John Ashworth: Amazing Conversions John Ashworth and His Strange Tales

Life and ministry of the author I found the chapters on the individuals and their conversions became ite samey after a while and it was difficult to distinguish one from another There are some tragic incidents and some dramatic conversions of rough charactersThis book may be of interest to some who reside in Rochdale. S in each book and they first appeared during the years 1865 to 1874 Great pains were taken by the author to ensure that all the accounts were perfectly true since this was estioned in his own lifeti.

Some of the most amazing accounts of conversions and the Lord working in the lives of ordinary people that I have ever read Recounts the evangelistic and church planting efforts of John Ashworth in Rochdale in the 19th century and should fill you with joy thanksgiving inspiration and challenge This book was recommende. The first section of the book consists largely of extracts from a biography of John Ashworth published in 1875 by A L Calman who was a close friend and successor of Mr Ashworth Following this biograph.

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D by a church friend as it relates to the history of my local area John Ashworth ministered to the poor in Rochdale in the 1800 s He gives details of his early ministry and then devotes chapters to various individuals and their conversions he calls these the strange tales I preferred the first part of the book about the. Ical section there is a selection of John Ashworth’s ‘Strange Tales’ which have particular bearing on his life and work These were published by the author in five series containing twelve storie.