character as well He was a bit tortured and tragic in is own way and I love a tragic hero He was Hollywood royalty but he never used his status in his dealings with Courtney or others He was a real down to earth character who walked around without a mask Trey s character was a good foil for Courtney Though he did not wear a physical mask Trey used his drive resentment of his father and his desire to succeed to mask some deeper issues he needed to deal with On the outside he exuded confidence but deep down he just wants the love and acceptance of a father who he perceives to be wicked and conniving His relationship with Courtney enabled him to learn and grow as a person and as a son She forces Trey to look at things in a different way by using her own experiences with family to guide the way she advised himAs I was reading I felt that the story itself was driven too much by the conflict It was mostly character driven which is expected at least for me when told in first person The conflicts were nicely woven in throughout the story and they added texture to the characters development Without them it would be hard to understand who Courtney and Trey really were nor would we be able to track how and why they changed I liked the supporting cast of Star and Natalie Trey s dad was fun to read as well Rock s use of the supporting cast to help show who Courtney was in her two different worlds was well done as was her use of his father to reveal the deeper side of Trey His motivations for what he did may seem skewed but there is to Thomas Fraser II than meets the eye I really liked him in the end though I hated him in the beginning because his reasons once revealed were very realistic and I could feel his pain Trey s relationship with his dad made me think about my own relationship with my mom They are eerily similarI liked this story and I love Joanne Rock s voice but although My Double Life had some very sexy scenes typical of a Blaze it read much better for me as a contemporary novel It s that pesky cover thing Hence the reason why I don t let covers be the determining factor of whether or not I purchase a book Please keep in mind that my opinion of this story are just that an opinion Everyone reads books in different ways and their opinions are affected by many different factors So please take the time to read the book ourself and form our own opinion It is a good story with a great message I learned a few things about life and people from this particular Blaze I will read it again some time soon My Double Life Courtney Masterson is just living her daily life in a sell that is When ou have a famous mother who is embarrassed by Daddy Daughter Incest 2 Series Bundle you a father who ignoresou and a set of nerves higher than Everest what else are ou supposed to do Except that is when she walks into the studio and gets near her pole What started out as a scaryfunny bachelorette party is turning into one of the most life altering fitness crazes ever Trey Fraser might as well be Hollywood royalty However it seems there is a rift growing wider and wider with his father So he needs to figure out how to make sure he has enough capital to move further with his businesses Which leads him to an investment firm where he meets Courtney Masterson CPA and then a meeting with a client leads him to meet Natalie Night pole dancer Attracted to two women which will he choose Or will he have toMs Rock takes us on a journey through one woman s insecurities towards her strength While the Courtney does seem to make uick strides in parts of the story to see where she starts to the woman she ends up being is a fantastic growth I did wish for a little detail when it came to Trey and Courtney s relationship I think she forgave WAY too uickly it is always nice to see that what outsiders think is perfect isn t always the case This was overall a great story and I look forward to reading what Ms Rock has in store for both of Trey s brothers and possibly his fatherWild and WickedKyra Stafford has been on her own for most of her life Even when her dad was around she was alone The one constant has been her need to prove her independence and then of course her best friend Jesse Jesse Chandler is the typical playboy terrified of commitment he has bounced from lady to lady from a oung age In fact the only one he hasn t made a pass for is the one most perfect for him However one day that changes when Kyra fears Jesse will soon be out of her life she makes and attempt to get him to see her as a woman Will it work Or will this tried and true friendship take a turn for the worseMs Rock certainly likes to make the reader relate to the female leads insecurities I was also impressed by her ability to run two stories intertwined without losing either one in the other Greta and Clint s story is defiantly a compliment to Kyra and Jesse s Overall a great story with of the sensual and less heat Sizzling sensual adventures 4 stars 12My Double Life Wild and Wicked by Joanne Rock 2 novels for the price of oneI don t often read contemporary stories but sometimes I give it a try if I know the author This is the second book I read by this author the first one was her medieval Scottish romance My double Life is the story of a Financial Researcher Courtney Masterson and Trey Fraser a Hollywood Agent At the office Courtney is a calm employee but outside her working hours she loves pole dancing One night she is ask to replace her friend as a pole dancer she accepts but discovers that a new client of her firm is sitting in the front row Trey starts to be fascinate by hersparks flares between the two hot and passionate love scenes Wild and Wicked is the story of Jesse and Kyra who were best friends for This Many Miles From Desire years and become lovers Hot and sizzling scenes that keepou turning pages First published in 2003 and a Reader favorite Both stories are well written by Joanne Rock If ou love sizzling sensual adventures then I recommend this book. For himMy alter ego has just opened the door to the one man who is totally off limits The man whose eyes tell me how badly he wants me And the one man who can never know who I really amReader favorite Wild and Wicked How does a girl make her sexy best friend notice her as a woman Why kidnap him of course.

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En she s nervous or around new people but she doesn t like the word stutter so she had a very hard time interviewing and just feels thankful that she was given a chance Of course she s capable of so much but she s happy where she s at I was rooting for her from the very beginning She s so sweet and kind and caring She s a really great friend even if she DOES have a hard time getting comfortable with people She s a very hard worker at her job and now she s working on being confident After a bachelorette party held at gym that specializes in pole dancing exercise she finds that she loves it She has no desire to be a stripper but she loves the freedom of feeling like someone else and letting her inner goddess out It s SO MUCH FUN to watch her transform from her shy unassuming self into this sexy bold dancer Gah She s greatTrey is awesome in his own way He s the son of a Hollywood legend But he s trying to make his own way not follow in his father s footsteps That must be just fine with Trey s dad since it seems that he tries to thwart Trey s every attempt to make it on his own Trey doesn t get it he doesn t get why his dad wants to undermine everything he does So Trey goes to this risk management agency so that he can see what he needs to do so he can start up his own company So Hollywood is in Trey s blood But he s not some douchey Hollywood type He loves the movie business he loves making movies He s willing to work hard to get what he wants Sure he s gorgeous but he s also a sweet and warm guy Trey meets Courtney when he goes to the risk management company where Courtney works Well actually they sort of meet Trey introduces himself to Courtney because he s immediately drawn to her and he s not sure why Courtney stammers and rushes off to her cubicle Not an auspicious meeting for sure But it s only the beginning for these twoAnother great aspect to this book was that it s a Hollywood type novel but it doesn t have any of the skeevy Hollywood types It definitely shows the nice shiny side of Hollywood and to be completely honest that s the side I want to read about I know it must be tough to actually live in LA and be around all of those perfect people and ugh all that traffic But I want to read about the fun stuff And this book deliversAlso just the concept of this book appealed to me I think it s going to appeal to a lot of ou too I think there are lots of women out there who are like Courtney We have our day jobs which we love or not but we have these sort of secret desires I don t mean sexual I just mean things we wish we could do It was great to see Courtney be bold and daring and to see her go out on a limb like she does I could almost feel the rush that Courtney feels when she lets goObviously I highly recommend this book It was so much fun but it also tackled some serious issues with the characters I really think that if Sermons Not Spoken you give this book a shotou ll love it Plus Julia you ll get a second eually awesome book to read for free My Double Life Wild and Wicked by Joanne Rock 2 novels for the price of oneI don t often read contemporary stories but sometimes I give it a try if I know the author This is the second book I read by this author the first one was her medieval Scottish romanceMy double Life is the story of a Financial Researcher Courtney Masterson and Trey Fraser a Hollywood AgentAt the office Courtney is a calm employee but outside her working hours she loves pole dancing One night she is ask to replace her friend as a pole dancer she accepts but discovers that a new client of her firm is sitting in the front row Trey starts to be fascinate by hersparks flares between the two hot and passionate love scenesWild and Wicked is the story of Jesse and Kyra who were best friends forears and become lovers Hot and sizzling scenes that keep Dancing with Fireflies (Chapel Springs, you turning pages First published in 2003 and a Reader favoriteBoth stories are well written by Joanne Rock Ifou love sizzling sensual adventures then I recommend this bookThis book will be released on May 1st Wow did not know what to expect Have read several Joanne Rock novels and was thrilled when she gave me a chance to get an advanced copy and to review it This was a really fun ride and spicy spicy spicy Just loved every bit of this hot novel with fun characters From shy to sexy in01 seconds Hot male lead just could not beat this book and could not put it down I had read earlier Joanne Rock novels where I was a little disappointed that she would have characters have internal thoughts that ran on and on and I would put the book down because I literally got lost in what was actually happening in the book No worries any longer this book has none of that A read Both stories were good The second with Kyra and Jesse was my favorite though They are hot reads so those who enjoy the Blaze line will want to read these Carve out some time because this is a much thicker book since there are two in here Both books are sweet romance with some bits of hotness Literally two book in one Both stories are completely different Very well written One totally corporate the other country style When I started reading this book it was a little difficult to wrap my head around the fact that it was a Blaze I kept focusing on the cover rather than the story The whole feel of the story was different and it wasn t until I reconciled myself to the fact that it felt like a straight contemporary story was I able to settle down and enjoy the discovery of love between Courtney Masterson and Thomas Fraser III aka Trey as well as the discovery recognition and acceptance of self that both characters learned This book is told in first person which is a different style for Rock at least from other books i read by her and for me as a reader of Harleuin Blazes It was a little jarring at first but Rock s voice rang true throughout the whole book which was something I latched on to While I was reading I could hear her telling the story which helped to keep me engaged Courtney epitomised everyone who hid from life based on their disabilities insecurities and the way they were treated by others It wasn t until she donned a mask when she felt powerful She was able to be that confident sexy and beautiful woman who feared nothing However as her journey continued and she came to the realisation of her own power due to her dancing and relationship with. Ancing class makes me come alive So when I'm asked to stand in as a feature dancer for one night all I need is a mask and the knowledge that as Natalie Night I'm irresistible But when I see Trey in the front row I turn up the heat big time And suddenly I'm offering a provocative private dance meant only.

The main character was just too pathetic for me to believe It is great that she has all this self confidence while on the dance floor but the woman is just a walking pile of neuroses that is frustrating to read about It is just so one sided in a potentially amazing story Just very disappointing that it felt like reading a Mary Sue book where the perfect man is only attracted to the utterly flawed heroine and she literally runs away every chance she gets scared This is supposed to be a grown woman Book one My Double LifeSCORCHING HOT READ ALERT I am one hundred present sure that all of us have a wicked side that we either find the guts to release to the world or to someone in private or we let the alter ego stay in the shadows never to be released But which ever The Little House in the Woods and Other Stories you choose I think lettingour other self crack through the surface is definitely the way to go as life is too short not to have some funIn the latest read from author Joanne Rock she took a everyday kind of girl Courtneywho is like most of us shy at some point but also shy to the point that talking to hot guys makes her stutter and run and changed her into a tigress of the night falling straight into the arms of the man her dreams are made of Sound absolutely stunning right And it certainly was I loved this read so much that I honestly could not put it down for even a minute I simply had to see how the author would take this insecure woman and turn her into a full fleshed temptation that no man can resist The main character of Courtney as I said is a shy girl but also has a little bit of fun on the side by taking pole dancing classes unexpected events land her on stage in front of a crowd who makes her nervous which she figures can be easily overcome as after all she is wearing a mask and no one there knows her but she soon discovers her new hot and very sexy client enter the hot tub and I ll take The Modern Art Invasion you to sexual heaven Trey is not only in the crowd front and centre but also that he is the only man she wants to really offer up a show for I loved how the author brought the bad girl out in her by using Trey as the bait Only Trey is notour average guy the man has many issues on the family side and this causes some rift between Courtney and Trey offering up some great moments of underlining conflict but in a classic Joanne Rock style it is not the furiously argumentive kind of conflict but that special kind of we don t shout we just calmly talk it out till the point were there is nothing left to say I am not always a big fan of this kind of gentle conflict but with the uniue writing style of this author it is what made the relationship between these two characters so much romantic than others I have read beforeThe backdrop settings were incredibly sexy from the stage at the nightclub to the hot tub scene that will totally blow The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant, your mind and leaveou breathless and begging for our very own Trey to come into our life The dialogue was really sexy and playful but also held emotional tension of the best kind I highly recommend this read for all fans of Joanne Rock and readers looking for romance with a uniue plot it is not everyday we find a plain Jane moonlighting as a dancer55 star review Unmasking each other heated kiss after heated kiss Book Two Wild and WickedSizzle sizzle and sizzle This book absolutely oozed sex and wild and wicked thoughts brought to life when one woman Kyra goes after her best friend Jesse And my oh my does Kyra make Jesse not only nearly pop an eyeball she very nearly kills the man in a outfit so sexy there is no man on earth that would be able to resist The read is about Kyra she is best friend to Jesse and also business partner but she wants to be so much she simply cannot get over how much she wants straddle me and I ll show Neverland (Adventures in Neverland, you the ride ofour life Jesse And she goes after the man in spectacular fashion ladies Invisible Darkness yes a plan so deliciously wickedou never would have thought it Kyra goes all pirate and kidnaps Jesse and shows him what he has been missingI loved how the author let the friendship first be fully blossomed before going into full red hot sexual mode This is sometimes a very vital part in a relationship as I believe that sometimes it is better for two people to really truly know each other before the uncontrollable urge to strip each other goes into overdrive The characters were both very well written and I totally loved them both and could not stop myself from rooting for these two all the way I simply had to make sure they find their happy endingThe backdrop setting was one of fun and excitement This read really burned up the pages with sensual heat and passion of the most wicked kind The dialogue was simply delicious and the author took me from friendship talk to straight out sexy talk It was as if the characters were going to jump out of the pages at me any minute B. Altman and Cos Enlarged Store, 1914 yes my reading friends they were that real and that good I highly recommend this read for all romance fans looking for a read that has loads of sizzling sensual heat and intense underlining romance I also really loved the message of friendship is the stating point to romance that the author conveyed to me as reader 55 star review Sometimes gettingour man means The Space Race you need to wild and just a little bit than wicked Reviewed for Sara at wwwHarleuinJunkiecom DReview copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalleyThe author of this double feature Joanne Rock has herself a new fan I loved these books BUT I m feeling like torturingou a little bit so I m only going to give The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces you a run down of the first one Trust me oneou hear about this one I won t NEED to tell Yalnız Tatil (Genconun Yalan Dünyası you about the other So hop to it and go pick up this 2 for the price of 1 double featureMy Double Life was so much fun Now I m a chick that loves books set in California I d never be able to afford to live there since I have 4 giant dogs who need aard to run in so I have to live vicariously through the heroes and heroines of my favorite romance novels I ll admit that that was one of the reasons that I enjoyed this book so much But now that I have that off my chest I can give ou the rest of the reasons the reasons I think YOU are going to like this bookCourtney is an awesome heroine She is so incredibly relatable She s a CPA but right now she s a researcher at a risk managementwealth management firm She has a speech impediment she stutters wh. 2 Complete Novels for 1 Price My Double Life A new sizzling sensual adventureAs a financial researcher at a successful firm I'm all about professionalism At the office I'm calm capableand when a delish new client like Trey Fraser shows up I retreat behind a facade that hides my deepest insecuritiesPole

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USA Today bestselling author Joanne Rock writes romance novels in a variety of sub genres from family sagas to sexy contemporaries A popular workshop speaker Joanne parlays her experience in the college classroom to substantive seminars that motivate educate and inspire Her book Self Promotion Your Guide to Launching a Book is the culmination of reuests for her notes on this topic She has