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SonNothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like curling up with a good Christmas romance and a cup of eggnogIt s traditional in my home to have books everywhere and during the Holidays almost every one has Christmas in the ti In A HIGHLANDER FOR CHIRSTMAS Sandy Blair takes her readers on another time travel This time she brings her Scottish hero Sir Cameron MacLeod out of the 18th century Scotland on the eve of the Battle of Culloden to modern day Boston Antiue store owner Claire MacGregor s world changes the night she opens a puzzle box She awakens later to find a very handsome naked and rather angry man in her room Once she realizes he s neither from this country or this century she promises to find a way to send him home From one adventure to another some of which involve bailing Cam out of the local jails Claire falls further and further in love with the big Scot Cam whose own heart is falling for Claire refuses to act upon his desires since he plans to find some way to return to his own time and home The ending is such a satisfying happily ever after for the brawny Cam and the tender hearted Claire that old and new fans of Ms Blair s work will sigh with contentment This is a MUST read for any Scot o phile Filled with Ms Blair s humor and witty prose ou will NOT be disappointed Sir Cameron MacLeod is so excited to be going off to war He has been taught the ways of his people honor and gloryHe knows standing with his fellow kinsmen to protect his land will grant him both When his aunt has a vision of his slaughter she begs him not to go but to no avail Desperate she bespells him to keep him trapped until a time arrives that he is safeClaire has an average life She has a small business and a few close friends When one of her dear elderly friends passes away and beueaths her all of his belongings her average life becomes anything but After opening one of the boxes a very large naked man appears in her bedroomPoor Cameron Trapped in a future he does not understand with a past he cannot come to terms with All he wants to do is go homeAnd poor Claire Saddled with a huge man who is bossy demanding and rude not to mention constantly being arrested All she wants is to send him homeIn time both Cameron and Claire come to follow an internal journey to understanding Cameron learns the hard way that there is far to life than womanizing drinking and slaughtering He learns nothing is as important as loving someone no matter the cost Claire learns that people are human Sometimes they make mistakes but forgiveness can help relieve some of the hurtThis is the first book by Sandy Blair I have ever read I am impressed The characters are alive and realistic I could picture them in my mind and feel as if I know them personally Though both main characters are from completely different worlds with different thought processes its easy to understand their motivation and have empathy for both The story is fast paced and easy to read keeping the reader entranced though out Some of the comedic seuences such as the clam digging are absolutely delightfu. E 21st century in Claire's bedroom the last thing Sir Cameron MacLeod remembers was readying for war with a rival clan Despite her strange clothes and odd ways Claire is bonny and brave He's about to find out that love is a many splendored thing indee.

IGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS a heart warming tale between two of the most unlikely people to ever fall in love a book that will make The Wedding (Lux, you laugh out loud and then makeou misty eyed the very next second A story that will make American Blues you believeIt s the Christmas season and Claire MacGregor s love life and antiue shop the Velvet Pumpkin has a serious lack of customers and the bills are piling up Her one bright spot of the season her annual holiday luncheon with friend Tavish MacLean Claire learns that Tavish died just before their appointed date and that she is his heir Christmastime is not one of Claire s favorite thingsAs she is going through Tavish s belongings she finds a puzzle box that she manages to open The next thing Claire knows is she s being manhandled by the largest naked man she s ever seen She doesn t know itet but her life is never going to be the sameSir Cameron MacLeon of Rubha Scotland has been asleep for 700 ears because of an ancient spell Cameron is in awe of all he sees and experiences in this future world but as amazing as it all is he must find a way to get back home With all he has learned in 2007 he should be able to keep his clan from decimation at this Culloden that Claire has told him about Nothing is important than saving his people and his heritageThese two characters can t be any different from each other and it is delightful to watch them grow on one another and eventually fall in love Sandy Blair has a way of pulling ou into her characters lives to experience their feelings and hopes and dreams The emotions Cam experiences when finding out his family doesn t survive one of the bloodiest times in Scottish history is heart wrenching I felt Claire s grief as she spent herself in wracking sobs of loss I felt Cameron s disbelief and humiliation at the hands of police officersIf Mary Engelbreit (Leisure Arts you as a romance reader want love emotion fun laughs grief and the always sought after happily ever after inour books Die Journalistin you have to read Sandy Blair A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS is a great place to start and it will giveou everything Dragon Slayers Academy Set II you desire including a miracle or twoSee my complete review at Overall I enjoyed this storyThe only irritants that kept popping upYa instead of Yeah andAck instead of Och I was looking for a fun romp but the hero gets picked up by police soon after he arrives in the present day He s brutalized by the cops and the heroine has to spend thousands of dollars she doesn t have to bail him out a bit too real for my current state of mind so I put this one back on the virtual shelf A Highlander for Christmas is by Sandy Blair This is my first book by Sandy and I chose it to add something new and different to my Christmas reading line up and I definitely got what I asked for I haven t read many Highlander books but this one was well worth picking up It is sweet funny and even sad at times with the added magic of ChristmasClaire MacGregor is thirty oneears old and lives alone over her antiue shop The Velvet Pumpkin Well she isn t completely alone She rents I love reading Christmas romances during the Holiday sea. Nd when it opens a gorgeous studly laird appears Thumbs down Sir Cameron MacLeod is centuries old Thumbs up he doesn't look it And Cameron is tall dark and lusty very lustyCOME AWAY TO MINEWho is this lovely lass And where is he Before awakening in th.

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DNF 58 ar god I can t take any I m sorry I know people seem to love this book but I just can t CAN T So Damn AwfulNothing about this book makes sense I couldn t care less about the hero or heroine The plot is ridiculous The MCs have zero chemistry The romance is nonexistent And on top of all that I have no idea where the Christmas part of A Highlander for Christmas is Maybe I just haven t gotten there Arkadaşım Muzo (Genconun Yalan Dünyası yet Don t know Don t particularly careI give up What an unexpected surpirse It is a really delightful book I enjoyed the hero s funny reasoning very very much I even laughed aloud When a friend of hers dies she s given a sword in the man s will One night the heroine finds a hidden compartment and some sand inside than suddenly there s a very large very naked man in her bedroom She s genially terrified and insists his leave He takes the sword and his plaid and does as she asks but the cold and the fact he has no shoes bring him back The heroine a softy towards those in need take him in When she realizes that he s not from her time she s shocked but it doesn t seem to marvel her as much as one would expect The hero thinks she s a witch who s brought him forward in time and demands that she use her powers to send him back but when she makes it clear she has zero powers they embark on a journey to find a way to send him home But as they grow to know each other they fight the sense of loss when it comes time to part ways The hero obviously ignorant of current rules and customs has a tendency of being arrested In fact the pour man comes into contact with the police at least 3 times during the span of the novel First for carrying a concealed weapon and fight the officer after being tazered Second for illegally fishing for clams to make the heroine happy And lastly for stealing 2 reindeer from the local zoo because he things to repay the heroine s kindness with bucks It was certainly comical and the hero had such an innocent childlike demeanor during even encounter with the law I didn t particular find this book to be anything special or uniue in any way It sour typical time travel romance novel but it had little to no conflict other than the hero s struggle to get home and dealing with the history of the scots as we know it It was a contemporary romance which means the hero and heroine mainly go shopping or go to restaurants stuff like that The chemistry between the two character was tame and it was never an all consuming passion They started out as friends and than t just sort of melted into a comfortable courtship I was a little confused about the sword as it s hinted In the beginning as needing a guardian but almost instantly the weapon is confiscated by the police and is never heard from again The whole story felt like one of those horrible b movies on the lifetime channel No substance to it just some good old fashion holiday funbarf I m a huge fan of Sandy Blair s I love her books in her Castle Blackstone series and am anxiously awaiting the fourth book when it s released sometime next ear In the meantime Sandy has given us A WELCOME TO MY WORLD`Tis the season to be jolly but Boston antiues dealer Claire MacGregor isn't looking forward to a solo Christmas or cocoa for one or trimming the tree by herself But company's coming Claire is fooling around with an old puzzle box

See this thread for informationAward winning author Sandy Blair has slept in castles knelt in cathedrals where kings and ueens have been crowned dined with peerage floated along Venetian canals explored the great pyramids misplaced her husband in an Egyptian ruin she continues to deny being the one lost and fallen gracefully off a cruise shipWinner of Romance Writers of America© Golden Heart for Best Paranormal Romance Sandy’s debut release A MAN IN A KILT also won the 2004 National Readers Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance and was a 2005 RITA finalistSandy loves writing about the past I find it easier to suspend my own disbelief when thoroughly immersed in a time when nobody worried about political correctness; when men were wonderfully alpha and had no idea they even had a feminine side much less worried about getting in touch with it She often adds a touch of the paranormal to her tales believing the very possibility expands the imagination which in turn gives her latitude with humorHer second release A ROGUE IN A KILT received Romantic Times Magazine’s 4 ½ star Top Pick rating and was a National Readers Choice Awards finalist Her third The Accidental Duchess in the anthology HOW TO MARRY A DUKE won the 2006 Golden uill Award for Best Novella Her books are now available in four languages and can be found in a dozen countriesWhen not writing Sandy dabbles with watercolors is a charity fundraiser and loves to entertain family and friends at home She claims the secret to hosting a successful dinner party is setting a pretty table and serving lots of wine before the mealShe currently resides in Texas with her husband