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Ility of the novel It was a sad sad story slave story How horrible human beings can be to ach other and how justice is in the Pursuit of Justice eyes of the powerful The dialect is lovely and the history and stories of the island were interesting including how the police kept anye on Nazi s u boats and spying I loved the justness of her crime The using of the hoe her cherished tool that was the symbol of her labor toil and slavery to uproot the weed that was the bane of her Dangerous to Touch existence The whole unreuited unable to act upon love story between Mary Mathilda and Percy was painful and poignant The horror of having your only child at the hands of your probable father unfathomable I found the relationships between the grandmother and mother and Mary Mathilda to be incredible powerful relationships fraught with struggle and pain on so many levels yet bound together by love and survival How can all that good get mired in words that make it a struggle to get through Is that the lack of a goodditor I stuck with it because I wanted it to get better SPOILER ALERT I wanted to see what she actually did last three pages and I wanted to see what happened to her after no many possibilities were Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude explored and yet Percy takes her away what and I wanted to see if Percy and her finally did it no I really wanted to like it and I wanted to be fair There are many good points to this book but ugh I m donating it and I m not asking any of my friends to read it What does that tell you Soven though I could rate it as high as a 25 275 I cannot get to three stars Holy hell Austin Clarke s The Polished Hoe The story of a woman who has committed a crime against a man who represents many things in her life not least of all the key holder to her gilded cage She recounts the story of her crime over one long night to a police constable who she has known from childhood and who shares some of her secrets many of her desires and a reasonable amount of fear for the woman she has become Through this meandering telling the reader xperiences the multilayered reach of class and race on the post WWII Caribbean island of Bimshire which many of us know as Barbados This book is a slow burn it is long and it is complicated and you arn it as you labour through it There are many stories in this one night where so many secrets are spilled and feelings are revealed and histories are recounted but for me this book was mostly about how they can try put a positive spin on the gifts that come with the people and systems that oppress us surely the most false justification of colonialism but that we hear true freedom beckon us from beyond the sparkling trinkets of our oppression and that we will find our way back to ourselves no matter what we have to sacrifice or how hard we have to fight to get there Our time will come and our truth will tell First I ll start with the goodI listened to the audio of this book The narration was wonderful I loved the accent the My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze emphasis and the pacing of the reading It added a dimension and texture to the story Injoyed the history of. Ngs together Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses elements of the island's African past and the tragic legacy of colonialism in onepic sweepSet in the West Indies in the period following World War II The Polished Hoe an Essen.

I really wanted to like it Parts I did like but I found I just couldn t take the repetitive reminiscing and language I listened to it and the performance was great I m sure I wouldn t have been able to read it if it was written in the vernacular I uit on disc 5 The Sergeant and Mary Gertrude Matilda have known A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, each other since childhood and they have always been in love They have lived separate lives however she with her son and her big house and all the learning she s been able to garner he with his friends and his job and his lovers She s watched him all these years He s been too shyHe arrives in thevening ready to take her statement and the two talk until morning They talk of their lives of their histories of their longings of the history and ineuities of Bimshire Barbados They recall their friends and they talk about their acuaintances He upholds the law she mourns the history of the British and the Africans who live under it This is a beautiful lyrical haunting novel Each story spins into a thousand other stories As the night continues the richness of this novel and these stories are woven into a sky full of stars and the My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, end isxactly what needs to beA beautiful book Okay I don t do this very often butI am not finishing this book I got about halfway through and I CAN T GO ON This book won an award so I pushed through hoping that it would get better but I just can t go any further Story line is WAY too slow and Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, everything is described in too much detail Time line also jumps all over the place Just can t seem to get into the story line orven the characters for that matter Sorry Autin Clarke Can t recommend this book I really want my review of this book to do it justice I have owned this book for almost 20 years and it had a place of honor on my bookshelves I finally read it The author s literary skill is unuestioned The book was well written with some very literate thoughts and passages The characters were uite well developed The style was very reminiscent of the style of Dolores Claiborne in which the whole story is told by Dolores giving her statement to the police Throughout the whole book it only Delores voice that we hear Stephen King should have won many accolades for that accomplishment That book was amazing This book felt like a failed attempt to mimick that style using Mary Mathilda giving her statement to The Baby Album either the constable or finally Percy the Sargent It didn t work In The Polished Hoe the author got wordy repeated stories and the characters got lost in their own imaginings and sexual fantasies making the book at times confusing and at other times incredibly boring One thing that I hate is when authors take liberties with facts that can beasily checked out Once you get something so wrong I don t want to give you a second chance Buffalo chicken wings didn t xist until the mid to late 1960s not post World War II In addition the Great Lake near Buffalo is Lake Erie not Lake Superior These minor irritations along with copying Mr King annoyed me and took away some of the credib. When Mary Mathilda one of the most respected women of the island of Bimshire also known as Barbados calls the police to confess to a crime the result is a shattering all night vigil that bri.

Bimshire Barbados This book covers a gamut of historical issues slavery class distinctions opportunities or not of the people climate In here is world of many levels people subdued terrified people mpowered by wealth there s a subtlety of the many different aspects that make up a society Things one wouldn t normally see when just visiting The society in Bimshire is an insecure one if one lives in the wrong level within the society However this book repeats repeats repeats the stories over and over and over again It s incredibly tedious and boring in that respect This book needs a lot of Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., editing Take out the repetitiveness and the story would be marvellous Thending Nothing comes as a surprise but it s a fitting Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, ending I will always finish a book not matter what This book though was tough to finish mainly because it is is written in old slave dialect Ugh The language is what I remember from this book The most startling revelations coming to us in a dialect mostarthy real and Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, expressive The cover art was the first thing that brought thisxceptional voice to my attention but it was not long before I realized this was Literature writ large I look forward to his latest Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) exploration of race and language Clarke s book is a difficult one to read and is certainly not for those looking for a uickscape with a happy Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, ending The action of the story takes place over a single night but it covers years of the life on a small West Indian island that had it s beginnings in slavery Mary G is a black woman born to as a fourth generation slave on this island Like her mother grandmother and great grandmother before her she worked in the fields for a white overseer on a sugar cane plantation She also follows them in another area that of a white man s plaything These women are all slaves so cannot uestion their lot or say know to the unwelcome advances Mary G goes on like this for years as a casual sex toy for the white overseer She is placed in a nice home and she has three children by this man only one lives but she has been alienated from her fellow black friends by this show of favouritism She is lonely and whiles the time away by raising her son and by reading Then one day she has just hadnough and she takes matters into her own hands She Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, exacts revenge for all of her anscestors This book is about choices limited or otherwise and the results of those choices The book is actually set in the time of the 30 s and 40 s post colonial because this island was a British colony Clarke has created some powerful characters in this book They are certainly not going to be forgotten by me for uite some time This book is another worhty winner of the prestigious Giller prize If youver want to fall asleep fast READ THIS BOOK Worst book i ve Gilligan Unbound ever read this year The history of Brimshaw was interesting but it wasn t captivatingnough to want to speed through the book I just kept wondering if 1 of 2 things were going to happenwas she gonna do it or was she gonna tell him It was painful to get to the Gone for Soldiers end but I made itthankfully. Ce bestseller and a Washington Post Book World Most Worthy Book of 2003 unravels over the course of twenty four hours but spans the collectivexperience of a society characterized by slaver.

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Austin Ardinel Chesterfield Clarke was a Canadian novelist essayist and short story writer who lives in Toronto Ontario He has been called Canada's first multicultural writerClarke had his early education in Barbados and taught at a rural school for three years In 1955 he moved to Canada to attend the University of Toronto but after two years turned his hand to journalism and broadcasting