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D not decipher Great story and I will be eagerly awaiting the seuel Loved the characters story and the world that is being built Looking forward to the next book in the series As of the time I ead this 251118 the number of spelling and grammatical errors in this book eally bugged me along with the occasional andom change in font size Many words are just completely wrong as if spell check has been allowed to un ampant and change fix most of the spelling mistakes with the wrong wordsI don t claim to be a perfect grammatical genius but when publishing a book it should surely be proof ead and checked by a few people first and any glaring errors of which there were many can be emedied before being publishedIf not for these issues I would have given this a 5 star ating as the story and world have been thought out in incredible detail Hats off to the author for creating a great story and here is to hoping that the third instalment delivers just as well as this one I have enjoyed the series so far the mechanics of the world are clear and easy to understand a lot of the excess jargon has been shaved out of it to allow a good merging of game mechanics with a form of eality My only criticism would be the excess amount of telling with very little showing in how the story is presented While this doesn t break my enjoyment of the books I think a little show and less tell would add to the immersion and bring out the stories full potentia. New future they needpower mana stones dungeon cores monster cores if not then the Dungeon will stop functioning and they will need to elocate once againAs they ascend to the second ealm Erik and Rugrat need to grow their skills gain information and find a dungeon Its hardly ever that ea.

Thor for writing another amazing book and I m eagerly looking forward to the third Loving the story but the editing WowI ve never come across a finished published and paid book that was so iddled with spelling errors grammatical errors font changes andom capitalisation numbers in the middle of words paragraphs that start in the middle of a sentence etcI can t comprehend how this was deemed publishable however the story is fantastic so I ll ead the next one Awesome followup want Has good basecity building and the world s society is very interesting Strength ules all Like the idea of the main characters improving themselves in such a hostile world as well as them trying to improve the lives of those they care about Good story and have gone on to ead the next in the seriesHowever the kindle edition is plagued with formatting errors There are spelling and grammar mistakes on every page the font size and formatting is all over the place Most of this would have been sorted with a simple un through with a spell checker the est with a proof eader To elease it in this fashion is pretty poorA shame as the story itself is very engaging and I enjoyed it s great deal 4 12 StarsMy personal ating system1 Star Couldn t finish the book2 Stars Didn t eally like the book but was interested enough in I love the crafting in this and the constant pace Lost a star as there a uite a few typos in the book and a number of sentences that I coul. Make the ules and the weak cling to them for protection and hope that they might be left in peaceThey passed through the trials of the Beast Mountain Dungeon taking control of it and becoming the leader of nearly two hundred peopleNow in command of the Alva Dungeon and looking to forge

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I m totally loving this series Both MCs work learn and fight their way upward with true grit and determination The whole world has such detail and depth that it s fascinating all on it s own which makes the story even better Any avid eader of LITRPG will find this series is a top pick for their eading list I can t wait to see what happens next Fantastic ead lots going on and interesting things happening on every page Can t wait for next book The Third Realm Thanks Michael I think it much like it s predecessor is a ather good ead But like the title of this eview suggests it s iddled with minor grammatical issues throughout Misspelling of character names is also another fault but my biggest thing that affected my eading was the poor grammer that affected the flow of eading Scenes just seemed to appear creatures and details that had no descriptions or if they did they were generic and epeated I think that the basis of the story is eally interesting and well thought out But I think that an editor or third party should eally ummage through this and turn it from a pretty good ead into an amazing one This book follows on from book one and follows Eric and Rugrat s shenanigans in the 2nd ealm a lot of crafting a fair bit of fighting and a considerable amount of travelling across the 2nd ealm I truly enjoyed this book probably even than the first If you liked the first you will most likely like this one too Thanks to the au. When Erik and Rugrat entered the ten ealms they didnt know what was going on They only knew that they had contracted the two week curseWhen entering the second ealm they came to understand their character sheets and part of the system that is called the ten ealms A place that the strong.