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Out This book is a memoir of all the good and bad and how to survive in the African wilderness I find myself mesmerized enchanted sad elated and pondering Most of all it was a great read Sometimes I hollered with laughterI love these uotes from the bookNo one starts a war warning that those involved This was a disappointment I d read her other books and while none matched the wit and visceral life of Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight the one about the African Soldier was okay but I couldn t even finish this one it was so boring and such a re hashing of her her first book Maybe I now Africa too well but I felt an elitist tone to this one that I didn t pick up in her first book The African Soldier one did leave me perplexed as to how someone could be privileged enough to just be able to hang around this guy for so long and what she was doing there making out with another guy with her husband and Navigating Japan's Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market kids in Wyoming but I got some history from the Rhodesian side which is cool Her mothers story the 3rd time round is just not that interesting Do others feel differently Alexandra Fuller wrote of her African childhood in Don t Lets Go to the Dogs Tonightnown afterward to her family as the Awful Book and her fey mother Nicola Fuller of Central Africa emerged as the most memorable character In Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness Fuller returns to that harshest of continents to chart her mother s life and memories as a one million percent Highland Scottish woman who grew up in the perfect euatorial light of colonial Kenya who led a hardscrabble life in war torn Rhodesia who lost children land and sanity before courageously achieving an African ind of peace on a farm in Zambia under her Tree of Forgetfulness A notch below the Awful Book Fuller s writing is beautiful engaging and compassionate in capturing her mother s voice and a life Worthy of Fabulous Literature Highly recommended Several years ago I read Fuller s Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight a memoir of her young life as a white girl in Southern NOT South Africa and although I don t remember the specifics I do remember that I closed the book with a sense of history and humor so I was pleased to see that she d published a new book This one Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness does not disappoint This time around the author sets her sights on the experiences of her parents especially her mother Nicola The book starts out feeling somewhat glib and suspicious but as Fuller settles into the narrative the rich stories of her parents lives unfold her mother s childhood in colonial Kenya her father s rootlessness their falling in love and decision to stay in Africa despite the wars for African independence that rolled across the continent in the sixties and seventies As Fuller recounts the experiences of her family in Rhodesia Zimbabwe and Zambia two feelings settled over me this was really a love story Tubs and Tim are obviously deeply in love even after all these years and the author deeply loves and admires her parents no matter what and that none of the family will ever really recover from her parents decision to stay in Africa no matter what the conseuences Fuller creates an achingly beautiful and heartbreaking piece of work here which manages to evoke the beauty and horror of the Dark Continent as well as the optimism and determination of her parents personalities She deftly weaves personal experience with the historical realities of Kenya RhodesiaZimbabwe and Zambia which makes her effort especially remarkable In the end I closed the book feeling thankful sad and deeply in need of a cocktail Cheers to Alexandra Fuller and her amazing love song to her famil. Briefly But just when it seems that Nicola has been broken entirely by Africa it is the African earth itself that revives her A story of survival and madness love and war loyalty and forgiveness Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is an intimate exploration of the author's family In the end we find Nicola and Tim at a coffee table under their Tree of Forgetfulness on the banana and fish farm where they plan to spend their final days In local custom the Tree of Forgetfulness is where villagers meet to resolve disputes and it is here that the Fullers at last find an African ind of peace Following the ghosts and dreams of memory Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is Alexandra Fuller at her very bes.

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Understand life and life throws whoppers at all of us Doesn t it Life is throwing whoppers at this family from day one to the very very end And finally I feel that the author has a wonderful way of relating to her annoying ever so self assured mother I came to understand that mother and I came to admire the author s ability to accept her mother for who she is You have to read the books both books in fact to understand I not only learned historical facts but I also learned on a personal level how one shouldcould relate to a strong some times terribly annoying Mom Here is a link to my review of the earlier book I forgot to tell you if you love animal stories then this is another reason to read the book It is filled with stories about the family s pets To read Fuller s books is to immerse yourself in the history of Africa and most of it is pretty tragic and tough to fathom While Fuller s mother reminisces about her Scottish ancestors she herself is haunted by the Tasmanian natives forced into slavery on the family s ancient estate I can t imagine how hard it must be to reconcile the fundamental need to see all people as eual with an entire family history predicated on the belief that they are not Rhodesia s appalling history that the lives of 250000 white settlers should be so much important than the 6000000 indigenous blacks who were there first is tough to swallow But that was their lives nevertheless In the midst of the entitlement and privilege of white Europeans who found Africans to be in the words of Rhodesia s prime minister uncivilized savages these people lived tried to real I love the title but if I had a Tree of Forgetfulness why then would I need a Cocktail Hour This book gives some insight into the wackiness of Bobo s parents especially her mother Nicola Fuller of Central Africa whom we first encountered in Don t Let s Go to the Dogs TonightI think this passage from page 125 illustrates a bit of life for the often dissolute British colonials in Africa in the mid 20th century A horse vet named Charlie organized hunts bringing together large groups of colonials which often ended in wife swapping About a thousand bad tempered dogs were draped everywhere glaring at you as you ate Dad says And there was a parrot You would ask for the gravy and the parrot would shout And you can fuck off too Dinner usually ended with port in front of the fire The generator was switched off at about midnight and the guests faltered to bed with candles And then the corridor creeping started Dad says Mum and I ept our door locked Yes I m afraid so Mum says Those people had to leave their children in a pram at the bottom of the garden until it was time to send them to boarding school because they all looked like the neighbor Ever sat down with a friend for cocktails only to have them retell their same old stories without showing the slightest bit of interest in you That was this book This is the fourth book I ve read from this author which means that I ve read all her books Obviously I ve enjoyed them or I would not have bothered reading this one But the author rehashes many stories from her first book Don t Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight only this time from her parents perspective and without the in depth descriptions or emotions The author seemed to want to tell her parents story but I found that I don t care about her parents story This is the part where I felt the author didn t care about my needs She just wanted to write a book about her parents and we the reader better like it There were new stories but they weren t all that interesting When Alexandra Fuller tells her stories about her life she is at her best Let s hope she hasn t run. Ewed her mother at length and has captured her inimitable voice with remarkable precision Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is as funny terrifying exotic and unselfconscious as Nicola herself We see Nicola and Tim Fuller in their lavender colored honeymoon period when East Africa lies before them with all the promise of its liuid euatorial light even as the British Empire in which they both believe wanes But in short order an accumulation of mishaps and tragedies bump up against history until the couple finds themselves in a world they hardly recognize We follow the Fullers as they hopscotch the continent running from war and unspeakable heartbreak from Kenya to Rhodesia to Zambia even returning to England.

The author freuently has her mother say to her you can put that in one of your awful books The mother is the heroine of this book and although I have possibly read most of the other books in this multi book series and some of the events from other books I repeated in this one I may have enjoyed this one the most of all of them Other reviewer s have not agreed with my assessment but I believe my familiarity with the author and her story of life in central Africa has grown on meThis book goes through the birth of all five children Only two of whom survive The family Fuller have their share of troubles They live in several countries in central Africa over the years In this book they moved to Rhodesia as it is entering its period of white supremacy Mother and father throw themselves into the wrong side of the battle They obtain a farm on preferred territory while the native blacks are relegated to lesser localesThe mother suffers mental illness in this book although it is explicated and less detail then elsewhere There is less drinking in this book or at least it is not so continuously emphasized But if you have read the other books as I have you now that this is a dysfunctional family in many waysBut this book somehow manages to have a somewhat happy and positive conclusion But the challenge of living in Africa is not deemphasized totally But the beauty of Africa and The love of the family for the place is also not as emphasized in some of the other books This book takes of a middle Road For me that made it of an enjoyable readAs is usual for me these days I experience this book in the audible format and thought it was very well presented The fact that it took the Fullers both courage and forgetfulness to go forward in their life in Africa was well presented Both daughters in the family did eventually relocate outside of Africa while the parents remained Here Alexandra Fuller has essentially rewritten her superb and funny memoir Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight to make her parents sound responsible and less like drunken bartop dancing rowdies Cover story Mum her first best friendwho spent Years ago I read Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller I loved it I have been very foolish in not picking up this book sooner You do not need to read both but I would highly recommend it This is awful book number two as the author s Mom would call it The two books are about the author s family their time in Central Africa that is to say Kenya Zimbabwe Zambia and Malawi The reason why I really love these books and I love both of them is that the writer talks about hardships you cannot imagine and she does it with humor In addition you learn about life in the African countries named You learn through the experiences of this family If you have read the first book you simply must read this the second awful book because it clearly shows why the mother is who she is in all the wonderful and hopeless and horrible details I listened to the audiobook I want you to taste the humor and style of writing Please go to the link here and click on the sample button below the audiobook at the Audible site want you to test and see if you enjoy her particular style That is why I have included the link So I loved the author s writing style I loved the humor What else did I love Why was it that I could not stop listening Beside that I though the history of colonial overthrow was expertly woven into the story and that isn t so strange since the family lived through these events it was the understanding of who her mother was that I loved most Maybe this sounds a little strange but I like reading books to understand people I like reading books to. In this seuel to Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight Alexandra Fuller returns to Africa and the story of her unforgettable family In Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness Alexandra Fuller braids a multilayered narrative around the perfectly lit Happy Valley era Africa of her mother's childhood; the boiled cabbage grimness of her father's English childhood; and the darker civil war torn Africa of her own childhood At its heart this is the story of Fuller's mother Nicola Born on the Scottish Isle of Skye and raised in Kenya Nicola holds dear the Loving Lies (Summer Lovin, kinds of values most likely to get you hurt orilled in Africa loyalty to blood passion for land and a holy belief in the restorative power of all animals Fuller intervi.

Alexandra Fuller has written five books of non fiction Her debut book Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight An African Childhood Random House 2001 was a New York Times Notable Book for 2002 the 2002 Booksense best non fiction book a finalist for the Guardian’s First Book Award and the winner of the 2002 Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize Her 2004 Scribbling the Cat Travels with an African Sold