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I wandered in the darkness looking for something better something eal I found you and I ll be damned if I m going to lose you 4 StarsThe angst and drama in Gabriel s Rapture amazed me In this seuel we get to experience Gabriel and Julia s elationship in a much deeper level The book picked up where Gabriel s Inferno left off Everything seemed perfect when it comes to Gabriel and Julia s elationship but unexpected situations suddenly came out which led their elationship to a different painful directionFirst of all I have to say that I knew it I knew what was about to come so it didn t surprise me when it finally happened I was so scared of the conseuences that these two will be facing when I was still eading the first book so I can say that I m already prepared for it What surprised me most was the pain that it caused What happened to Julia and Gabriel was too heart breakingBut you know the good thing about this book It ended beautifully that I was so glad to leave it when I turned the last page I actually wished that it was the ending for the whole seriesAnother thing that I loved about this book was the way Gabriel continued to treat Julia gently despite what happened to them Julia on the hand also had a notable character development She was able to handle things differently here and for that I adored herI loved Gabriel s Rapture as a whole It s one of the well written seuels I ve ever ead because of the way it was delivered I m excited to find out how the series will conclude in the third book She is not my eual She is my better She is my sticky leaf I am so glad that Mr Reynard was nice enough to give me a copy of this a week before it s elease so I good devour it before going into the hospital I waited for its elease for months and let me tell you I was not one bit disappointed by it I could write pages just on my favorite uotes the writing is superb and extremely sexy without having to be eroticThe book starts out the morning after their first love making experience in Italy that occurred at the end of Gabriel s Inferno I loved that I did not miss a moment of their lives and was able to ead about the growth of their elationship They spend some time dealing with their pasts Julia the shy one who had a difficult childhood and Gabriel the sexually promiscuous one who had been adopted by a family that he didn t uite think he deserved I saw flashes of Julia gaining control of her own life and not letting others walk all over her Gabriel was learning to love but still had issues letting Julia make some of the decisions in their elationshipI love the way that Gabriel loves Julia He is so protective kind and provides her with endless pleasure He begins to learn to deal with his feelings without turning to sex which had become his addiction after drugs a coping mechanism eally Now Gabriel did make my blood boil a time or two when he tried to make some major decisions in their elationship without consulting Julia I understand why he did it but big decisions should always be made together especially in matters of the heart There was a portion of the book where Gabriel essentially became like Julia in the Gabriel s Inferno and Julia became like Gabriel as far a sexual need goes While it was ironic it showed how both characters had grown over the course of their elationshipThere will be those that are trying to pull them apart and don t forget their elationship in Gabriel s Inferno started when Gabriel was the professor and Julia the student Would the force of these things be strong enough to tear them apart Is their love strong enough to get through the storm Will Julia be his Beatrice foreverThe book was as intense as the first but far omantic The writing is brilliant and I could feel what the characters were feeling in my heart I don t think that the book could have had a better ending I know some people will want a third book but for me the series ended perfectly Love is not loveWhich alters when it alteration findsOr bends with the emover to emoveO no it is an ever fixed markThat looks on tempests and is never shaken It is the star to every wand ing barkWhose worth s unknown although his height be takenSonnet 116 William Shakespeare Shakespeare s Sonnets I am truly devoted to this series and to Sylvain s penmanship God you can feel how dedicated he was in every aspect of this book from the plot to the characters and other details that surrounded it I can only imagine the hard work and esearch put into writing this book because not one word is there unnecessary and without meaning Gabriel s Rapture is the second installment of this great trilogy Here we find our beloved Gabriel already exploring his elationship with Julia his younger lover After the happenings in book 1 they accepted their feelings from one another and are madly in love Their connection is intense and passionate I enjoyed the attention that the writer had on building this special elationship between Gabriel and Julia From my point of view it is one of the most beautiful love stories ever because the humanity of its heroes They are not perfec. Professor Gabriel Emerson has embarked on a passionate yet clandestine affair with his former student Julia Mitchell Seuestered on a omantic holiday in Italy he tutors her in the sensual delights of the body and the aptures of.

T they made made mistakes but they love passionately and with such intensity that makes you able to feel it in every page of the story They complete each other make each other better and dream for a future together despite having so much against them Being different made them special and brought them together as in light and dark making up one uniue love story You are teaching me to love and I suppose I m teaching you to love too in a way We aren t perfect but we can have happiness Can t we I love Gabriel and I believe that no matter how many books I ead this book he uined me for future book boyfriends He is the definition of complexity and I enjoyed this second installment because here I could see another side of him the protector Now when Julia s future is being threatened he is willing to do everything to not let it happen The puts her first having to face suffering and lost because he can t bring her pain I love him so much for this and my admiration for him kept on growing Although he is very stubborn sometimes you can t seem to not like him always finding ways of justifying his actions Julia is the one who makes him feel alive and worthy of love despite the past that he had This element of finding peace is still kept in the second book because Gabriel tries so hard to make her happy and proud of being his lover He searches for edemption in Julia s arms and his efforts are truly admirable I m no miracle worker But I love you There was a time when I could have been led astray But that was before I found you I would ather spend the est of my life drinking your love then emptying all the oceans of the world I loved the way their elationship is accentuated in all its features beginning with the sexual connection and ending with the deep feelings they have for each other Gabriel talks about loving as a whole loving completely and giving in in all its aspects Sexual satisfaction can be considered lust but love is complex and enraptures feelings and sensations I can tell that I please your body But your body is not your mind or your heart He takes care of her as a whole body and soul and this side of him is amazingly featured in the bookJulia on the other 5 Sticky Leaf Stars She is not my eual she is my better She is my sticky little leaf Just like the first book this one was better the second time around What is there not to love about Professor Gabriel Emerson Gabriel s Rapture picks up ight were Gabriel Inferno leaves off Gabriel and Julia are happy in Italy and in love When they eturn back to Toronto there are things that come up that make things much difficult for the pair Nothing can keep these two apart So beautiful together I love you far too much I m sure But I don t know how to love you any other way The writing is phenomenal the story is so beautiful I just can t get enough of this series December 1st 2013 Re ead Audiobookin preparation for book 3 45 I liked Julia much better this time around My Julia and GabrielWow Sylvain Reynard did not disappoint This seuel is at least as good as Gabriel s Inferno The book is full of thoughtful ideas about life sin forgiveness and love 4 StarsA very enjoyable seuel to one of my favorite omance stories Rapture is filled with the angst and longing between lovers who ve been unfairly torn apart Its storytelling is elegantly seductive and powerfully poetic This series is a truly efreshing and classic epresentation of forbidden love in its sweetest state Will eview properly at a later date For nowon to Redemption Book Stats GenreCategory Contemporary Romance Steam Caliber Maximum and generous Romance Sweet angsty seductive Characters Protective hero Kind and strong heroine Plot Gabriel and Julia s unbreakable love is put to the test Writing Beautiful poetic engaging POV 3rd Person Perspective Cliffhanger None Next Installment Follow up HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Gabriel s Rapture book 2 of 3 Professor Gabriel Emerson s courtly seduction of his chaste student Julia You e the closest thing to an angel I ll ever touch Books in Gabriel s Inferno trilogy should be ead in orderBook 1 Gabriel s InfernoBook 2 Gabriel s RaptureBook 3 Gabriel s Redemption Rich on symbolism depth history and divine message the Gabriel s Inferno trilogy is set against the backdrop of Dante s Devine Comedy The ingenuity of using Dante s journey in professors Emerson s lectures life lessons experiences and parallels that can clearly be drawn between Dante Gabriel who after having moved through hell meets up with his Beatrice Julia to be guided into paradise Simply divineIn Gabriel s Inferno book 1 Professor Gabriel O Emerson Dante specialist for the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto and MA Grad student Julianne Mitchell Julia embark on a whirlwind courtship against the university s strict non fraternization policyIn Gabriel s Rapture book 2 Gabriel and Julia s chaste courtship has moved into a courtly seduction and beyond as they are getting to know it each other and eluctantly share painful secrets of their pasts But there s much standing in their way and they soo. Sex But when they eturn their happiness is threatened by conspiring students academic politics and a jealous ex lover When Gabriel is confronted by the university administration will he succumb to Dante's fate Or will he fight

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N find themselves fighting against jealousy lies deceit but most importantly the truth as their clandestine elationship is exposed The painful aftermath will be costly but also bring about personal growth and coming to terms their pasts Their forbidden whirlwind omance offers the very best in suspense intrigue villains lies deceit jealousy and their against all odds love Professor Gabriel O Emerson a larger than life hero on my top 10 shelf Nine words to describe Gabriel Pretentious mercurial jaded brilliant broken corrupted enigmatic commanding and unforgettable Nine words to describe Julianne Mitchell Julia Shy stubborn smart timid chaste tenacious fragile loyal and patient Book 2 ends in a good place but I am thrilled to be starting on book 3 Gabriel s Redemption for the conclusion of their storyBrilliant inspiring and interesting plot Masterfully told Unforgettable and swoon worthy professor Gabriel Emerson And enough intrigue suspense and omance to keep you glued throughout their saga The coveted 6 star shelf I ll love you forever Julianne whether you love me or not That s my Heaven And my Hell Hero ating 5 stars Heroine ating 45 starsSex scenes ating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept ating 5 starsStorytelling skills ating 5 starsStory ending ating NABook editing ating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall ating 5 starsWould I ecommend this series YesWould I e ead this series YesWould I ead future books by this author Yes A very good book in my opinion and I believe that my eview says everything A pleasure eading this bookRecenzia mea completa o g si i aici This was the joy that the world sought sacred and pagan all at once A union between two dissimilars into a seamless oneJulianne and Gabriel are together at last Holidaying in Italy Gabriel is lovingly guiding Julianne into the pleasures and intimacies of a sexual elationship She proves an apt student But with their eturn to the university both Gabriel and Julianne are caught up in the administration s investigations into misconduct and inappropriate behaviour between staff and students One of the strengths of both Gabriel s Inferno and Gabriel s Rapture is the many eferences to food wine languages art architecture music literature and the knowledge of the local shops and eateries of the great cities of the world Even fashion and surprisingly women s fashion does not escape the notice of author Sylvain Reynard Having ead uite a few omance novels by many different authors across most of the sub genres of omance I have never come across any author who is so well versed in the fine arts with such a comprehensive knowledge of literature The 12th century love story of Abelard and Heloise for example is not commonly known I think but it was cleverly written into this story and parallels in many espects Gabriel and Julianne s own love storyThis book also focuses on Gabriel s introspection his uest for forgiveness and edemption Not only emotionally and psychologically but spiritually Where the conflict in Gabriel s Inferno was mostly played out between Gabriel and Julianne this time the conflict comes from a number of external sources Their love is established yet still faces obstacles Gabriel s generosity and his gentleness towards Julianne is demonstrated in a number of ways The love scenes though not steamy are sensual and omanticDespite my enjoyment of Gabriel s Rapture there are a few complaints Julianne is very teary and at times immature for a twenty three year old This may be the author s way of demonstrating her innocent nature but it does sometimes grate Gabriel is overly protective almost cloying and treating her as if she too fragile and precious There were also some unanswered uestions about the final outcomes for Christa and PaulFinally just a word about the author In my opinion very few male authors can write omance well This is not a sexist emark but a personal observation after eading many omances I can count on one hand the number of omance novels by male authors that I have enjoyed Both Mr Reynard s novels are in that number Perhaps other male omance authors simply don t write to my taste in novels Whatever the eason I have been mostly disappointed in omances written by menI have no idea if Mr Reynard is as urbane intelligent educated and worldly as Prof Emerson but he certainly comes across this way in his writing I m a little bit awestruck at a man who knows the story of Abelard and Heloise who knows about a certain dress worn by the late Grace Kelly in the 50s a Bordelle chemise a Michael Kors bag and most importantly that no civilised person would drink coffee with milk after breakfastAfter eading Gabriel s Inferno I was convinced author Sylvain Reynard was actually Ms Reynard and mentioned this on a number of occasions to friends Surely no mere male could write a omance so well and convey such depth of emotion that at least in my experience seems to be the preserve of female authors I m still finding it difficult to believe that Sylvain Reynard is a bloke But take that as a compliment Mr ReynardSteam 25. O keep Julia his Beatrice forever In Gabriel's Rapture the brilliant seuel to the wildly successful debut novel Gabriel's Inferno Sylvain Reynard weaves an exuisite love story that will touch the eader's mind body and soul forev.

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