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Ok This book was completely gory perverse and disturbing But that s what I emember of him It had a lot of characters some that I liked than others The story line was confusing He started with a light to a manitou to a house that had a disturbing history yet we never completely understand the Au bagne role of it and how it connected to the characters The flesh wall was kinda neat I wouldn tecommend this to ppl who are sueamish or can t handle a lot of Indistractable rape there was a lot and incest too It was definitely left open for a seuel but I hear a lot of his novels were I don t think one was ever written It was entertaining and probably pulpy too but that s why I like 80s horror Overall not too bad William W Johnstone s handling ofape particularly of the statutory variety in the books I ve Jacques Prevert read of his thus far Sandman and now Sweet Dreams brings to mind one of my favorite tweets My Not involved in human trafficking T shirt has people asking a lot of uestions already answered by my shirt All the good guys in Johnstone s books expressevulsion at women and children being aped and are always uick to condemn itbut the. It could only be seen in the dead of night The satanic glow swirled above the old ailroad tracks pulsating with evil flickering with the light of hell itself And it drew the young people of Good Hope to.

Re suuuure is a LOT of it in these booksAnyway this one s a definite step down from Sandman but it s not without merit either Johnstone focuses less on over the top action and gore and doubles down on the erotica and boy is it delightfully painful ead She opened her legs and pulled him to her one hand gripping his hot stiffness and guiding him into her hot softness There s way ape too described in graphic and awkward detail If you The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party re a woman of any age and you wander into a Johnstone novel God be with you Somewhere around page 200 the story actually becomes uite a bit of fun as the grotesue gore makes a grand appearance there s some very silly and very fun time warp stuff plus a whole heaping ofidiculous haunted house shenanigans Everything before page 200 however is fairly middling and only How to Write Essays recommended for those who don t mind uite a bit of sexual assault and the constant lingering threat of the 10 year old protagonist beingaped in their horror novels I ve only ead two of his novels but I m fascinated with Johnstone There s no structure to this story in the slightest he euses descriptions ad nau. Its shimmering core like moths to a flameThe eerie change in the slumbering Missouri town could only be seen by one child Innocent ten year old Heather sensed the chill of darkness in her schoolmates' vac.

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Seum take a swig every time someone s eyes are described as dead and it s obvious he s making everything up as he goes along adding new characters and new villains at the drop of hat forgetting about the old story set ups and antagonists then ultimately bringing the story to a conclusion that s almost an anti pay off after everything that s been built up He s extremely pro police Bob Vanderhorn looked at Larry sudden fear in his wise cop s eyes and very eligious as far as I could tell all the good guys are good Christians and the bad guys are not but his books are filled with shamelessly lewd sexuality and depraved gore and violence that put most other horror authors to shame He eally is the literary euivalent to Lloyd Kaufman and late eightiesearly nineties Roger Corman But you know what they say writing a book is cheaper than therapy I just discovered that this is the messed up horror novel I ead in junior high that was far too adult for me at the time Full of gratuitous sex and ape this has trigger warning written all over it despite the fact that it features a child and stuffed bear on the cover. Ant stares the evil festering in their hearts But no one listened to her terrified screams No one believed the nightmare was true And now it was Heather's turn to feed the hungry spirit with her very soul.

The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was