Fiona McIntosh: The Pearl Thief

My sister read this book loved it so recommended it to me I am afraid it is not the book for me but don t be put off you may love it like my sister did A book Initially following a Jewish family and then centred round one of its members Sorry to say but it wasn t an easy read For me too many wordy descriptions of too many things The central character was too beautiful gifted graceful and adored to ring true The story line was unusual and I liked that but I had to skip over wordy areas which I felt were unnecessary and lengthy A lot of research had obviously gone into the book and like other books of this ilk added to my knowledge of this era of history which I always enjoy so that was a plus This book was very well written and very descriptive It made a reasonable story The accurate historical content was sad and made you think of how awful life could be for most people in the war but there was too much about the heroine being so beautiful so elegant and that everyone fell in love with her and she could feel the power she had over the men who came close to herHer lovely neck her lovely eyes always beautifully dressed she was too perfect The Mossad spy was a bit weak For me it descended into Mills Boon sugary part way through Not a war story or a spy story Nothing to grip me I am sorry This story is about many human emotions and characteristics From fear to courage from betrayal to trust and resilience Severine Kassel is asked by the Louvre in 1963 to aid the British Museum with curating its antiue ewellery her specialty Her London colleagues find her distant and mysterious her cool beauty the topic of conversations around its uiet halls No one could imagine that she is a desperately damaged woman hiding her trauma behind her chic French imageIt is only when some dramatic Byzantine pearl.

Livres Lire The Pearl Thief Auteur Fiona McIntosh –

Ove with most of the characters and despises the Nazis and all their followers for all the harm they did Well done to the author for writing so well about this difficult subject I enjoyed the plot and the characters However there were a few places where the plot The Day We Meet Again jumped a bit orust wasn t credible to me I didn t like the emphasis on the heroine s looks all the time Nor did I like the way that eating inadeuately was portrayed as an endearing female trait But overall a well written engrossing book The storyline was good What marred the book for me was the continuous descriptions of architecture and surroundings These descriptions broke the pace and tension There was also not enough character development so I did not feel connected to any of the characters Although the premise was interesting I found the characters completely unbelievable The emphasis on beautiful people and the way everyone fell totally in love with the heroine detracted from the story TheMossad agent was a bit of a oke I have read most of Fiona McIntosh s novels and always look forward to each new one as she seems to have a real interest in featuring characters based in the years of World War 1 2 I feel she does a lot of research to incorporate real events into her storyline which gives an insight of the way things were then If there is any criticism I thought the ending was rounded up too uickly and didn t uite evolve at a natural pac. Pearls is bound by client confidentiality As she follows Mayeks trail there is still one lifelong secret for her to reveal and one for her to discover From the snowy woodlands outside Prague to the Tuileries of Paris and the heather covered moors of Yorkshire comes a confronting and heart stopping novel that explores whether love and hope can ever overpower atrocity in a time of war and ha.

Simply could not put it down Fiona McIntosh has done it again for me Her story telling is intense well crafted well researched and totally believable There are not one but two unexpected twists to the story towards the end and at the end itself Well done Fiona The scenes in Prague at the outbreak of the War made me feel I was there and could experience the tension The Wartime scenes were harrowing ust as they were in real life I was gripped by the story a veritable page turner and a very rewarding read It seemed so authentic I could almost believe it was non fiction Many times I found myself holding my breath wondering what might come next A very satisfying story I shall recommend to my literary friends While I enjoyed this as a uick easy read the writing felt a bit Mills and Boon The heroine a complex character but readily dropping her guard to open up to relative strangers didn t ring true The dashing English hero coming to the rescue a little formulaic But a good holiday read with interesting research One of the best books I have ever had the pleasure to read it keeps on giving and surprising all the way throughwould make a brilliant filmA real tear John Dollar jerker I devoured this book Just could not put it down About such a horrible part of our history and the terrible scars it left to many families But a story told with such understanding and brilliance I hope like me that everyone who reads it falls in S are loaned to the Museum that Severines poise is dashed and the tightly controlled life shes built around herself is shattered Her shocking revelation of their provenance sets off a frenzied hunt for Nazi Ruda Mayek Mossads interest is triggered and one of its most skilled agents comes out of retirement tooin the hunt while the one person who can help Severine the solicitor handling the.

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